Le Reve at Wynn Las Vegas has been reborn thanks to impresario Steve Wynn and his loyalty and commitment to the arts. His pledge to make Wynn Las Vegas a premier theatrical destination is so personal that when it became clear that Le Reve, the multi-million dollar aquatic spectacle that premiered in 2005 needed changes, he went back to Franco Dragone, the show’s creator and director and plunked down another $8,000,000 plus.

"Beam of Light"

The nightmarish elements have been exorcised. Now, the audience is invited to leap into the water with a lovely young woman wearing a red dress and shoes. She dances away from her lover and climbs upon a bed that’s floating on top of a beautiful, circular pool. What follows is ninety minutes of visual magic.

Franco Dragone explains his concept, saying, “Le Reve means the dream, and my aim is to create an entirely new universe, to transport spectators into a unique world where the theater, performance and audience become one and the same reality. To take you on a sacred journey that touches your emotions in a way that is different to anything I have done before.”

Dragone is famous for having created and directed a number of Cirque du Soleil classics including Mystere at Treasure Island and “O” at the Bellagio. In 2002 he created Celine Dion’s A New Day at Caesars Palace. The Italian born, Belgium raised, Montreal transplant has drawn upon his passion for drama, circus and commedia dell’arte to inspire the rebirth of Le Reve with a gentler, more hopeful mood.

The exclusive 100 seat Champagne Circle
with video monitors for live backstage
and underwater viewing.

I had the rare privilege of taking a backstage tour, seeing firsthand how this amazing aquatic production works. Sparing no expense, Wynn spent millions remodeling the theater. Where there were 2087 seats there are now only 1606.The blue seats that were perfectly comfortable before have been replaced by even more luxurious deep cocoa bronze ones. The walls have been repainted and recovered. The top row of the theater-in-the-round has been converted into an exclusive 100 seat VIP Indulgence section. Complimentary chilled Perrier-Jouet champagne and delicious dark chocolate-covered strawberries await you at your seat.

"Piece Montee"

You know life is good when you sink into a plush golden lounge chair while an attentive server fills your champagne flute. “Would you like water?” she asks. Talk about pampered. Even before the show starts, while the four white-suited clowns play with the audience, you can relax and watch the action backstage on the closed-circuit monitor located just above your feet. There are glimpses of the acrobatic swimmers putting on their costumes, rehearsing, and applying make-up. The wardrobe mistress is working at her sewing machine while the man that checks the oxygen tanks is busy making sure they are ready for the show. Fascinating, live behind-the-scenes coverage makes the VIP Indulgence package worth the price difference.

On my late afternoon backstage tour I learned that the pool has a depth of 27’ and that a number of props are actually stored underwater. There are color-coded underwater tunnels that performers use to make their entrances and exits. Knowing where they are underwater in a circular theater is a challenge for even the most seasoned professional. There are 86 performers from 17 countries, all of whom have to be scuba certified. To further insure their safety, Le Reve employs both a day and a night crew of scuba divers who prepare the set, repair props, ready the oxygen tanks, and make sure the performers are safe at all times. Safety is their number one concern. There are even wall warmer units for performers to lean against when warding off a chill. Backstage has to run like a precision-tuned Swiss watch.

Fountains of water and multilevel platforms
turn the stage into an aquatic fantasy.

In most shows costumes and wigs last for years, but when you are dealing with chlorinated water, they last between two and six weeks. Replacement of these essential items have to be flown in from Belgium. The red shoes are painted after every performance. Some performers have as many as sixteen costume changes.

The pumps in the pump room are so powerful that at 1500 gallons per minute it takes only twelve hours to fill the 1.1 million gallon Le Reve pool. Putting it in perspective, using these pumps, it would take only three minutes to fill your home pool. There are spectacular pool lifts for the high divers, and winches for the flying performers, 422 in-pool air outlets, an audio system designed to approximate a Dolby 5.1 surround sound, and a lighting system that utilizes 2,040,000 watts of lighting power. Last, but not least, the pool water is kept at about 86 degrees, and the water is filtered four times a day.

The remodeled Le Reve Theater

The theater-in-the-round allows Le Reve to herald its passion for life and love with provocative aquatic choreography, aerial acrobatics, high divers, exotic characters, live music, and of course, the clowns. Rain pours 60’ down and the stage goes from a flat surface to a depth of twenty-seven feet. Koert Vermeulen’s lighting is dramatic as it enhances the varied moods of the production.

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The rebirth of Le Reve is a very pleasant surprise. The tone is happier, and you leave the theater having seen a memorable show. The 21 and over VIP Indulgence Package is perfect for celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, or just another wonderful night in Vegas.  For $159 you enjoy complimentary Perrier-Jouet bottle service, chocolate-covered strawberries, closed-circuit video monitors, and a Privileged Access pass for dining and entertainment on the day of the performance. The pass means not having to stand in line, you’re a VIP. For a special treat or if you just like to live well, I highly recommend the VIP Indulgence Package.

Ticket prices are $99 for the Splash Zone, $119 for Premium Seating, and $159 for the VIP Indulgence package. Performances are 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, Monday and Thursday; 8:30 p.m. on Friday; and 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on Saturday. Le Reve is dark on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Reservations can be made online at: www.wynnlasvegas.com or by calling 702-770-3726

Feature by Linda Lane, Jetsetters Magazine Entertainment Editor.

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