The Colon Chronicles and Herbal Disease Prevention

In ancient Judea and Israel King Solomon was known far and wide as a practitioner of herbology. In fact, the wise king wrote one of the first books (scrolls?) about the benefits of herbs that have since been lost in antiquity.  But many of the ancient herbs still survive today, such as hyssop, one of the key ingredients of the ancient medicial arsenal and diet. The people of the desert lived close to nature; they observed how nature performed around them and how they fit in naturally to the environment. They were part of the environment, and they often lived, according to the Bible, long lives. Their longevity is attributed to herbs.

Probably one of the reasons they lived so long is that they didn’t have a stressed out lifestyle. They ate simple and natural foods that kept their colons cleansed; they didn’t have refined foods and sugars clogging up their blood veins and their colons.  And many practiced herbology; the herbs of the desert were part of their natural diet.

Today, over 300 million people worldwide are obese and many are young people; many are developing symptoms that were never found until old age, such as colon cancers, diabetes, and heart problems. There are an increasing number of children and young adults worldwide that are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which was once referred to as adult-onset diabetes.

According to the website, because children are not routinely screened for Type 2 diabetes, by the time they are diagnosed they may have high blood pressure or severe hyperglycemia, or elevated blood-sugar levels.

According to the health-doc website: “Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder resulting from the body’s inability to make sufficient insulin, or properly utilize the insulin it makes. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to blindness, leg amputations, kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke.” The cause is attributed to ‘fast food’, soft drinks, and lack of exercise as the major causes for this occurrence in our young adults. Noting that fast foods contain high amounts of salt, fat and to top it off, we are eating too much of it.

Along with a craving for food, another noticeable symptom found in diabetics is thirst. Ironically to quench this thirst, they are turning to sodas that are high in concentrated sugar that could lead to further complications.

In fact, it was suggested by the website to monitor our daily water intake, as well as our carbohydrate and sugar intake and the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates and vegetables.

The volunteers who gave a comprehensive look at diabetes, said that their main goal is to discredit the predictions made by the ‘experts’ that the incidents of diabetes will increase
from one in ten persons to one in five by the year 2025.
Diebetic s
ymptoms include: frequent tiredness, sudden weight loss and then rapid gain, constant thirst and hunger, blurry vision and fatigue are some of the tell-tale signs that you may be diabetic.

The key to health wisdom is a natural lifestyle, with a menu of fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and a smaller percentage or carbohydrates.  Just like those that followed the wisdom of King Solomon, many people are discovering the natural vitamins and minerals of Roex.

I can attest that I too, was developing symptoms of diabetes.  After a one month program of Roex vitamins and minerals utilizing WOW and Hurricane and Colon Essentials I was able to lose about 40 pound of crud in my system, disposed of naturally, never to return because Roex products replace the bad flora with good flora, washing out the toxins.  And more importantly, I am able to keep off the weight, thus lowering my blood pressure. I am proud to say I am now down to within ten pounds of where I was when in my twenties. I walked through an airport recently and was amazed at the over weight adults and children, all bellying up to pretzel bars and fast food outlets.  In their case, ignorance certainly can not be bliss.

The main ingredient of my new supplemental lifestyle has been WOW, a natural internal cleanser that consists of a proprietary Roex blend of herbs: Barberry Root Bark, Ginger Rhizome Root, Garlic Bulb, Red Clover Flowers, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle Seed, Buckthorn Bark, and other natural ingredients that old King Solomon would have approved of.

All Roex products are free from yeast, glutens, soybeans, milk, or artificial flavors and colorings. With the use of WOW, supplemented with Hurricane, another colon cleanser, and  Colon Essentials, my internal organs function better, I have lost weight, I feel great, and most importantly I eat less to get the same amount of nutrition because of the increased uptake of nutrients in my alimentary system.

Americans have become the poster “children” of the fast food industry, following the advertisements on TV to the fast food lines, creating their own eating disorders, a route to death, and not the Roex Route to a healthy supplemental program.  The key to longevity is weight loss and exercise, along with a great mineral and vitamin supplemental program. King Solomon knew about the power of herbs, and so should you.

For more information on Roex, logon to or call 800/645-0010. Read the feature: "Roex Route to Health".

By Kriss Hammond, Editor, Jetsetters Magazine.

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