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TOTAL Social Followers:  146,000
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Advertising Offices
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We only accept Paypal, or credit cards.
We can invoice you via email.
First Ttme clients: Ads must be prepaid, please.
Quoted rates are in U.S. dollars.
Surcharge for foreign currency  exchanges.
Send paypal as Friend to avoid paypal fees.

Our Paypal:
Paypal is in 22 currencies.




Our array of sites under the umbrella offers unique options for advertising/listing/linking your business into our award winning worldwide travel, outdoors, and entertainment resources and sites.

Our content for Jetsetters Magazine and blogs is  translated instantly into 100+ languages.



Jetsetters Magazine ads / posts. – We charge $300 USD for the magazine ads because we have a bigger following, and we have to create a header photo for each feature.  Look at the magazine features. at     The features are also longer with up to 15 photos within the feature.   Usually we have to resize and change the resolution on each photo and then upload them to our server.  That is why we charge more for magazine ads than blog posts.  The feature are also more like stories than news.

Get a DISCOUNT  –  on Jetsetters Magazine ad content if you send us a Word file with text in HTML format and photos in HTML format, and we create no header graphic.

ADVANTAGES of Jetsetters Magazine content ads.

Content is exposed longer on homepage.
Jetsetters Magazine is tied in at the bottom of most posts in
Readers stay longer on the site and are prone to share the link.


Advertorials, Editorials, Specifically Written Features:

Jetsetters Magazine can be found at We offer daily, weekly, and monthly features on travel destinations,cruises, tours, adventure travel, restaurant reviews, sporting travel, spas, skiing, tennis, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, family trips, surfing, music festivals, and much more.

After a feature runs in Jetsetters Magazine it is archived forever and searchable by the search engines. Each story has its own unique URL.

Our network of worldwide writers brings you the best in Jetsetters Lifestyles. Many of Jetsetters Magazine features offer specific niche advertising possibilities. Your ad dollars get to the core of your niche market with specific ads that can be hot linked right from the feature or advertorial story.

Typical Travel Advertisers: Tour companies, airlines, hotels, bed and breakfasts, ecolodges, luxury and villa properties, condos, home rentals, car rental companies, cruise lines, small independent tour operators, guides, book publishers, map companies, apparel, luggage manufacturers, rail travel.

Typical Travel Products: luggage, garment bags, travel hats, suntan lotion, beachwear and swim suits, photography equipment, film and developing, cameras, digital PDAs, notebook computers, videos, books, maps, magazines, passport services, restaurant reservation services, travel insurance.

Typical Sports Advertisers: Fishing and hunting manufacturers, camping equipment companies, outdoor apparel, shoes, hiking equipment, all major logo branded sports teams, such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc., horse racing handicappers, canoe and kayak companies, Nascar, event organizers, motorcoach tour operators, sporting event promoters.

Tickets to events can be sold right from the feature or advertorial.

Typical SportsProducts: Ticket exchange services, logo designed gear and clothing, sporting shoes, fan memorabilia, athletic equipment, tour operators to sporting events, sporting event sponsors, beer and beverage companies, contests, special events, Olympics memorabilia and tickets, topo maps. All sporting events tickets can be booked right from the feature or advertorial, Instagram or other social media campaigns.

Typical Entertainment Advertisers: Music companies, independent artists, theme parks, festival organizers, tourist boards promoting their events, independent promoters, airlines, tour packagers, affinity groups, music cruises.

Typical Music and Entertainment Products: Downloads, Concert promotions, CDs, MP3 files, posters, artwork, memorabilia, fan accessories, Hollywood memorabilia, album covers, music magazines, independent newsletters. Concert tickets can be booked directly from the features or advertorial, theme park and city passes.






Jetsetters Magazine is the only magazine where readers can read a feature story instantly translated into 100+  languages.

Jetsetters Magazine is ONLY online.

  • New Format, easier to read, more white space
  • Features display in Responsive, auto sizing for all devices, no content drop off
  • HTML5 for the search engines
    New, easier to read font
  • Larger high resolution photos up to 300 dpi
  • New hi speed Apache servers, features refresh every 5 seconds
  • More interactive, features tied into blogs, social media, and video
  • Feature stories instantly translated into over 100 languages
  • Search features by title, country, author, subject – new category index makes finding info easier
  • Related feature are auto displayed
  • Upraded logo design
  • New share buttons for social media
  • Faster content changes and updates
  • Wider  reading area  – 700 pixels



Jetsetters Magazine User Ages:

18-24 – Women 35%, 65% Men
25-34 – 60% Men, 40% Women
35-44 – 65% Men, 35% Women
45-54 – 50% Men,  50$ Women
55-64 – 55% men, 45% women

College: 60% women, 75% men
Graduate school 25% Women, 30% Men



Jetsetters Magazine Browsing location:
Home 60%, Office 40%


Traffic rank:  Out of all the millions of websites the figures below reflect that number of sites that have more traffic than JetsettersMagazine i.e., for the USA only 563,000 sites get more traffic.)

