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Western Cape Wind Town in South Africa - Langebaan is South Africa’s wind surfing capital and it is known as the Jewel of the Western Cape. The peaceful dorp (town in Afrikaans) is the hub for all types of water sports, including stand up paddleboarding, kite boarding, wake boarding, surfing, sailing, kayaking, motor boating, surf fishing, beachcombing, and of course wind surfing. 

Surf In For A Bite At the Famous Longboard Restaurant - Surf champs are memoralizes at the Surf Museum in Huntington Beach, and surfer dudes rule the waves, but when everyone gets hungry they head to the Longboard Restaurant.

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Hanging Ten At Tivives y Valor - Surf is up in Costa Rica with no artificial ingredients added. Wax the board, and check in on this hot spot surf sport stop before slashing your way through the jungle. Dig for your own hor d'oueveres! Let's take a break - a point break! at Tivives y Valor!


Monos & Tonas at Mango Rosa, Nicaragua - Chad gave us the rundown on the property, the surrounding beaches, and nearby town of San Juan Del Sur, and then handed us our key to G-5.  G-5 is the name of the 1600 sq ft ranch-style house that we rented for the next few days for surfing and relaxation.


Ireland's County Clare Coastal Towns - The shores of western Ireland’s County Clare claim some of the best surfing in Europe, and some of the best Atlantic Ocean beachcombing. Great for families.

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Surf Diva Rippers - "Dude, the water's soooo totally hot today!" Some bushy, bushy blonde hairdo-ed surfer tells me as if I were a local or something. It's 6:30 in the morning and he's already finished surfing. What? Do people just get up and hit the waves before they go to work? Do they even go to work?

Learn To Surf With Corky - Corky Carroll's runs a superb surf school in Huntington Beach, California, and in Costa Rica. Learn how to surf and ride the waves like King Kamehameha himself, and then wax up the board and head south for the
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Endless Summer Surf Camp - Camp out in San Clemente luxury while surfing with world class pros. The weeklong surf camp will have you surfing like Duke himself, and then head south to Costa Rica for an added natural attraction.

Vertical Truth In Vero Beach - "You gotta want to do it - you have got to want to SURF!" These words come from Lou Maresca as I sit listening in a pavilion at Fort Pierce State Recreation Area just south of Vero Beach, Florida.