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Digging for Diamonds at Diamond John's Resort - The Crater of Diamonds, the only public diamond mine and the eighth largest diamond mine in the world.


Adventure Gateway - Oxnard, California - What the Oxnard folks are trying to create — flanked by the dazzle of Hollywoodand spectacular scenery of the California coastline — is something the tourist industry likes to call a "niche destination". And they are doing a pretty good job of it.

Oxnard - on California's Strawberry Coast - Island Packers Cruises is a family-owned business started by Bill Connally and his four children after he bought an old fishing boat named the Venra F and rebuilt it to be the Island Packer. 


Daytona Roots - African American Heritage - People generally focus on the Daytona international Speedway and the 23 mile long pristine beach when they think of Daytona Beach, but often they do not recognize the cultural diversity and Historical monuments and buildings that recognize the invaluable contribution made by Blacks to the area. 

Sliced Central Florida Adventure - With some 554 lakes, unlimited species of birds, wild life, thousands of flowers, ancient islands that provide habitat for rare animals and beautiful parks are only part of the spectacular opportunities that await those planning a trip to Central Florida including the Lake Wales Ridge.

Gator Girl Goes Wild - Many years ago I had a close encounter of the creepy kind with a lake full of crocodiles.  I swore I would not repeat the experience. And for over 25 years the crocs wallowed in their brine while I wallowed in my own habitat far, far away. This delightful state of being lasted until my editor saw a story I wrote about crocodiles. He decided that the experience somehow qualified me to do a story on gator hunting. Which is how I found myself in Central Florida for a simulated gator hunt with Captain Phil Walters.


Stress Barrier - Eagle Island Lodge - This private secluded and peaceful area is called Eagle IslandGeorgia, where your accommodation is Eagle Lodge, a well built, fully furnished building that is the only one on the Island, where sunsets are a beauty to behold and where time stands still.


Titans of Tall - I meet the Chicago Line cruise boat on the North Pier Docks at River East Plaza, the oldest building on the river, and at only three stories, certainly not the giant that we will be photographing on the 90 minute summer time cruise. Cruises run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily; be sure to distinguish if you are taking an architectural river cruise or a historical lake cruise by checking


Silver of San Sebastian, Mexico - Not far from the bright lights and sandy playas of Puerto Vallarta a historic Mexican village lies hidden in the bosom of the Sierra Madre mountains. A day-trip to this ancient mining town of San Sebastián is a pleasant contrast to the bustle of Banderas Bay’s main tourist attraction.

Yucatan Adventura - Chichen Itza - Mayaland Tours operates fully-guided tours, self-guided tours, as well as custom private tours that are in length from day trips to overnight excursions. The trips vary from snorkel tours at Xel-ha, full tours of Chichen Itza, to private excursions to the temple of Tulum!
Tropical Gear From Around The Equator
Costa Rica's El Octoal - Jungle Adventure and Diving Too! - The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers the adventure travel trekking, mountain biking, scuba diving, sailing and most of all comfortable adventure ecolodging. Costa Rica offers the best of every type of adventure!

Costa Rica - Pura Pacuare - Pura Vida - The first feature on this three part series is a jungle rafting trip down the beautiful Pacuare River, complete with jungle treks and gourmet dining. Then it a flight to the Turtle Lodge in Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean, and finally some scuba diving in El Ocotal, along the Pacific Coast. Want more - well, we will have to go back.


Switi Suriname - Switi is Sranan Tongo for anything good. Switi is Sranan Tongo for anything good. Historic Paramaribo has been designated by UNESCO as one of the last remaining wooden structure cities in the world.

Guyana's Quest For Ecotourism In the Treetops The work that is being undertaken at the 370,000 hectares Iwokrama (International Center For Rain Forest Conservation and Development) project in Guyana's hinterland could well become the prototype for the eco-tourism and sustainable development goal that so many nations are seeking.

