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RoverPass RV Resorts and Campgrounds - Find campgrounds and RV parks where you can hike, go fishing, and enjoy more fun outdoor adventures in the New Orleans area. 


Hike Bike Kayak San Diego - Hike Bike Kayak, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Amy Kangleon. The company offers multisports adventures and fitness classes for those visiting San Diego or for the locals. Hike Bike Kayak (HBK) covers just about everything for those who want to get outdoors and check out the natural sights or to experience a hardcore workout.

Hiking California From North To South - Little known state parks offers solitude away from the national park crowds. Get the trail tale details on this escarpment exposé before packing your GPS. Sleep in rustic slumber wonder, or duke it out in the wilds. From the Sierra to the coast, California has a lot to boast.


Hike the Big Island's Magnificent Mac Nut Trail. - Sometimes you feel like a nut, so make it a macadamia. Hawaii's pineapple business plummetted long ago, but it makes up for it with these cruncy snacks. The next time you are on a plane you can expound about your adventure along the mac nut trail. King Kamehameha knew a royalty treat when he saw one.

Hiking Leahi - Oahu's Diamond Head - The hike is not effortless, but worthy of a view of the Pacific and Honolu. Catch a rainbow. Sit on top of all WWII gun bunkers, waiting for a bygone era to return. Mike Heiney esplores the heights of a heavenly hike, complete with birdsong.


Hiking Hong Kong - Few travelers realize that Hong Kong, Kowloon and The New Territories offer spectaular hiking and walking trails through mountains and forests and villages and farms. Stop along isolated beaches, historic Chinese temples, or stay in remote villages.


Haunted New Orleans Walking Ghost Tour - It was a perfectly eerie, chilly, and drizzly New Orleans night in April, 2004. With the dense fog rolling in across the Mississippi River, we thought that it was great weather for a 90 minute evening walking tour through the French Quarter — in a city with many, many skeletons and ghosts in numerous closets.

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Digging Up The Past With Summer Gear - Drop into your computer one of the eight CD-ROM National Geographic Maps from the Complete Map Set (over 500 different Maps ranging back over 100 years) and you can find a spot literally "on the map" to explore, discover, or armchair travel. Then dig up the past with the archive on CD-ROM of all the past articles of the Biblical Archaeological Review, and you are set for a summer of fun.


Walking London - London now charges US$8 day per each commuter coming into the central city. What better way to visit Europe's largest and most historical city than a walking tour to find out the real history. Also, you will visit the British Museum, eat with cabbies, and find the true roots of history



Sherpa Survival Skills On The Annapurna Circuit - The most popular trek in Nepal is The Annapurna Circuit. The entire trek lasts three weeks from start to finish, weather permitting. Most begin the trek out of Pokhara. Find out how a Sherpa saved one of Jetsetters Magazine writers in the high altitudes of the "Roof of the World."

Hill Trekking in Siena, Italy - We wend our way through alleys, stopping at a former synagogue in the old Jewish ghetto and at churches with venerable ties to the various contrade. We visit the covered market, lifeblood of Sienese sustenance and its distinctive cuisine. Then off along the city walls to a medieval fortress which once represented independence of the Siena Republic, both from papal Rome and nearby Florence.


Volcano Trekkng On St. Kitts - Mount Liamuiga is a dormant volcano, which is almost 3800 feet high. It is composed of both volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The mountain is covered with a tropical rain forest vegetation, which gives, a permanent supply of water. When you take a walk up to the top of the mountain, you will discover a wealth of flora, including giant leaves, vines, creepers, ferns, moss and a delightful orchids.