Do you need to catch your breath? Do you have a desire to just “Get Away”? Are you looking to have some fun, with a comfortable place to stay?

Arriving for a Grand Getaway!

How about a Branson “Get-a-Way”?

The hustle and bustle of every day life can often take the pleasure out of happiness and  self fulfillment. This was the perfect opportunity and exactly what I needed to relax and actually partake in a stay that I would embelish in and remember for years to come.

I found the perfect escape at a very conveniently located, “Grand Oaks Hotel” right in the heart of Branson, Missouri. Branson is known as home to dozens of world-class attractions and live shows with world famous performers!

The Hotel stands with grace and pride, and uniquely represents the live music city's talent cultured ambience and ignites the heart in the American traditions of love for music and entertainment.

The Grand Oaks is the hub for Branson entertainment.

I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant surprise than my recent stay at the lovely Grand Oaks Hotel.

The staff can line up show tickets.

As I entered into the immaculate glass front doors at exactly 9 p.m. Friday night, all that I could think about was how exhausted I was from my busy week of work and extremely active children and the pressing question of where the nearest bed was located?

I was greeted promptly at the front desk by a receptionist with a huge welcoming smile, and the quickest “check-in” procedure I ever remember having.  As I stood there, I could not help but glance around me so that I may see just what this place was made of.

Relax in style.

Upon entering through the sliding glass doors, I noticed in the corner and near a wide and beautiful stairway, was a comfortable sitting area for visitors. An overstuffed, sofa and very comfortable arm chairs in gorgeous deep colors beckoned bodies to come in and relax. Next to them stood an enormous Christmas tree, trimmed with extremely elegant taste that complimented the flavor of the hotel and the Branson experience.

The entire atmosphere upon first inspection appeared to gleam from its cleanliness and tasteful décor.

Standard rooms or . . .

Minutes later, and bags in hand, I was off down the hall to my room. As the door opened, I felt the weight of the world begin to ease off of my shoulders as I examined the nice and tidy accommodations, professionally decorated in tasteful fall colors. The rooms were of perfect size, and easily maneuverable, and I quickly unpacked my belongings.

The temperature was already set at a very comfortable level, and easily adjustable to ones personal preference.

. . . "grand" suites.

I fell backwards onto the bed, just as if you were to see on a mattress commercial, or a tasteful romantic comedy. The beds were more than comfortable, with clean and fresh smelling linens that were already whispering my name. I am a pillow person, and what I lay my head on at night is of top-most importance! These pillows were perfect, clean and new, and as I continued to prepare myself for my first night of R&R, and get a quick shower in the nice sized bathroom, my only thought was just how grand it was going to feel when I snuggled down deep in that soft and comfortable dream maker.

In the morning I awoke; I felt well rested and excited for all of my planned events of the day! My first stop would be the continental breakfast that was offered with the hotel accommodations located in a community dining room just down the hall.

Dine poolside.

Although I had a coffee pot in the room, and could have easily used it, I chose to go directly to the dining area and start out with the perfect cup of coffee, complimented with another cup of orange juice to get my energy level under way. I generously filled my plate with a biscuit and creamed gravy, and grabbed a small bowl of cereal to go with it. I had the choice to eat in the dining area, which overlooked the large swimming pool area below, or return to my room with the provided tray. I opted for the second choice, knowing that I was in dire need of getting ready for the day, and could do so in the convenience of my own room.

Catch a romantic Jacuzzi.

Modern equipment in the gym.

The rooms all offer double vanities for ease of preparing for the day, as well as built in hair dryers, which is something that I often forget. For a small fee, many personal care products can be purchased through the front desk for what may have been forgotten at home.

If you are on a workout schedule and don’t want to miss one, the hotel offers a very nice fitness center, (for a small charge), with the latest equipment in cardio vascular, and weight lifting machines.

Nicely affordable rooms range from accommodations with a “Deluxe Double Queen” room, with work desk, or table and chairs and vanity areas, to a “Deluxe King” room with large 2 person Jacuzzi tub, shower in bathroom, and separate vanity area from bathroom.

Continental breakfasts are served.

