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California Dive Bliss - The California Department of Parks and Recreation's underwater parks program was established in 1968 to preserve the best and most unique representative examples of California's natural underwater ecosystems found in coastal and inland waters. The program also aims to provide a variety of underwater recreational opportunities, especially in areas near metropolitan centers.

Tanked for Thrills - Diving With The Sharks - For many years "Doc" has been leading intrepid divers to a unique secret spot for encounters with sharks off the coast of San Diego. We get you up close so your adrenaline rushes through your bloodstream like a high tide. Look, a Mako!


Mangrove and Reef Marine Marvels - Florida's Premier underwater park is John Pennekamp. You can snorkel along an underwater coral trail, scuba dive exotic wrecks, sail throiugh the reef system, or explore on a glass bottom boat. Or for the ultimate adventure, stay at the underwater Jules Verne Lodge. Our Florida keys correspondent discovers all the nooks and crankies in this exclusive series on serious fun!

Pensacola Gets a New Aircraft Carrier for Wreck Diving.


What's Hot NowSailiing and Snorkeling The Lizard's Tail - The reflection of the blue sky in the crystal clear waters in Molokini and the myriad array of colorful fishes of different types remains indelibly written in my mind as I reflect on my snorkeling experience during a sailing catamaran Trilogy Adventure to the Lizard's Tail.



Anthony's Key Resort + Copan Adventure - Anthony’s Key Resort, located at Roatan on the Bay Islands, 40 miles off the coast of  Honduras is without doubt Central America’s therapeutic solution to the world’s problems of hypertension, stress, mental and physical disorders as well as a host of other anxieties.

Costa Rica's El Ocotal - Jungle Adventure and Diving Too! - The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers the adventure travel trekking, mountain biking, scuba diving, sailing and most of all comfortable adventure ecolodging. Costa Rica offers the best of every type of adventure!

Watr Shoes for diving and snorkeling and sailinMEXICO

Aqua Yucatan - The Water Parks of Cancun-
Regarded as one of the most beautiful ecological parks, Garrafon is a nature’s privileged site. On the edge of a small bay with a natural reef more than 300 meters in length, where one can snorkel, dive, or visit the Mayan temple of Goddess Ixchel, or walk through the sculpture garden.

Sea Trekkers Of Cozumel -
Snuba is a way for snorkelers as young as eight years old to safely experience the beauty of the sea floor using compressed air, while not having to go through scuba training.   Our venture was an offshoot of Snuba, called Sea Trek.

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Certified Thrills -Exploring Cozumel With RZ - RZ's father dove with Jacques Cousteau when he explored Cozumel; now the family dive shop and boat tours are in the hands of the son, and you can relive adventures in the large aqua screen.

The Manta Mantra - Cabo Diving FUN! - While Cabo San Lucas has developed a reputation as a wild party retreat and a destination for avid sportfishermen, it also offers some of the best diving along the coast of the Americas. Located at the rugged and arid southern tip of the Baja, California where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean,


Kosrae - 2500 Miles From Everywhere -
“Kosrae is the crossroads of the Pacific,” explained Katrina Adams, as she drove us from the little airport to the secluded resort.  “It’s the first landfall for hundreds of miles.  The Kosraeans have always been great navigators.”  I guess they had to be.  When I first saw the small island through the window of the 737, I wondered how anyone found it even today.

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DEMA 2005 in Las Vegas -
I found a great product at the 2005 DEMA dive show in Las Vegas called No-Jet-Lag, an all natural and all homeopathic pills. No-Jet-Lap uses homeopathic ingredients to alleviate the symptoms of jet lag caused by disruptions to the body clock, pressure changes, and other factors directly due to long-haul flying. Read more DEMA dive news and gear reports.

Sports Dive News From DEMA - The annual DEMA (2003 report) dives and snorkels into Vegas, and our corresponds are there to dig out the details on the best new resorts, dive destinations, dive boats, industry interviews, new dive gear - and sports diving travel bargains.


Mountain On The Sea - Diving and Sailing With The Cuan Law - I have a philosophy: never scuba dive from the beach when you can dive from a boat. When boat diving, you don't get sand in your air regulator, and you're just a few yards away from a hot or cold drink. Oh, and have you ever tried to wade through surf wearing thirty pounds of gear and fins the size of clown shoes? It's no contest — boats are better. And my fondest wish is to combine the adventure of scuba diving with the comfort of a luxury Caribbean cruise. My prayers are answered!

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The Bonaire Dive Festival - Tanks A Lot - is a gathering of eco-scientists, beach bums, dive masters, and afficianados of the underwater world. Join Craig Wright, an ex Special Forces commando, and his masterful account of what happens down deep! Plus, the latest in dive ecology, reef management, and dive destinations. Mike Nelson should be out on DVD by now, don't you think?

Stingray Snorkeling - The world's third largest reef system sits off the coast of these Atlantic/Caribbean isles, and they were given top prize for Best Dive Operator, Best Live-Aboard and Best Advanced Diving from Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine. Alongside these awards the Turks and Caicos ranked second for best dive destination, and third for the best wall diving, best value and healthiest marine environment. And you will wrangle with the wrasse.


Passageways Into the Deep - From the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, to Monterey Bay Aquarium, to the Oregon Coast Aquarium you and your family will discover unusual exhibits, from jellies to sharks, learn how a reef works, and then walk underwater down into the deep.

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Into The Deep - Shark Reef - The Luxor Hotel and Casino and its neighbor Mandalay Bay Resort offer these aquatic treats to visitors weary from the heat and bustle of the Strip. "Into the Deep" is a gorgeous 3-D documentary playing at the Luxor; Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is an aquarium showcasing the fauna of tropical seas and rivers.