Galleons and Gold in Lima, Peru People have lived in Peru since 10,000 B.C. when groups of hunters traveled the valleys and coastal areas of Lima searching for food. Today, this capital city founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, is a blend of colonial and modern architecture combined with an abundance of fine dining restaurants, museums, attractions and art galleries.


Vintage Warbirds at Evergreen Aviation Museum - The Spruce Goose only flew once by it famous designer and pilot, Howard Hughes; visit the museum for glimpses of WWII warbirds, spy planes, stare in awe at the Goose.

Air and Hotel PackagesZero G Sky Sailors - Soaring or Gliding? You will find out the difference in this feature aloft and alone above the California high desert, as your spirit takes wings in a real zero G experience that will leave you exhilerated and dizzy for more.

Top Gun Meets Thunder Road - It's Fleetweek in San Diego. Hot rods, hot jets, and a great time for all. Watch the U.S. Navy Blue Angels perform at Miramar Air Station, attend the naval events around the Bay, and sail on the Star of India.

It's An Aviation Nation - The Nellis Air Show is one of the top aerobatic events in the U.S. See a replica of the Wright Flier. View vintage planes from World War II, and climb aboard a Warthog, or watch the action from a Thunderbird.

Aerobatic Sangfroid at 8 Gs - Fighter jocks. Despite the professionalism evident in everything they do, the pilots at Fighter Combat International maintain a healthy rivalry among themselves and invite their guests to take part in the fun. You'll notice immediately that everyone who works here is always smiling. I would be, too - my image of Heaven itself includes an 8,000 foot runway.

Hi Calorie So Cal Heli Adventures - This tour takes you from Montgomery Airport out to the coast of La Jolla Shores, then north to the World Class Torrey Pines Golf Course, makes a 180 degrees turn to the coast of La Jolla Shores and continues southbound over the Coronado Bridge. Then we go on to the beautiful downtown San Diego.


Laid Back In The Big Easy - Never fear, for Laid Back Tours, LLC is here.  With the expert guidance of the husband and wife owners and operators, Mousa and Veda, you too can tour New Orleans at a relaxed and easy pace.

"Faultless Big Fault Big Wheel Bike Tours -
“We’ll have your mountain bikes delivered to your resort in a few minutes,” announces  Evan Trubee, owner of the six-year-old  Big Wheel Bike Tours.  He is thrilled that I agree that there’s no better way to see the world than by hiking and biking.


Life Rocks When In Good Company - Marian has thirty years of experience in backpacking, hiking, and canoeing, and ten years of climbing experience — she definitely knew her stuff — that's why she started Adventures in Good Company in 1999.

Sherpa Survival Skills On The Annapurna Circuit - The most popular trek in Nepal is The Annapurna Circuit. The entire trek lasts three weeks from start to finish, weather permitting. Most begin the trek out of Pokhara. Find out how a Sherpa saved one of Jetsetters Magazine writers in the high altitudes of the "Roof of the World."


Zipping Through Paradise in Kauai - Participants (Zippers) are outfitted with mountain climbing harnesses and helmets and we then walk through a labyrinth of aerial Banyan roots to arrive at the gated take-off area. Protocol is required as the Outfitters Kauai guides runs through an equipment checklist and attaches a tether from the Zipper's harness to a two-wheeled trolley that rides on the zip cable.

Get Your Outdoor Gear HereHiking Leahi - Oahu's Diamond Head - The hike is not effortless, but worthy of a view of the Pacific and Honolu. Catch a rainbow. Sit on top of all WWII gun bunkers, waiting for a bygone era to return. Mike Heiney esplores the heights of a heavenly hike, complete with birdsong.

Hike Bike Kayak San Diego - Hike Bike Kayak, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Amy Kangleon. The company offers multisports adventures and fitness classes for those visiting San Diego or for the locals. Hike Bike Kayak (HBK) covers just about everything for those who want to get outdoors and check out the natural sights or to experience a hardcore workout.

