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It is easy to see why The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas are said to be the most successful retail venue in America. The ancient Roman setting is architecturally romanticized by ceilings so high and artfully painted with blue skies and billowing white clouds that you feel as if you are outside when, in fact, you are inside in a climate controlled environment.

There is also a surreal feeling when what appear to be marble statues begin talking, and the skies change from daylight to twilight. There are more than 100 establishments offering the finest luxury goods, practical, and even novelty items; restaurants, services, and attractions that ensure a memorable experience for people of all ages.

Luxurious home furnishing are
at Amen Wardy at
the Forum Shops.

Entering the Forum Shops through Caesars Palace, the Coach store is on the left; Caesars World with logo merchandise and fragrance is on the right. Further along the marble corridor is Avventura, a store specializing in imported footwear for men and women. Amen Wardy, the outrageously sumptuous and unique home furnishings store is the perfect stop before heading into Valentino, Tod's or Dolce & Gabbana.

The Palms is the oldest family-owned
restaurant in the USA.

Well known for steak and lobster, the Palm Restaurant, family-owned since 1926, is located across the way from Wolfgang Puck' s Spago. Cuzzens specializes in fine Italian menswear, Versace Jeans Couture, and Vasari make casual dressing chic and elegant. There is Landau Costume Jewelry for faux high-end, Caché for day and evening womens wear, Shoooz and Stuart Weitzman for ladies shoes. The Museum Company is always good for a wide range of educational and artistic gifts. Front and center is the freestanding Christian Dior boutique.

The sound of voices and feet clicking along the cobblestone piazza are suddenly overwhelmed by rushing, relaxing cascades of water flowing through the massive Roman fountains that are the spectacular centerpiece of the mall. On the perimeter of this central destination is Bertolini, a delicious Italian restaurant with a homemade gelato cart for those wanting a treat while strolling through the piazza.

Add class to your lifestyle with a
shopping spree at Gucci's.

Esteé Lauder, Galleria di Sorrento, a spacious Versace, Louis Vuitton, Escada and Gucci stores separate the original Forum Shops from the new addition that was added in 1997. It is a crossroad, and for shoppers convenience there is an information station that sells theater tickets and stamps. Head towards Salvatore Ferragamo and you will find Wolford for imported hose and undergarments, Opals and Gems of Australia, Fred, the world renowned jeweler, followed by Ice Accessories, a shop featuring unique and eclectic jewelry, and gifts. The Lalique boutique with an excellent selection of their crystal, jewelry, and perfume, and neighboring it there is a Jay Strongwater boutique in the works. For those wanting to dress for success there is Max Mara, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Fendi, AX/Armani, the youthful side of Armani, and Roberto Cavalli. Quality is the common thread linking these establishments.

F.A.O. Swartz is two levels of
unusual toys - for kids and adults!

Along the way there are kiosks selling everything from Caesars logo merchandise to a plaque bearing your family crest. For a delicious spicy Asian-themed meal try Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, Chinois which is located directly across from F.A.O. Swartz - three floors of toys, books, games and stuffed animals. There is even a whole department devoted to all things Barbi. Café Caesars, located in the center of this corridor, is an ideal place to enjoy a croissant and a latté.

Plan your new wardrobe with a stop at St. John for womenswear.

Up the cobblestone walkway is Hyde Park, a high-end jewelry and watch store, Polo/Ralph Lauren and Emporio Armani. St. John presents knits for the woman who wants to assemble an elegant, go everywhere, easy to pack wardrobe, Lacoste sells its signature sportswear and accessories, and Victoria's Secret has a fragrance and cosmetic boutique. There is a flagship two-story Gap/Gap Kids, Footworks for sandals and casual comfort, and Moda Scapa for the ultimate in imported men's shoes.

Visit the Atlantis 3-D attraction
at the Forum Shops.