Worldwide – 1,125,090; USA: 563,000; UK: 95,329; Germany 106,000.

Page Views:  1 month: up 5%; 3 months, up 10%; Over 76% of our traffic is from the USA.and Canada. Average time on site per visit 14 minutes.






Jetsettersblog/blog  content is instantly translated into 100+  languages.  has over 30,000 followers and gets about 500,000 page views per month.



User Ages:

18-24 – Women 65%, 35% Men
25-34 – 55% Men, 45% Women
35-44 – 55% Men, 45% Women
45-54 – 60% Men, 45% Women
55-64+ – 55% Men, 45% Women

College: 40% Women, 60% Men
Graduate school:   10% Women, 15% Men



Browsing location:
Home 40%, Office 60%


Traffic rank:   Out of all the millions of websites the figures below reflect that number of sites that have more traffic than Jetsettersblog/blog , i.e., Worldwide, only 450,000 sites get more traffic.

Worldwide,  450,090; USA, 265,000; UK, 55,499; Australia, 142,000;

Traffic changes: 1 month: up 20%; 3 months, up 75%; 50% of our traffic is from the USA.and Canada, 35% from UK; 15%, other countries.

Demographics content is instantly translated into 100+ languages. has over 41eb00 followers and gets about 700,000 page views per month.  covers worldwide concerts and events, such as: Barbados Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, Kona Classic, Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Caribbean Carnivals, yachting regattas, major motorsports events, scuba diving and surfing concerts, worldwide symphonies, rock and pop concerts, blues and Cajun festivals, world concert tours, new album releases, music cruises, symphonies, emerging arts, and cultural events, cuisine news, and much more.

Who is best to advertise in Webbandstand? Bands, Record Labels, Talent Scouts, Talent Agencies, PR companies, Promoters, Venues, Production Houses, Models, Acotrs, DJs, Radio Stations, Comedians, Movie Studios, audio studios, Talk Show Hosts, Entertainment Bookers.

We support the Arts! – Get your press releases out to our loyal readers for only $30 per post per year. We will even write it for you for an additional fee. Photos and hyperlinks okay, too. Visit the  for daily concert and music news.



User Ages:

18-24 – Women 65%, 35% Men
25-34 – 55% Men, 45% Women
35-44 – 55% Men, 45% Women
45-54 – 50% Men, 50% Women
55-64+ – 55% Men, 45% Women

College: 40% Women, 60% Men
Graduate school:   10% women, 15% men



Browsing location:
Home 70%, Office 30%

Traffic rank:   Out of all the millions of websites the figures below reflect that number of sites that have more traffic than Jetsettersblog, i.e., Worldwide, only 450,000 sites get more traffic.)

Worldwide,  450,090; USA, , 265,000; UK,  55,499; Other countries,  142,000;

Traffic changes: 1 month: up 20%; 3 months, up 75%; Over 50% of our traffic is from the USA, 35% UK;  Other countries 15%. Average time on site per visit 14 minutes.



Click for
Demographics is a unique niche database featuring unusual places to stay in the wilderness. Get your advertising in front of viewers where it gets a room with a VIEW!

Cabinweb includes wilderness lodging in marshes, wild lands, national and provincial and state parks, seacoasts, rivers, forests, and preserves.

Readers find information for cabins, cottages, lookout towers, military barracks, railroad cabooses, teepees, cottages, cabanas, cabents, Rent-A-Tents, Tentalows, Shelters, alpine huts, yurts, lighthouses, ski huts, country inns, adirondacks, beach houses, park apartments, island parks, hiking huts, haciendas, mountain club cabins, quads, dorms, pan-abodes, hunter cabins, chateaux, chalets, rondettes, houseboats, park ranches, fishing cabins, hostels, luxury lodges, and chickees, and extinct volcanoes. Demographics: A typical user is between the ages of 18-55, but often is accompanied by family and friends. They love the outdoors. Many are hunters and fishermen, sea kayakers, salt and fresh water fly casters, sailors, hikers, mountain bikers, photographers, skiers, snowboarders, dog sledders
and boaters.