There are two buildings on the premises: The first building, which was renovated in 2003, offers an indoor pool with two hot tubs, fitness center, guest laundry, wireless DSL, continental breakfast, handicap rooms, and suites, meeting room, and ticketing office. The second building, which is currently being renovated and updated boasts an outdoor pool, continental breakfast, guest laundry, standard room accommodations, suites, meeting rooms and handicap rooms.

This hotel itself offers a hearty dose of rest and relaxation combined with a clean and friendly environment!

Dual vanities for privacy.

It brings forth a wide variety of accommodations and amenities. Upon request, you may upgrade the option to obtain a refrigerator, roll a way bed, futon, or even cribs for larger groups.

I was very impressed with the availability of larger meeting facilities for groups.

The “Grand Oak Suite” located in building #1 can be used as a meeting room or sleeping room. It can accommodate up to 40 people or sleep 10 comfortably in its 650 sq. ft of open space.

If you are looking to have a banquet, birthday party, wedding reception, graduation, anniversary, engagement, or a family reunion, I’m telling you, this is the place! Equipment and supplies are offered and available for use if needed:

4’X8’ carpet platform
6’ banquet tables
Round Tables
Tabletop Podium
Easel and Bulletin Board
Overhead Projector Screen
Audio/Video Cart
DVD Player

The “White Oak Suite” located in building #2 can accommodate a smaller group of around 30 people in its 288 sq. ft.

The “Red Oak Suite”, also in building #2 is made for larger groups of 70-75 people, and offering 888 sq. ft.

*Gift baskets, cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, champagne flutes, champagne, and sparkling grape juice can also be made available!

Catering opportunities are also available. The Hotel carries a list of suggested local companies and menus for each available to choose from. 

Ticketing Services are available on site for your convenience, and staff is readily available to assist you with whatever your thrill seeking needs may be in fabulous Branson, Missouri!

Lee is your Grand Oaks manager.

It seemed to me that there was not one thing that this hotel had not thought of and did not offer to its guests to make each and every individual stay a huge success!

I was even more amazed to find out, after a brief meeting and interview with the Hotel’s General Manager, Lee Thomas, that the owners of the hotel, Mike and Marilyn Mahoney also owned the Branson Vacation Company, a business that specializes in customized vacation packaging, and large groups.

There are so many different options to choose from that range from and include 2-3 night accommodations, with dinners, shows, festivals, and much more!

Prices are all very reasonable and you may call at any time for a “no-obligation” price quote at 1-800-627-4596.  Reservation can be made for the Grand Oaks Hotel, by phoning the hotel directly at: (800) 553-6423, or by completing a booking form and faxed to (4717) 334-6264. If time allows, you may opt to mail it directly to the hotel at:

During our informative meeting, Lee had told me that this very hotel was stayed in by Dolly Parton, back when her Grand Opening to her “Dixie Stampede” was celebrated!

Grand Oaks Hotel
2315 Green Mountain Drive
Branson, MO. 65616

As fate would have it, this was just one of the shows that my guest and I had planned on attending during our stay in Branson. The show is absolutely fabulous full of pre- show comedy soaked entertainment and a dinner show full of action packed horse back riding with explosive special effects, mind boggling magic and total excitement will take your breath away! The scrumptious down home cooking leaves no man returning home hungry, and a night to remember that will last forever!

While there, I was also lucky enough to hit Silver Dollar City’s “National Harvest Festival”, that just so happens to be a craft lovers dream! The setting of the park is themed for the 1880’s, full of fall harvest decorations, basket weaving, pottery, jewelry making, harvest style feasting, bluegrass, western, and country music, and the list can go on and on. A true delight reflecting the heart of the American way from years ago, to the excitements and thrills of our modern day roller coasters!

I ended my evenings of memorable fun back at the hotel, resting peacefully in the large and relaxing hot tub. A dip in the pristine pool to cool myself off, then off again to dream land in my Grand Oaks room, where the enchantments from the Branson experience anxiously awaited me!

The moral to this story is that I returned home with a rested soul, smile upon my face and the memorable thought that “all was well, at the Grand Oaks Hotel”