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Berber Bargains in Fes, Morocco - My bus pulled up to the Jnan Palace, passing through an enormous pishtaq, (vaulted archway) built of blocks with massive wooden doors.  The arches are a ubiquitous motif found in Islam and are found not just in architecture but also in everything from furniture to interior décor to fabric patterns. 

Jetsetters Magazine Gear Reviews - Research product information or find out about new travel, sports, or adventure products.

The Top 100 Travel Gear Products You Can't Live Without - Sophisticated travelers are prepared with voltage regulators, the new slim line digital cameras, jetlag kits, and sleep balms.

Get Your Beach Gear HereBalms, Oils and Elixirs for Intrepid Jetsetters - Need lip or skin balm for under the palm? Try these exotic and romantic oils for massage and aromatherapy or just to keep from peeling under the sun.

Skin Vitamins, Ceuticals, and Essential Oils - Protect and cure your delicate skin. Sooth the body with Dead Sea Muds. Jetsetters Magazine has the most extensive line of dermatology aids.

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The Coolest Calendars For 2008 - Get your Harry Potter Calendar, or maybe a Tiger Calendar from National Geographic; got any Celts in the family? Never miss a date with these unusual calendars.

National Geographic Gear - We all know NG offers great magazines, maps, and atlases, but how about adventure gear, photo bags, and games and puzzles?

Get Your Sports Gear HereThe 100 Top Adventure Movies On DVD - Sure you've seen Casablanca, but check out our other little known, but truly exciting Jetsetters Magazine picks, then book your travel for your own adventure.

Get Your Dive Gear HereThe Best of IMAX on DVDs - See the really big picture in 3D from IMAX now on DVDs, including National Geographic specials.

The 100 Top Best Adventure Travel Books Of All Time - Have you read any of these wonderful adventure tales. Collect them all for your adventure library.

Something for Her, Something For Him at the Forum Shops - Shoppus til You Droppus at the Caesars FClick To Flyorum Shops in Las Vegas, where world-class shops include Versace, Hermes, Gucci, F.A.O.Swartz, Victoria's Secret, great restaurants, and lots of fun!

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Get Smart in Cozumel -
Much of the fun of traveling is getting there.  A greater challenge can be getting around once you do.

Celtic Quiet Time in Brigit's Garden -
“The wisdom of the old speaks to the needs of the 21st century.” That simple statement lies behind the dream Galway resident Jenny Beale had almost seven years ago. Today her dream has been realized in the creation of Brigit’s Garden,.a magical oasis of 11 acres of themed gardens in Ireland ’s beautiful County Galway.

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Ditch The Rental, Take the Beach Limo - When in San Diego, the only way to beat the traffic is with the Beach Limo. Get to the beach in class, charm, and humor in a Lincoln Town Car.

The Roex Route To Health - I recently came across a great vitamin and health company with wonderful products.
Start now with Roex’s Ultimate Body Package containing Citrigenics I and II, WOW, and Colon Essentials, the safe and natural addition to any weight management program.

The Roex Digest: The Colon Chronicles - Today, over 300 million people worldwide are obese and many are young people; many are developing symptoms that were never found until old age, such as colon cancers, diabetes, and heart problems.

Healing Low Level Lasers - Q Lasers - After calling the 800 number in the article I received the free introductory book, “Energy Transcendence: A Guide for Living Beyond the Ordinary Range of Perception”. 

Air and Hotel PackagesA Kansas Yoga Weekend With Doug Keller - Imagine a yoga retreat in the middle of the country with some extremely prominent names traveling around the world to teach, train, and certify participants! That's quite an accomplishment.

Enabling The Disabled Traveler - A Directory of Resources - Older businesses are protected from the Disability Act by a Grandfather Clause and don't have any type of Handicap facilities. The newer businesses are required by law to have the handicap parking, ramp and bathrooms, but some scrimp and just get by with the barest items necessary.

Futuristic Train Stops In Vegas - The New Millennium Monorail - The $650 million transportation system operates Bombardier M-VI vehicles along the Las Vegas resort corridor and travel at a top speed of 50 mph. The project came in under budget by over $20 million, so there are now plans to extend the route to McCarran International Airport.

The Dalai Lama's Heavenly Tour - His name is Tenzin Gyatso. Tibetans normally refer to him as Yeshin NorHot Hotel Dealsbu, the Wish-fulfilling Gem, or simply, Kundun, meaning The Presence. To most of the world he is known as the Dalai Lama.

12 Dates in 2 Hours - Speed Dating - Speed dating is the newest form of efficiently finding "the one." You get twelve dates, nine minutes each and here's how it works.

E-Kits, The Travel Essentials - New travel communications company,, has come up with a solution, giving you an easy and efficient way to gather all the information in one place. Which means those travelers checks, airline tickets and more importantly your passport and visas can be replaced much more quickly.