Camping Out at the Castle - Hearst Castle was more than a home, it wGet your sports gear hereas a monument of an era to a powerful public and private newspaper baron, William Randolph Hearst. Pam Mandel explores the Enhanted Hill for all those enjoy romance, intrigue, and even murder!


Kayaking & Whitewater Rafting Features


High Desert Thrillers - The Mohave is home to some extreme and thrilling tours and sports. From soaring to sailing, bungee jumping to ballooning, from white-water rafting to sky-diving and firewalking.. And you thought there were only slow moving desert tortoises. There is still an outback in America, and it is called Nevada. See it from a scream.


Eco Safari Red Jeep Tours - There is more to do in Palm Springs than spas and golf courses. Take a unique Red Jeep tour through the rugged outback. Discover breathtaking desert beauty. View the infamous San Andreas Fault. Be a cultural ambassador to the Cuihilla Indians. Read about all the fun.

Vagabond Ireland 4x4 Adventures - I am not a big fan of organized religion or organized tours, there is usually always one annoying person on board. Because I am a vagabond myself, the 4X4 Land-Rovers tours to the back mountain passes of the green isle intrigued me enough to want to explore areas far beyond the reach of minibus or coach tours; so I emailed Rob, the owner of Vagabond Ireland.


Soot & Cinders - The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad - It's Monday morning at the yellow ticket office in Chama, New Mexico. Fall is in the air, as aspens are beginning to change color. This is the Upper Rio Chama Valley of northern New Mexico, at the border with Colorado, where we have driven up from Santa Fe to ride the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.

Rail Europe - Your Ticket To Ride - The European rail system has been for years second-to-none for accessibility, comfort, and, with Rail Europe, affordability. There are a variety of Rail Europe passes for different prices that can get you anywhere you wish in little time and from city center to city center.

Rail East With Rail Europe - The railway is used both by tourists and locals alike and is undoubtedly the best way to see the countryside. My travels took me from Prague, in the Czech Republic, to Dresden, Germany, and finally to Vienna, Austria.  Each city has a train station that is within walking distance and directly connected to the city through the metro system.


An Unorthodox Collector In Miami - Naomi Wilzig certainly doesn’t look like a world renowned authority on erotic art. In fact, she looks remarkably like what she is — a 70-year-old Jewish grandmother from New Jersey who dotes on her children and grandchildren. But Wilzig — often called “Miss Naomi” — is indeed one of the world’s leading authorities on erotic art, the author of five books on the subject, and the founder and president of The World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach.

Adventure Tours and News

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The 100 Top Adventure Movies On DVD - Sure you've seen Casablanca, but check out our other little known but truly excitingClick For Discounts Jetsetters Magazine picks, then book your travel for your own adventure.

The 100 Top Best Adventure Travel Books Of All Time - Have you read any of these wonderful adventure tales. Collect them all for your adventure library.


Drifters Adventures Overland Tours - A two part serial road trip with five features per part, including videos; 18 days through South Africa and Swaziland; 24 days through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, including the Okavango Delta, and Victoria Falls. Lots of adventure here.

Bushmans Kloof in the Cedarberg Mountains - Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat is embedded in the narrow Boontjies River valley, just outside the northern boundary of the Cedarberg Wilderness Area and edging along the western end of the massive semi-arid Great Karoo.  In Afrikaans, a kloof is a small valley with a spring or intermittent stream flowing through it.

Egypt Adventures with Great Safaris - Great Safaris is an award winning tour operater that offers adventures in many African countries, including Egypt. Read Jetsetters Magazine features about Cairo, Nile cruises, achaeological sites, and sailing with Great Safaris.

South Africa Safari Adventures and Lodges - Plus trout fishing in the Drakensberg Mountains, Luxury Spas and Hotels, Horseback Riding, Elephant Safaris, Walking Safaris, and fine dining.

See The Pyramids Along the Nile - Our Mid-Eastern Correspondent, Edwin Ali, takes a luxury cruise down the Nile just like Cleopatra, with stops off in Luxor and Karnak before returning back to the mysterious Pyramids.

