Quantum healing with Qlasers

As I sat in my airline seat I pulled out the airline magazine and was drawn to a full page introduction about the healing power of low level lasers – the Qlaser.

Healing at the speed of light.

Einstein postulated over a hundred years ago, and it was later confirmed, that nothing is faster than the speed of light.  Even thought process are actually waves of light because you are light.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, proclaims that light is energy and it is not a part of everything - it IS everything - a quantum universal truth.  Genesis revealed this truth long before Einstein:  “Let there be light and God created light in the heavens.”  Light comes in a fixed and inflexible and invariable wave length, it is the cosmic constant. The human body is light, in a denser physical form and thus visible.

After reading the article I watched the sunlight’s panoramic panoply  play across the cumulus clouds at 30,000 feet, filtered by water particles and fanned out as if a ray of photonic epiphany.  The light had zoomed from our sun eight minutes earlier and now was bombarding all things planetary, including my body.  But how can light be utilized in its natural form to heal human problems?

Let’s amplify this.

After calling the 800 number in the article I received the free introductory book, “Energy Transcendence: A Guide for Living Beyond the Ordinary Range of Perception”. 

Dr. Larry Lytle, 
inventor of the Qlaser.

The book, written by Dr. Larry Lytle, inventor of the Qlaser, explains and expands on the fact that the human body electric is composed of light particles.   As we get older our electrons need to be reset or reactivated because through time they get passive and with a loss of energy, that is when health problem pervade our being.  We seem to be programmed to accept age and disease and debilitation as facts of life.

No one has ever seen an electron, a neutrino, neutron or an atom’s nucleus or any other sub-atomic particle because they are beyond the ordinary range of perception, but we know they exist because we can see the revelation dance off clouds, flower pedals, or reflected in a moving stream.

I thought the book was just another new age reference bible because of the way it draws the reader into exploring the mind as a powerful healer itself.  But after careful reading I discovered many aspects of healing light. One statement that struck me like a lightning bolt was the zen-like parable, “all of our body is in our mind (healing) but our mind is also outside our body (perception)”.  We perceive quantum physics (light) which is us and the universe itself (consciousness).  But
how can quantum physics heal the body?

The Q1000 low level laser.

Let’s amplify the subject.

Much of the material in Dr. Lytle’s introduction to light healing prepped me with meditation, breathing, and positive versus negative thought patterns (it’s a bipolar world, he states). Many of the lessons in brain wave control he learned from Jack Swartz, a Nazi death camp survivor who kept himself mentally and physically together through meditation.  I found all the material beneficial.

The flower power generation has grown up and has gone main stream.  Every day I read or watch on TV a practitioner of alternative health that has discovered the magic elixir, potion, lotion, nutritional combination, or yoga stance that will transform and transcend human problems, but never heal the underlying aspects.  These new age gurus are even on Larry King Live!

What differentiates the new age group and what Dr. Lytle educates is that he has introduced the universal laws of physics into an ergonomic handheld tool (the Qlaser) that amplifies and modulates healing waves into our disarrayed electrical system (our bodies). Amplified wave lengths activate our natural healing processes that produce an abundance of better health that transforms us into happier, radiant beings with a more positive outlook thus counter acting the negative aspects of the bi-polar world.

The infrared probe, left;
the visible light probe, right.

It is conclusive that modern medicine in many ways no longer works in its institutionalized form.  Pharmaceutical companies pound their PR drums for products and compounds and concoctions with massive side effects squeezed into small print warnings and caveats.

After reading about Dr. Lytle’s life story (he is a retired dentist with a PhD in nutrition) I received a call from his laser representative, Jay True. I was amazed to learn that their office and laser manufacturing plant was only a short 50 miles from my hometown,, so I drove to Rapid City, South Dakota to visit with Jay and learn more about the Qlaser.

