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I learned the secret to life last weekend and it all happened at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego, California

The secret was mysteriously revealed with every passing moment, as the amenities of this awesome paradise awakened every sensory experience I’d ever desired, and some that I didn’t even know I had.

Paradise Point Resort is a place where everyone is able to experience the pleasures hidden in a well kept secret. These pleasures are so extraordinary that only those who visit this 44-acre private island, tucked away on the gentle Mission Bay will get to enjoy.  My Mom used to say, “If you want to keep a secret, don’t tell Janice.”  So I’m living up to my reputation and telling the world! Paradise Point resort is the crown jewel of destination retreats.  It will bedazzle your senses, revitalize your spirit and reveal life’s secrets that you have yearned to discover!

Paradise Point entrance on
Mission Bay Aquatic Park.

Every where I looked, every place I visited and every thought and feeling I had was spontaneously filled with love, adventure, beauty, harmony and awesome memories.  One of the best parts to this secret hideaway was that I could enjoy all of this and never had to cross an ocean.

The minute my car turned onto the Paradise drive, I was immediately taken away to a place where time stands still and new adventures begin to unfold.  The Southern California beauty was mesmerizing.   As I looked up to the clear blue skies, I felt an expansive urge that made me want to hug the clouds.  The towering palm trees rustled a soothing melody that made the wind caress me with whispering sounds of safety.. The lush tropical landscaping exploded with vibrant colors and fragrances that left me breathless and tauntingly alive!

The trendy lobby.

That’s when I discovered the first secret.  Satiate the senses with beauty and protection and you become vibrantly alive and energized.  I pinched myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream.  The gentle voice of the hotel clerk assured me that I was awake and had just arrived in an exquisite Paradise.  “Was I ready to enjoy the “secrets” of a quintessential vacation?”  She sweetly asked.

My eyes opened wide as I looked up at the ceiling and saw a vision of white sea shells strewn with layers of iridescent glass works.  The dramatic floor-to ceiling drapery was lushly textured with French Indonesian colors and designs. The custom carpet had a monkey motif   that made the spacious lobby with its contemporary mother of pearl and walnut wall paneling  both elegant and playful  The graciousness and warmth of the teak ceilings, river stone and natural slate flooring with insets of blue agate left me in awe for the secrets of great design.

Colors are displayed inside and out.

As the bellman chauffeured me to my private bungalow, he proudly shared with me a few more secrets of this lush tropical hideaway.  “It has more than one mile of sandy beaches,” he exuberantly bragged, “and it’s near the heart of downtown San Diego.”  He smiled magnanimously as he looked back at me and eagerly added, “we’re right across the street to the famous  Sea World Adventure Park and Shamu.”

He made me feel like a celebrity being whisked away to her secret get away, far from the intrusions of the pesky paparazzi and the stresses of endless public appearances.   As my guide expertly maneuvered the golf cart limo passed the volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts and beautiful private pools he added, “Paradise Point Resort is “the” place where each guest is part of “the elite”… finding anonymity and yet continuing to experience impeccable service with unwavering attention.”  He certainly loved his job!

Cool pool invites even at night.

Along the way to my room, I noticed how the guest rooms were spaced beautifully on the property like a Polynesian village with sparkling water falls and quaint footbridges.  There were garden view bungalows surrounded by romantic lagoons filled with large green lily pads dotted with white waxy flowers and koi fish swirling around.  The botanical gardens were blooming with exotic flora.  The water view retreats overlooked the serene and glassy Mission Bay

The resort was laden with mysterious jungle beauty.

Flora surrounds SpaTerre.

The bellman encouraged me to explore the property on foot, by bicycle or paddle boat.  There was even a full service private marina filled with all the boating activities of jet skiing, motorboating, sailing, and kayaking.  Perhaps I’d rent a sail boat and experience the same secret adventure that had brought the Portuguese shipbuilder/navigator named Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo in 1542 who discovered the bay.  It was no secret that he was disenchanted with his discovery because the bay was not sufficiently deep to accommodate his ships.  He named it Bahia Falze, False Bay.  Lucky for us, his secret gave way to a true resort Paradise and not a shipyard.

Every place I looked I saw a paradise rich with legendary history brimming with stories of far away adventurers and filled with intrigue and mystery. The quietness of the resort mixed with the wild beauty and meticulous care given to the property, took me back in time where pristine lands and uncharted waters beckoned to be explored.  I looked down at the hotel key in my hand and squeezed it tight.  I loved the anticipation and excitement it held.  My imagination was peaked, “What secrets might it unlock?”

The sea climate is right out the door.

I didn’t have long to wait because the minute I entered my private one bedroom bungalow I found the secret in beach cottage décor that made me feel relaxed and ready to have fun!

I immediately kicked off my shoes and opened the drapes.  To my awe and amazement, the light from a flaming orange sunset danced into my room.  I watched as the colors lit fiery sparks across the ripples from the water.  The golden reflection bathed the evening in hues of yellow, gold, bright orange and fiery red disappearing into streams of orange purples and finally rested in a quiet dusky grey.  The sky and the bay became magically intertwined and alive with the magnificence of colored light.  These phenomena mirrored a secret I long held inside.  What if there was no separation between me and this light?