Typical Ad Types: Hunting equipment, fishing gear, backpacking companies, outdoor manufacturers, outdoor apparel, boot and footwear, sandals, sun tan lotion, boating equipment, marinas, lodges. fishing accommodations, guides and services, kayaks, canoe liveries, newsletters, and wilderness tours.

This is also a great place if you own a hunting or fishing or wilderness lodge. Reach millions for your specific region, which is great for regional and national book publishers, map companies, topos. GPS devices.

Alternative Types of Products: lures, tackle, rods, reels, sleeping bags, lanterns, guns and ammo, shot, decoys, camo goods, packaged food, beer, liquor, wine, shoes, polyproplyene, woolens, gloves, parkas, canoes, kayaks, maps, topos, hunting books, fishing magazines, sunglasses, suntan lotion, water bottles, freeze dried food, insect spray, hats, winter underwear, lounge chairs, children games.






Over 180 million people visit the beach each year in North America alone. is a unique beach booking section like no other. You can target your market right down to a specific beach, island, or city. You can even advertise in our beach news section or the beach stories in Jetsetters Magazine, and don’t forget our surfing section, or swimsuit reviews.

Your ad can be featured in the beach section for that island or beach by seasons or by the year. This is a great place to run spring break specials, sun tanning products, beach wear, swimwear lines, boogie boards, beach restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment publications,local tour operators, or any business on a local level serving the beach loving community.

This database is your guide to the beach. Ever wonder which hotel is on what beach, and whether there are rooms available for your beach escape? Take the trauma out of booking a beach trip. Instant online availability and confirmation of all beach hotels, includes photos, videos, online brochures, and instant cancellation and in 12 languages.

Also you will love our databases for Surfers (Surfers Pipeline), Dive Gear, Beach Gear, Sports Gear, Unique Suntan Lotions, and more. Just click on a beach and then find your perfect hotel and resort then book your room with no hassles. See you at the beach bar! Specialty Ad Rates:

One time set up fee: $50
Seasonal rate: $50 for a specific season – Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall. Your ad runs the entire season. You can swap out your ad up to three times during the season.

Annual Package – Remember the beaches below the Equator are reversed, so why not get the annual package and cover your buns in the sun year around?

Annual package rates: $250 on an annual contract for each main beach section (Florida, Hawaii, Caribbean, California etc.). Your ad runs on the main page of these sections in a prominent location. And we can add you in to each specific beach footer . such as Kaanapali Beach, Maui, Kona, Hawaii, Del Mar, Hermosa Beach, California, Daytona Beach, Florida, etc.



Banner Ad Sizes and Types.
No Affiliate Marketing Ads accepted.


Unaccepted material: pornographic, hate related messages; religious; political or dogmatic material whatsoever. No MLM programs, or opt-in email programs unless approved by publisher. No email disguised as a third party or non existent email addresses, or forwarded to a third party address.

General Banner info: Banner ads run at the top and bottom of each page or within the featured stories of Jetsetters Magazine or within a booking engine, such as hotels of that section.


Large Banner Ad: Up to 468 pixels wide by 560 pixels deep/ or reverse

Small Banner Ad: Up to 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels deep/ or reverse

Button Ad: Up to 120 pixels wide by 90 pixels deep/ or reverse proportion.

Tile Ad: 125 pixel x 125 pixels or 120 pixels x 60 pixels.

Micro Button Ad: 88 pixels x 31 pixels.

Banner File Size: 40k maximum with less than 3 rotations.

Graphic Formats Accepted: GIFs, JPEGs, PNG, Flash, Enliven, Java,
JavaScript – (Where appropriate include accompanying html or low resolution alternative.).

URL Information – Provide web address for linking banner ads.
Alternate Text – Provide alternate text for banner ads. This is the text that is seen when a mouse curses over a banner graphic.


A hotlink can be created from any of our databases to/from your button, banner, photo, or ad piece. It can include java script, video streaming or flip banners.

A link can be established from any of our websites (the rate is the same for all sites, ask for a combo package – see below) to your business listing from a hot linked ad.

We can accept your graphical banner ad (each under 40K file size) and will place those banners in our inventory of banners for use in your targeted area of our website(s). You are guaranteed to have placement of at least one of your banners at any given time throughout your state ad timeline.

Specific page placement can be accepted at no additional charge. We reserve the right to place your banner ad(s) on any page within the section you select, or within the booking engines of, such
as hotels, car rentals, airfares, etc.