Hello . . . This Is Africa Calling -
It wasn’t the pictures of far off lands as shown so beautifully in National Geographic. It wasn’t stories preached at church of starving refugees that needed help.  It was far more immediate than those. 


Japan Temple and Tuna Tours - With its rich history and culture, magnificent Buddhist Temples, shrines and Museums and galleries, as well as soul-stirring, graceful and gorgeous festivals, this archipelago of 6,852 Islands is one of the most, if not the most attractive destination for world travelers.

Thai Tusker Trek at Anantara Golden Triangle - At dinner with John Roberts, Director of Elephants, we learn how the camp and the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant foundation were formed. Born from a desire to provide safe haven for elephants that are abused or cannot work, and to help protect the last of Thailand’s wild herd.

Kwai River Adventure Cruise - The RV River Kwai is the first inland cruise ship in Thailand, a newly-built, colonial-style river cruiser based on the 19th century designs of the Irrawaddy Shipping Company founded in Burma in 1865. With a draft of only three feet, the vessel was commissioned specifically to sail the narrow, curvy and seasonally shallow River Kwai Noi.


Surviving The Aboriginal Outback - Spend your holidays with the Aborigines!Want to experience the Survivor Outback without the backstabbing? Want to get up close and personal with nature, but not have to catch it for dinner? Think Tribal Council sounds fun but only if there's no risk of being sent home?

Sigatoka River Safari on Fiji Time -
We raced across the surface of the glassy Sigatoka River with exhilaration. Captain Jack dodged tree branches, rocks and sandbars; the jetboat skimmed and zig zagged along the undulating river. 


Bush Sedans - The Bush Sedans, or more commonly known as Bush Planes, began their service to the Candian North at Sault St. Marie, now the home to the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum. Visit the Yellowbirds.

Mushing Deerhurst Resort - Rated number one in Canada. Read about all the luxurious and sporting possibilities in Joanna Niebler's account on this plush pad in the Ontario snow. Forget snow caving. You better pack your mukluks and a sense of adventure, because you will want to head out to this winter wonderland.


A Place in the Sun - Dominican Republic - From the Capital City of Santo Domingo, the first city of the new world, to the north eastern coast of Samana, with its simple but beautiful surroundings, unspoiled beaches,  and the opportunity to interact with humpback whales, all combine to make this Island a must see for all travelers.

Last Minute TravelAnthony's Key Resort + Copan Adventure - Anthony’s Key Resort, located at Roatan on the Bay Islands, 40 miles off the coast of  Honduras is without doubt Central America’s therapeutic solution to the world’s problems of hypertension, stress, mental and physical disorders as well as a host of other anxieties.

Going Troppo In Puerto Rico - For the first time in history, ten captive-bred endangered Puerto Rican parrots were released to join the last 40 parrots existing in the wild. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has purchased 1,249 acres of the Puerto Rico's Cabo Rojo Salt Flats to triple the size of the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge.

Find Your Trills In Montserrat - Bird watching for the enthusiast (or the novice) is a chance not to be missed, and "peer pressure," never a problem. For the binocular-carrying visitors who come to the laid back island environment of Montserrat, most southerly of the Caribbean's Leeward Islands, it's part of a memorable stay.

Volcano Trekking On St. Kitts - Mount Liamuiga is a dormant volcano, which is almost 3800 feet high. It is composed of both volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The mountain is covered with a tropical rain forest vegetation, which gives, a permanent supply of water. When you take a walk up to the top of the mountain, you will discover a wealth of flora, including giant leaves, vines, creepers, ferns, moss and a delightful orchids.

Bon Bon Bonaire - After extensive forayS into Bonaire's underwater wonders, read about the above water delights, including kayaking in the mangr
oves, windsurfing and then stranded at a nudist resort. How tough can it get?

