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Hike Bike Kayak San Diego - Hike Bike Kayak, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Amy Kangleon. The company offers multisports adventures and fitness classes for those visiting San Diego or for the locals. Hike Bike Kayak (HBK) covers just about everything for those who want to get outdoors and check out the natural sights or to experience a hardcore workout.

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Viaje BAJA - Sea Kayak Adventures Join a unique adventure to the Sea of Cortez, in Baja, Mexico for pristine paddling around a National Marine Park. Take a short land excursion to the Pacific side for the annual Gray Whale calving and breeding phenomenon at Magdalena Bay. Return to the Sea of Cortez for dolphin diving. Tent camp in luxury with a crew preparing gourmet meals. Muy Bueno!

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Islands In The Stream - Paddling The Whale Trail The outfitters are called Outdoor Odysseys, and the name doesn't lie. Before I tell you about the hours spent paddling, the aching muscles, the spectacular scenery, or the gourmet food, let me start at the beginning.

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H20 + Wine + Adrenaline = Futa Spine Tingler
It couldn’t happen in a dangerous-sounding rapid like Chaos, Puma, or Condor.  It had to happen at Pillow Rock.  This innocently named Class IV rapid on the Futa in Chile was actually the most challenging of our first day.  The river flows around a huge boulder, with enough of the current pouring over it to form a “pillow” of water on top. 


Rafters Rapture: Panama's Chiriqui - Hector Sanchez has the style and good looks of a man who has spent a lifetime outdoors. Held together by a wiry, near six-foot physique he appears every bit the “best river guide in Panama ” as touted by Lonely Planet and other travel guides. Before starting Chiriqui River Rafting in 1994 Sanchez spent two decades as civilian Director of Outdoor Recreation for the U.S. Army South in Panama.

River Music - Dvorak's Classic Rafting Adventures - My wine glass is almost empty.  A long, sweet note from the cello signals the end of the first movement.  I stand and make my way to the hors d’oeuvre table as warm sand sifts between my toes. This ain’t the Philharmonic. It’s a rafting Click for Discountstrip with a soundtrack — or a concert with scenery, if you prefer.

Chattooga Deliverance - Proof of Survival -

The water was as blue as I had ever seen. Velvet waves barely crested, gently rising to greet fallen leaves and water skippers that piggy-backed the gentle stretch of the Chattooga River. The sun had just peeked over the highest mountains, laying a warm blanket over us. The water seemed refreshingly deep, surprisingly broad, and softly calling for those standing on the pebble shore to join her in the first rafting trip of the year.

Riding and Rafting the Rockies at Rawah Ranch - There are 37 ranches in the Colorado Dude Ranch Association and each one is unique. High in the northern Colorado Rockies in the Rawah Mountains sits just one of the western jewels. Find out what Rawah means in Ute!

Churning The Kern - There I was, peering down over the edge of a cliff, shivering as the wind raced through my hair. I watched the droplets of river water fall from the tip of my nose 30 feet to the rumbling whitewater below. This was why I had come; to finally put my seemingly endless slumber of everyday apathy to rest.

Gourmet Gorging On The Bruneau
Hang on tight! Your breath is about to be sucked right out of your lungs - and that's just from the scenery.

Costa Rica - Pura Pacuare - Pura Vida
The first feature on this three part series is a jungle rafting trip down the beautiful Pacuare River, complete with jungle treks and gourmet dining. Then it a flight to the Turtle Lodge in Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean, and finally some scuba diving in El Ocotal, along the Pacific Coast. Want more - well, we will have to go back.