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A Journey into Happiness:
Visiting A Beautiful Day Spa & Storybook Farm

If you’ve been a spa-goer for a while, you may have visited a classic hotel spa where the staff wear starched, white uniforms and greet you with chilled plastic bottles of ice water.

Maybe now you want something more real. More natural. That’s what I wanted.

Relax at the spa.

After enjoying European-style spas, I was looking for organic accommodations, a place in the country where I could hang with some farm animals, get a massage and maybe pick up some unique gifts for my friends.

I was looking forward to refreshing my body, mind and spirit at A Beautiful Day Spa and Storybook Farm, run by a delightfully cheery owner, Cherie Cardin. Cherie has created a space where she says, “This is a place where you can find beauty and take it with you when you leave.”

It was a hectic week of writing and work. I needed to find some beauty, and I definitely needed to connect more with the Earth and her beauties.

A Rainforest Retreat

The luxh rainforest around B Beautiful Day Spa.

A Beautiful Day Spa is located near Kea’au in the district of Puna on the Island of Hawai’i. Which means it’s in the jungle. When I drove in, I could see that I had arrived in a place that worked in harmony with nature. Cherie had just planted a dozen new banana trees along her driveway. The tropical flowers, pineapples and graceful coconut palms had me already feeling very peaceful.

As I arrived in the tiny parking area, I felt that I was entering an enchanting and unforgettable place, far from the ordinary, far from the white starch. Immediately, I began to feel a connection to the land. I began to feel some of the barriers I carry around start to slip away, and I knew I was headed for a sanctuary of personal introspection, contemplation and creativity.

Cherie met me at the gate, and led me through to greet her donkey, named Mocha Latte for his colorings. Chickens scurried underfoot, and we visited with the bunnies.

About Cherie

The cozy cabin provides comfortable accommodations.

I was curious about Cherie, and why she created this place. "I have spent a lifetime striving to make the world a better place,” she said. Then she showed me what she had created.

Cherie runs an intentional farm where all of the animals work together to create beautiful and edible plants. She uses sustainable permaculture methods to grow organic food and medicine on her property. The oil of the stunning Rainbow Eucalyptus, which grows at the farm, has many medicinal properties and is used in most of Cherie’s custom-made spa products and treatments.

The unique bath facilities.

“I have been an artist since I can remember. My farm and spa aim to reawaken your senses and spark your interest in the magic that we all have felt at different times in our life.”

Cherie explained that many people experience renewal and joy that happens when they discover some hidden beauty from the earth: living in her seas, her skies, and her sanctuaries.

“I hope that I can share joy, light and happiness, so that each of us may come alive. In doing so, perhaps we can help to renew the beauty in this world." 

She pointed me to the spa. I was ready to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Slow Down. Feel the Earth. Touch the Sky.

Cherie likes to give back to the community by donating gift cards whenever there is a silent auction and offering mentorships to aspiring massage practitioners. Today, I am greeted by one of Cherie’s apprentices who will be observing my Hawaiian Hot Stone massage.

Check into B Beauty Day Spa.

She leads me into the intimate spa area that is on the ground level of her home, which is certified for professional massage. She has arranged the room so that you can have a massage alone, or side-by-side with a friend or partner. You can also choose to have an “outdoor massage” in a screened room in the garden.

I have received hot stone massages before, but it had never occurred to me that the Hawaiians had been using heated lava rocks for hundreds of years for healing, balancing of energy and relaxation.

I flopped onto the freshly rainwater-washed, sundried sheets on the massage table and inhaled the fragrance of the just-cut flowers. Cherie began working my neck and back with hot stones. While I enjoy the bare hands of a massage therapist, there is something soothing and sweet for me in the use of the hot stones. The stones provide consistent pressure in a way that human hands cannot. Cherie also worked deeply into my tissues using her experienced hands, and pretty soon, I was nudged gently into my Dreamtime space. I felt I was touching my own personal Inner Sky.

It was wonderful. When the massage was over, I felt deeply relaxed and comforted, the smell of eucalyptus filled the air.

The Storybook Farm

Meet the farm natives.