Bajan Adventure Jeep Safari - Did you know that the words hurricane and hammock evolved from the Arawaks, the first settlers of Barbados? Or that you can use a chack-chack, growing naturally, as a part of the Calypso percussion section? Or that water coconuts are good for your liver? These are just a few things you will learn on a Barbados Adventure Safari!


Glories of Greece Tour with Insight Vacations - Read Jetsetters Magazine feature stories about ancient Greece, luxury hotels, archaeological parks, Athens, and other wonderful adventures with your own private guide.

All's Quiet On The Italian Front - Friuli-Venezia Julia is an Italian province little frequented by American tourists.   This is unfortunate because there is much to see in this area of northeastern Italy tucked between the Veneto (including Venice) and the borders of two other countries, Austria and Slovenia.

Alpine Bastions - The Italian Dolomites - We usually think of northern Italy as the hill country of Tuscany and Umbria, or perhaps cities like Florence and Milan.  But the alpine province of Trentino-Alto Adige gets scant attention from the standard travel guides. Even its hyphenated name suggests a region both remote and confusing.  

The Beauty of Bavaria - For many foreign travellers “Bavaria” means essentially Upper Bavaria, that southern region of a German province which includes Munich, the sprawling capital, and alpine scenery dotted with fabulous castles like Neuschwanstein, once the bailiwick of Mad King Ludwig.  

Medicis, Museos, Mugello - This autumn Florence and vicinity is honoring the ancient ties between the Mugello, that splendid pastoral landscape north of the city, and the most celebrated family of the Italian Renaissance—the Medicis.

The Holocaust Remembrance in Berling - As an American Jew, the murder of six million Jews by Hitler during World War II in Germany kept me far away from this European capital. But curiosity to visit Germany six decades after the Holocaust, and the fact that the country recently dedicated its “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” increased my interest.

Brussels After Breakfast -
Been to Brussels lately? If you routinely bypass this hip, trendy city in favor of that other French-speaking city nearby (oui, I’m talking about Paris), then it’s time to re-think your next itinerary. That’s right…I said hip and trendy. Probably not the first adjectives that would have come to mind, right?


Treasures of Turkey Tour with Insight Vacations - Read Jetsetters Magazine feature stories about ancient Greece, luxury hotels, archaeological parks, Athens, and other wonderful adventures with your own private guide.

The Golden Horn - Istanbul - My attention is focused on Istanbul, located in northwestern Turkey, lying along the Marmara Region. The Bosporus which connects the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea, divides the city into a “European side, comprising the historic and economic centers, and an Asian Anatolian side; Istanbul is the only bi-continental city in the world. 

Ancient - Modern Treasure Chest - Turkey - It’s not like Hawaii, France, or Thailand.  There are no instant images that come to mind—except maybe camels, deserts, and turbans.  The image of Turkey is so skewed ; my impression of Turkey was about the same.  After spending weeks there however and traveling to almost every corner of the country I realized something.  Turkey is the travel treasure chest of the world.

Afghan Air Angst - This feature was forward to us anonymously from the frontlines of Afghanistan. We can not verify authorship or authenticity, but it sound's damn real - some of the fun experienced by one U.S. Navy Hornet pilot....

India - Land of My Ancestors - Jam-packed dusty streets, hundreds of bicyclists, auto and pedal propelled rickshaws, mopeds, hand pulled trolleys, sputtering motorcycles, tinsel-draped trucks, horse drawn buggies, camel carts and cows walking calmly through throngs of beggars is one view of looking at India, a land of some 1.2 billion people who have been under British rule for some 250 years.

Ancient Gamla's Ravine of Death - History tends to repeat itself in modern Middle Eastern politics, but nearly 2,000 years ago the First Jewish Revolt was a significant rebellion against Roman rule. This tearful tale from Cymber Quinn recounts her footsteps in the path of perditiion.

The Hajj - The Holy Kaaba - The holy hajj is the most important events in the Islamic world, and the annual pilgrimage brings followers of Mohammed from all over This Hajj feature lifts the veil to a closed-to-Westerners event, the largest gathering of visitors at any single event.