Sunset deck dining at Baleen's.
The thought made me pause for a moment as I watched a couple walking the beach hand-in-hand sharing their secrets as the fusion of golden colors swirled around them. A young boy and his sister gathered sand toys as their doting parents proudly examined the newly completed condo-castle.  A quiet hush came over a group of business people walking to their suites rumpled from a long day at work.  As the edges of the day merged with the stillness of the bay, you could see them relax as they breathed in the fresh scent of salty ocean air.  Their moods lightened and laughter rose as they made plans to enjoy the cool mystery of a tropical night approaching.

We all seemed to share the same secret smile inside.

Watch the stars at Baleen's . . .
or catch a San Diego tan.

That smile inspired me to call my daughter Kyra, who lives in San Diego to join me to dine at Baleen’s.  I excitedly informed her that Baleen’s  was recently crowned Best Outdoor Dining by AOL City Guide and The New York Times called it, “one of the best dining secrets in San Diego.”  She laughed at me when she heard this.  “Mom, you’re just like The New York Times. Neither of you can keep a secret.”  After dining at Baleen’s, we both knew why.

Baleen’s dining experience is so extraordinary that it needs to be shared with someone you love. Why?  So the secret can be shared about how awesome the savory “beginnings” of crab cakes, tuna tartar, or wood roasted shrimp paired with Cambria Chardonnay can be.

But I’m getting ahead of my story.  Our evening began as we were graciously seated on the outside terrace. The magenta blues of the night became the evening’s walls.    The star studded sky winked white twinkling lights that were our ceiling chandeliers. The backdrop of Mission Bay, with its deep navy blue waters lapping against the shore was the enchanting music to our evening.

We felt like we were being filmed in a movie, as we clinked glasses and daintily sipped our cocktails.   A quiet giggle emerged from both of us.  We had discovered another phenomenal secret!  These were the two most scrumptious chocolate martinis we’d ever tasted!

Paradise Point Resort for
business retreats, and then
retreat to . . .

The Barefoot Bar and Grill.

Full conference equipment is available.

Lucky for us, this was only the beginning!  We both decided to try the Chef’s Tasting Menu which was out of this world!  The chopped BLT salad with apple cider vinaigrette dressing was crisp and tantalizing.  The Lobster Bisque with chunks of fresh lobster and crème fraiche was a tasting moment to savor.  But it was the pairing of the Norman Pinot Grigio that enhanced the flavors to such perfection.   We had the unexpected pleasure of enjoying every morsel while eagerly anticipating the next secret surprise.

Everything was prepared with perfection.  I had the Roquefort Crested Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce.  Krya chose the herbed Chilean Sea Bass with fennel-leek ragout and carrot nage.  Pairing richness with richness which was found in the Franciscan Merlot became the secret behind the most decadent wine and food marriage of all. 

Chef de cuisine Amy DiBiase and Executive Chef Brian Freerksen also created the final piece de resistance.  I ordered a Monkey Love Banana Split while Kyra savored the Crème Brulèe trio, a flourless cake with light and dark chocolate mousses and a coffee anglaise.  Polishing off our dessert plates we laughed as we fondly nicknamed the last course our “Chocolate Hangover.”  With one final clink of our wine glasses we cried out loud, “Thank you for sharing your secret to life!”

The Javanese inspired SpaTerre.

There is no secret as sacred as the one I found at SpaTerre.  The elegantly 7,500 square foot spa was designed with rooms, rich with warm mahogany wood, bamboo, slate tile floors and hand-blown glass lighting  creating a tranquil and invigorating retreat.  I experienced a healing secret that’s been used for centuries by the royal palaces of Java.  It was called a Javanese Lulur-Royal Treatment.  I lost myself in the lavish ritual that was heretofore saved for the Javanese bride before her royal wedding.  The groom’s parents for forty days before the wedding lavished the soon to be bride with this ritual cleansing daily massage, to prepare and purify her mind, body and soul for the marriage to the groom and a loving welcome from his family.

As the skilled masseuse guided her healing hands and soothed my body with essential oils, using an herbal exfoliation blended with a cool yogurt splash, I felt the healing energies of this ancient ritual cleanse my thoughts, my body, and my spirit from all the anger, hurts, and disappointments that I had accumulated in my life.  I felt an overwhelming presence of unconditional love wash over me as tears from the past were released from my body.  I connected to the love and tradition the Java  royal family bestowed upon their brides.  I became a royal bride and breathed in the overwhelming acceptance and love that centuries of royalty had bestowed and I had yearned to experience.  The fragrant shower continued to wash away the layers of negativity heaped upon me.

Click for Jetsetters Magazine San Diego blogThe wisdom of this secret ritual filled me with centuries of love and acceptance.  As I sank down into the traditional Japanese soaking tub, prepared with fresh rose petals infused the tropical fragrances, sipping  the royal white tea that was placed with a plate of fresh oranges and apples, I reveled in my new found freedom. For a PDF brochure of SpaTerre services visit this link.

Everyone has a secret and each is unique.  But if you yearn to discover what your life’s secret is… THE PARADISE POINT RESORT and SPA is where you will find it.  (SHHHH…this is now “our secret” to keep!) For San Diego events throughout the year visit this link.

Feature by Janice Wilson, Jetsetters Magazine Las Vegas Correspondent.