Then there is Diesel, jeans and t-shirts for he-men and body conscious females, Bath and Body Works, Virgin Megastore - two floors of CDs, books, and music-related items, Niketown, the sales showcase for Nike's latest, greatest products, and the youthfully popular Abercrombie and Fitch. Galerie Lassen, Hawaii-based artist Christian Lassen's dolphin/ocean-inspired art gallery is a destination for art collectors. Rounding it out is IMAX Race for Atlantis, a special 3-D attraction that is definitely an "E" ticket ride.

Sweet tooth cravings at the
Cheesecake Factory.

In keeping with the celebratory feeling of the Bacchanal, The Cheesecake Factory is located at the far end of the new section. They serve thirty-six flavors of cheesecake, a full bar, plus a diverse menu. Word has it that the Corona Bar is a temporary cooling off spot; albeit a good place to watch the Atlantis Show, a multimillion-dollar spectacle that activates huge animatronic figures who do battle for Atlantis once an hour. In the end, flames topple the mythical characters, returning them to their secret underwater world. All is quiet for onlookers to move forward so they can enjoy the floor to ceiling aquarium filled with exotic tropical fish.

Visit the live Aquarium in the
amazing architectural
shopping mecca.

Retrace your steps and you will return to the heart of the crossroad opposite the fountain. By walking down the third corridor one discovers the glitter of Judith Leiber evening bags and accessories, Bvulgari, the world-renowned jeweler, and watchmaker; Choppard, West of Santa Fe where Western apparel and Indian jewelry abound, and Davante for fashionable eyewear, Kenneth Cole, Bebe, The Disney Store, Ann Taylor, and Victoria' s Secret as in lingerie, are opposite Planet Hollywood, which is a wonderful place for movie buffs that are into film memorabilia. Roman Times sells a variety of watches including Omega and Rado. Across from Brookstone is the Banana Republic. New to the mall are Brighton Collectibles, Mac Cosmetics, and Tourneau, the watch store that offers new and pre-owned high-end watches, including Rolex.

The statues come alive -
listen to the Gods!

The hour has struck and suddenly the daylight sky turns to night. Laser beams dart across the heavens and a deep, booming voice invites onlookers to watch and listen. The show is about to begin at the Festival Fountain of the gods. The faux marble statues that line the fountain spring to life, telling ancient tales, regaling visitors with a mixture of history and mythology. The show is free, and to make it even more memorable, Caesars sends a cast of human "gods and goddesses" to interact with the crowd. Their spirit is contagious and when the lights come up, and the statues return to stone, "mile long" Margaritas and spicy Mexican dishes are being served at La Salsa.

Across the way, Antiquities, a shop jammed with hard-to-find oldies from restored juke boxes to soda fountains and neon signs lets visitors connect with the past. Field of Dreams sells signed sports memorabilia, and Just for Feet advertises "deals" on athletic shoes and clothing. Houdini's Magic Shop provides magicians ready to teach and sell you a trick or two. The Stage Deli is as the name implies, is a New York transplant, an institution for those seeking hot pastrami or lox and bagels.

There's something for everyone at
the Forum Shops within Caesars
Palace in Las Vegas.

There is 30 minute photo developing, Sports Logo merchandise, Express, Express Men, Magnet Maximus, a store with floor to ceiling magnets, Endangered Species, art work and gifts that are a tribute to animals on that ever-lengthening list, the St. Andrews Golf shop featuring everything from golf clubs to clothing to a child' s electric golf cart. Crazy Shirts, a Hawaii-based company dyes their fabrics using things like wine, beer, and coffee. For those seeking a youthful diversion, stairs lead down to the Cinema ride and Caesars Garden of Games, a video arcade.

Beyond the faux marble columns and classical Roman architecture, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace preLet's Book Caesars Palacesents a rare array of luxury and practical goods, artwork, fine dining and snacking, entertainment, and service. Many stores will have your packages delivered to your hotel or shipped anywhere in the U.S. There is an on-site tailor, valet parking, and a car wash.

Weekdays the shops are open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday hours are extended to midnight. There is definitely something for everyone at the Forum Shops.

By Linda Lane, Las Vegas Correspondent.

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