With city life far away, the only bustle you’ll hear are the chickens clucking around…and, ok, there is a rooster, too. And, yes, it crowed during my massage. And I loved that I was in a place where the roosters crow. I found it charming and fun. And natural. There's also a couple of friendly cats, koi fish, a dancing dog and a goat that's bigger than the donkey.

Cherie really encourages guests to spend some time here unwinding and enjoying the property. Instead of trying to squeeze everything into a short amount of time, I’m learning to allow for extra time. After my massage, I sip a cup of fresh ginger tea kissed with lemon from a handcrafted ceramic cup and relax. “This is perfect,” I think to myself, and contemplate when to invite my friends for an all day spa day! They can bring the family, hang out in the little cabin, meet Mocha Latte' close up and spend time cuddling with the bunnies in the walk-in enclosure.

Friends from Far and Near

Freshly picked fruits and
veggies are part of the spa cuisine.

I wanted to know how other people felt about A Beautiful Day Spa, if I was getting special treatment or if this is how everyone feels after a day with Cherie.

Neighbor Diane Mallory is a regular at Cherie’s: ”A Beautiful Day has changed my life. I especially love Cherie’s little parking area and those wonderful little bunnies. It’s like a harmonious animal kingdom. Like Alice in Wonderland.” Diane loves the hand-laid tiles and stones that Cherie has placed around the property to lead into the spa area.

“You enter the spa room, and it’s like Mom has been making a big pot of soup. And Cherie has all those wonderful and mysterious potions. She’s put a lot of thought into making you feel welcome. She’s a walking anti-depressant!”

The security guard.

Marlene Gordon visits from Pasadena, California. “What a magical experience. It is soothing and healing not just for your mind but for your eyes, your nose, your ears. It’s more than just a massage. It’s a whole dreamy, natural experience.

“Cherie is a good soul, one of the magical people in life.”

Markie Wilson is a client, and also refers her guests from Art and Orchids Bed & Breakfast nearby. “The ambiance is beautiful. Cherie has planted flowers and trees to flow with nature. The way she decorates feels relaxed and happy.

“We send a lot of guests to Cherie, and they come back talking about a gentle and positive experience. Cherie really loves helping people to feel better.”

When it was time for me to go, Cherie gave me a big hug, and it felt like I was embraced by Nature. I was in a fairyland, surrounded by magnificent rainbow eucalyptus trees, gorgeous tropical plants and flowers. It was inspiring to see permaculture and organic farming practices in action, along with a host of animal friends.

I waved good-bye to Cherie, all the plants and animals, and knew I would be back.

Other Beautiful Day Spa Services

Relax on the cabin deck after your spa treatment.

A Beautiful Day Spa offers full packages of relaxation for singles and couples. A three-hour Complete Relaxation package includes a facial treatment, Hawaiian body wrap, lomilomi, hot stone massage, and a hydrotherapy bath. Cherie provides optional instruction for couples to learn how to do hot stone massage for each other.

A Beautiful Day Spa also offers Lomi Lomi Massage, which is unique to Hawaii, and uses long forearm strokes, graceful movements and stretching. And she offers Shiatsu Massage, which uses Traditional Japanese finger pressure to stimulate "chi" or life energy. Also available "barefoot" for a deeper massage.

Getting to A Beautiful Day Spa

A Beautiful Day Spa is open from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. daily.  This spa is off the beaten path, which makes is special. But you also want to be a little more prepared.

The spa is located 20 minutes from Pahoa and 25 minutes from downtown Hilo and the Hilo International Airport. Be sure to allow for extra driving time during high traffic times from 4-7 p.m.

It is safe to drive a rental car here. Some of the roads to the property are on gravel and can be rugged, so be prepared for a bumpy ride along the way. The streets are not lit at night, but it is safe. Plan accordingly.

A Beautiful Day Spa can provide airport transportation, coordinate a special package to the nearby coastlines, black sand beaches, waterfalls, volcano.

Cherie Cardin
A Beautiful Day Spa
(808) 990-6838

Cymber Lily Quinn is a Reiki master and healing harpist, and freelance writer, living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. You can reach her via her website,

— Feature and photos by Cymber Lily Quinn.