Magical Passes


Enter the cognitive world of Shamans with Professor Kriss Hammond, who holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Florida, and for many years studied and traveled into the hinterlands of Mexico's Yucatan mysticism.

You will be taught in the same spirit as the shamans over 25 generations in the healing powers of Magical Passes. You will be asserted, affirmed, and explained in every nuance of this heightened awareness and knowledge that was never invented, but passed down through the generations. You will experience exceptional sensations of well being through specific body movements, yielding tremendous results in mental and physical prowess, without aerobics or hard to achieve body strain.

Magical Passes is a wonderful energizer for the well being of all body types.

These movements are so dramatic that they are called Magical Passes.

You will learn them easily and in a pragmatic manner. There is an inherent amount of energy in each of our bodies. It cannot be added, it cannot be taken away, but it can be deployed or redeployed for health and wellness, thus breaking the parameters of normal perception. Most bodily workouts, even tai chi and yoga, do not stretch our mental powers to break these parameters. Breaking these parameters enters you into a world of total pragmatism, thus alleviating the behavioral and stressful world behind, accessing the inaccessible body and mental energy.

These Magical Passes cannot be explained except by live instruction and study of this revolutionary health form known only to a few spiritual practitioners. To navigate to this level of daring and clarity and unknowing requires no recklessness. Once your mental prowess is sharpened your physical atonement follows with a pliable body.

Magical Passes can be utilized with ease anywhere, anytime.

Do not be fooled. This is rigorous SPIRITUAL training at a heightened level of awareness with energy transported from one segment of your body to another, energy that you presently possess, but are not balancing, even under many of the so called physical workouts at your local gym.

  • Are you ready to enter the spiritual world of your body’s energy?

  • Are you ready to perceive your energy as the universe allows it to flow?

  • Are you ready to see your energy as part of the universe?

  • Are you ready to halt the perceived system of interpretation, peeling away the onion layers of your workout perceptions? Your daily world is but only one layer.

  • Are you ready for the vibratory layers of the universe, and your natural heritage? The total universe of energy is not readily available to the average human being.

  • Are you ready for your sphere of luminosity?

  • Are you eady to perceive your assembly points of energy? The world that you deal with daily is not the only world that exists!

The key point is Magical Passes!

  • Are you ready to engage your spirit?

  • Are you ready to leave the cushion of your world?

  • Are you ready to lock the door of your present perception behind you?

  • Are you ready for one of the world's greatest findings – The Magical Passes?

  • Are you ready for mental and physical plentitude?

Magical Passes are not physical exercises or even postures of the body, nor mild attempts at optimizing well being, but a strong touch of the spirit. Magical Passes are practiced not as exercises but as a beckoning of power, a touch of the spirit.

  • Are you ready to drop the veneer you acquired in this world? You are ready for the era of energy redeployment! You are a sealed energy unit with definitive boundaries. Agreed? No energy can enter or exit. The energy in your body unit is all that exists. Under-deployed energy is as useless as no energy at all.

  • Are you ready for Magical Passes to bring encrusted energy back into your life? Every time you execute a Magical Pass you alter the structure of your well-being and energy enters the vortex of your vitality.

  • Are you ready to vanquish your mind?

  • Are you ready to free yourself from encumbering thoughts?

  • Are you ready to roam around in an incredible world?

  • Are you ready for an impersonal and universal force with endless things in store for you if you are daring to seek the elegance of this well being and kinesthetic memory to improve your mental prowess?

    Are you ready to accomplish two formidable feats: 1.) Bringing to the surface a flock of hidden resources that you never knew existed, such as the ability to concentrate and the ability to remember detail (kinesthetic memory), and, 2.) The breaking of your obsession of the linear mode of interpretation?

Let's awaken your purpose, the energetic basis of mankind.

  • Are you ready for unbending intent, a journey into the unknown?

Magical Passes is not a standard system of movements for developing the body.

Why would I want to enter these worlds of awareness?

Because you are a creature of awareness, a perceiver. Human beings are on a journey of awareness that is temporary obstructed by extraneous forces. We are magical creatures of awareness. If you do not have this conviction then you are nothing. You are filled with incredible resources that you never knew existed.

Magical Passes comprise a criterion of maximum efficiency. Each Magical Pass is a precise ingredient of a formula. This is a replica of the way in which the entire series is taught for the maximum release of deployable energy.

What Magical Passes are 'NOT'

  • Magical Passes are NOT sedentary meditation, although you will sensationalize meditative qualities after each session.

  • Magical Passes are NOT hynotism or mind control. You control your entire body and spirit during Magical Passes.

  • Magical Passes are NOT aerobics or strenuous exercises. Even people with limited mobility will find Magical Passes extraordinary.

  • Magical Passes requires NO equipment, special clothing (they are best done in the nude), or special books, manuals, videos, or DVDs.

Energy makes you free, and that is the absolute truth. So let's be off, like a puff of air!

I have modulized the Magical Passes into a series of classes and prices.

Why do we charge our spiritual brethren?

To help us build our Magical Passes center in Barbados, in the Caribbean.

Seminar Prices:

Awakening Course - 3 day optimizing seminar -

(I can deploy my energy to any spot in the world for these 3 day classes.) I normally need a group of 10 or more spiritual individuals at this price. This involves a thirty-minute introduction and 90 minutes of lessons daily. Price: $350 per spiritual being. Individual private lessons - $1500 per student over three days.

Apprentice Course - 7 day optimization training –

Held in Barbados.

I usually need five students. Price includes introduction, and 90 minutes of Magical Passes per morning. Price: $750 per spiritual being. or $3500 for individual training.

Note: I also offer an accelerated 7-day course towards becoming a apprentice of Magical Passes, involving an additional 90 minutes of magical passes in the late afternoon. Total for entire 7-day optimization seminar (morning and evening) is $1500 per spiritual being if 3 students are involved, or $3500 per spiritual being for private lessons per individual. Note: price does not include living expenses or transportation to Barbados.

Master Course - 8 week private training -

Held in Barbados

Train in the shamanic magical passes privately over an extended 8-week session held in Barbados. One session daily in the morning for 90 minutes each session and one session in the afternoon, 60 minutes each session. Private one-on-one training only. Also includes lucid dreaming training and aural linguistics training. Only four master course series taught per year! Price: $7,000, plus your own living expenses while in Barbados.

Magical Passes are not a hardship. Reclaim your energy and vitality.

For more information:

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Institute of Human Energy and Creativity
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