Small airplanes deliver the guests to a
remote strip among the sagebrush.

The inflatable "duckies" made
comfortable lounge chairs.

From the airstrip, we hike down to the put-in point, Sand Wash.

The put-in is at the beginning
of Desolation Canyon.

Dana managed to film Jetsetters
Magagzine author Rob LaGrone in the
rapids quite successfully without
falling out of his own raft.

We stopped near Nefertiti Rock.

A mother desert bighorn sheep with radio
tracking collar and her lamb hop up
the rocks after a drink from the river.

Farther downstream, we worked
our way along a ledge to
an old Indian granary . . .

. . . Made of rock slabs, sticks, and
mud, the granary stored
corn grown beside the river.

The McPherson Ranch is now
part of the Ute Indian Reservation.

At the old abandoned McPherson Ranch,
we checked out the homestead.

Like the Rock Creek Ranch, this
homestead had some nice stonework.

This was the "Blue Moon"
and it was beautiful!

The homestead at
Rock Creek Ranch.

In use from the late 19th century
through the 1930s, the
homestead is strewn with old
farm equipment and fruit trees.

Humans no longer work the
ranch, but bumblebees do.

There was classical music
at the end of each day!

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