I explained to Jay that I had a tough and resistant skin fungus that was unavailing.  I believe I caught the fungus while swimming in polluted seawater in the Caribbean.  I have never been a proponent of antibiotics but after a year of dermatology treatments, wound care, and possible skin surgery that would include skin grafts, I reluctantly agreed to a battery of pharmaceuticals that proved ineffective.  I now turned to the Qlaser.

After spending thousands of dollars I knew I needed a different approach to my problem, and the epiphany was Dr. Lytle’s Qlaser.  I needed to recharge my own body batteries so it could heal itself.

“Everyone has a different body casing,” stated Jay, “but each organ resonates at a different frequency.”   Dr. Lytle had experience with dental lasers and then the idea for healing lasers came to him through meditation.  Dr. Lytle invented and patented the Qlaser, a handheld devise that delivers healing amplified beams of light at different frequencies, all in the same unit.

“Place the Qlaser over the organ and simply click the mode for that organ,” explained Jay, as he puts the laser on a skin lesion on my wrist. “Each cycle or session runs about three minutes per mode,” he continues.  From Jay I learned that the Qlaser comes programmed with three modes, Mode 1 for skin, eyes, joints, etc.  Mode 2 for the heart, brain, etc. and Mode 3 for the liver, stomach, pancreas etc.   Other modes can be programmed by Dr. Lytle’s factory for extreme cancer and other cases.

How does a person know which mode for which ailment? 

The Qlaser is effective
for humans and animals.

After years of experimentation, research, and trial and error, Dr. Lytle conceived a loose leaf laser user’s manual for each organ.  The manual is a quick reference guide to recharging your body batteries.  I took the quantum leap and took the Qlaser and manual home to heal myself.

After two weeks the skin fungus was nearly vanquished.  My limbs had better circulation.  I had lost weight because my alimentary tract was cleansing and I needed less food consumption for the intake of vitamins and minerals.

My mother used the laser on her emphysema.  She has smoked for over 60 years and doubtless will never quit, but after two weeks of guidance from Dr. Lytle’s manual and Qlaser use  her breathing is not as laborious and she has cut back on her nebulizer. In fact, there is a mode for assisting smokers to quit.

What is great about Dr. Lytle’s laser manual is that each page is devoted to one aspect of an organ and the programmed calibrations of the Qlaser to optimize light amplification (mode) to naturally heal that organ based on its frequency. The index also includes the exact frequency for each body part.  I am amazed how simple the Qlaser is to use.

The top half of each page is devoted to the organ’s Mode and proper placement of the Qlaser seen through handy graphics. The bottom half of each page is devoted to two laser probes which Jay stated use either visible or more concentrated infrared light in conjunction with the Qlaser to go deeper into tissue, sinews, ligaments, muscles, and bones.   The pen-like probes can be used like acupuncture/acupressure devises to complement the Qlaser.  The probes plug into the side of the Qlaser for a greater efficacy.    The infrared probe was especially useful against my fungal problem because it activated the healing process deeper within the tissue.

The humble and demure Dr. Lytle grew up on a small South Dakota farm during the Great Depression, just as rural electrification was stringing lights to the Great Plains.  Through the power of technology and the reality of the Qlaser, we light beings now have a powerful tool with endless uses to transform our electrical systems. There seems to be endless uses for the Qlaser but only if you, yourself take your own quantum leap.

I can truly say that Jay True and Dr. Lytle turned me on to my own powerful healing process gifted by the harmonics of the universe.  I just had to turn it on.

Dr. Lytle recently published another great book, “Healing Light: Energy Medicine of the Future”.  I recall episodes of Star Trek when the Enterprise’s “Bones” heals the entire body placed in a complete unit.  I am certain the future of the 25th century is now available in the 21st century as guided by Dr. Lytle’s latest tome, and the use of the Qlaser.

For more information about Qlaser healing please call for free introductory information at 866-434-5959 and then type in code 5701.

— Feature by Kriss Hammond, Editor, Jetsetters Magazine.