Ads that we graphically create; Linking Banner Rates:
First Time Set-up Fee – $500
Change Fee – $250 per change
5-10 banners: $1,500 annually (Can be placed on one site or mixed across the sites for all the rates.)
11-30 banners: $2,800 annually
31-50 banners: $4,250 annual
51 or more banners: please call. 702/866-9480 or email
Rotating Banners: add $200 per banner unit.


You will receive all features that you choose that are listed in Basic Banner Service above, plus a “featured” listing, advertorial or editorial story or link in and Jetsetters Magazine’s newsletter, or within travel destination articles appropriate to YOUR property, product, destination, tour, specialty activity or geographical region, and most applicable to your type of service or business.

Editorial copy works to sell your products in an informational format.

You can contract for additional banners within the advertorial or editorial pages of Jetsetters Magazine,,, or and your banners or ads are keyword indexed and meta-tagged for the search engines.

You receive a minimum guaranteed one (1) banner ad placement within the Jetsetters Magazine feature story for as many feature stories that you contract, and banners can be transferred each month to a different Jetsetters Magazine feature article for an additional $100 per feature.

We can write and create and produce a compelling advertorial listed in Jetsetters Magazine archives for one year, and searchable by the search engines. The article will have it’s own unique URL for search engine indexing purposes.

You can pick geographical regions for your banner ad in our feature stories or advertorial, such as the Caribbean, or specific areas in a region, such as Jamaica.


Contact us at 702/236-7178 for details, or email us at

We can create an entire streaming audio advertising program, or a complete end-to-end radio program or series, including talent, editing, scripting, direct marketing, and placement and consultation.

Audio streaming ads can be placed anywhere on our databases where a banner ad can be located. Ask about special advertising package campaign utilizing text, advertorials, video and audio.

We can create an entire streaming video advertising program, or a complete end-to-end television program or series, including talent, editing, shooting, locations, scripting, dubbing, direct marketing, and placement and consultation.


Ads and Rates – We offer a full range of promotional services for your business, and not just for the travel and hospitality industry. Promotional services provide high quality, targeted advertising for your business.

We can create a complete advertising campaign combination, online and offline, including print, video, audio, marketing and public relations, and web promotions.

Consulting includes: media, public relations, web marketing, publishing, reservations, building customer loyalty programs, newsletter designs, web traffic driving, and print design, and banner design, radio programming and hosting. We can script your video message or television or radio ads. We can shoot and edit your videos, write your screenplay, or your business and marketing plans..

Initial consultation by phone or in person start at $55 per hour, $500 minimum, plus travel expenses. Rates for video and audio services and special ad promos will be discussed during the consultation meeting. Call: 702/866-9480, or for details, email





All ads can open in their own window. Java script ads okay for websites, but they do not respond in RSS feeds in blog sites. A java script ad placeholder – Each time a person comes back or refreshes the web page a new ad is displayed. All ads have to be relatively the same size for java swapping.


Other combos available


300 x 250  pixels
or other size combo.




350 pixels by 500 pixels
or other combos


Get Your Suntan Gear Here



Placed in content ads as a header or footer.
468 x 60 pixels



A good rail or skyscraper ad will present the user with an opportunity for action, sign up for a listserv, take a quiz/poll, locate a store within a specific zip code, something that will take them directly to the information they want.

Rail and skyscraper ads have the ability to animate or use streaming Flash 3.0 (or higher) or QuickTime 3.0 (or higher) provided that it is tel-targeted, meaning a static image loads in and nothing plays until a user clicks on the ad.

JavaScripts are OK as long as they work on all browser versions 4.0 and higher. The same goes for DHTML. Note: at present java scripts do not work in RSS feeds. And of course, if a script or code doesn’t work with older browsers, it must degrade gracefully so that it doesn’t appear broken but instead defaults to text links or an image.

Rail or Skyscraper Ad Rates:

A rail or frame or skyscraper ad can offer more than one product to the viewer, and can include java script or video streaming or hotlinks. It is used primarily in Jetsetters Magazine,,,, and

All Rail or Skyscraper ads are on a one-year contract. You can change your ad three times per contract at a change fee of $500 per change. You must supply the
code, graphics, or banner. Otherwise we charge $1,500 for design, programming and set-up per rail ad.

Rail or Skyscraper Ads run at the Rate of $4,500 per year in your designated niche
database or up to 12 rails of the same ad within 12 Jetsetters Magazine features.

There is an additional rate of $400 per rail or skyscraper ad if running a different ad in each niche database or Jetsetters Magazine feature story.