Above: Gear was loaded, burritos were eaten, and we got underway. Left: Day 1 Camp: too bad "water balloons" weren't on the recommended gear list.

Below: Cave Draw: this view was our reward for a strenuous climb.

Above: Joe used the kayak as a firewood truck. Below: Driver Brad showed us how to start a fire without matches - and without burning your feet.

Left: Vanilla yogurt made a great frosting for Clint's impromptu spice cake. Right: We ate well - and heavily - on the trip. True gourmet gorging!

Even the restroom had a view! It was called a "groover" from the days before the toilet seat was added.

Anna gets a breather between rapids in the paddle-raft.

Right: Joe and Fran Tonsmeire have been guiding in Idaho for 33 years.

<<< Left: Guide Kyle, no doubt laughing at one of the author's jokes.

Right: Joe and Clint rest between rapids on the last day.

Above: The author at ground-level. Right: Seth Tonsmeire at the rock arch.

Left: Guide Tom takes in the view under an imposing wall. Below: The long-suffering Suburban gets loaded once again.