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Sheets of falling rain and the misty storm clouds were the somber welcoming committee ringing in the holiday weekend.

Grand Entrance to the Hyatt Mission Bay.

Since it was only Thursday, the thousands of tourists or people pretending to be tourists — such as myself — were hoping for a Memorial Day weekend of typical sunny San Diego weather.  The windshield wipers were clicked off as I entered the covered reception area of the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina.  A prompt valet took the car to its own hotel room (of sorts!) until I would need it again.

Grab a Mission Bay cocktail at SWIM.

Amanda, a Hyatt hospitality trainee checked us in at the front desk.  Good news for Amanda!  I wouldn’t have known that she was the new kid on the block at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Resort and Spa if she didn’t make mention of it.  I did appreciate her thoroughness in explaining the layout of the resort, activities therein, and dining options.  Her enthusiasm, even in this stormy weather, was contagious.

Leaving the comforts of the lobby we found ourselves outside again and therefore back into the rain.  It was the only way to traverse to the tower rooms which is where our room, #1520, was located.

The lush tropical grounds were gorgeous with rich hues of green and yellow, coupled with spots of brilliance from the occasional flower.  A winding path led us to the automatic door of the tower rooms.  One of the elevator doors was already open so I had no need to push a button and wait; this was a convenient touch.  I have noticed this in other properties recently so this must be a newer advancement in elevator technology…  Whatever it was, the fact that elevators are being designed as a means to better service was fantastic!

Fit for a King at the Hyatt Mission Bay.

Perfect for the family!

That addition must have been just one of the recent 65 million dollar improvements made by Hyatt Regency Mission Bay.  All rooms have been completely remodeled, the grounds refurbished, and the spa has become a wonderful eco-friendly place to relax and refresh.

The view, oh the view! 

I am convinced that my “Corner King” room was one of the finest rooms on the property and I encourage travelers to experience it.  It was a lofty aerie located on the second highest level that provided a panoramic view of the famous Mission Bay.  The view stretched from the local town of Pacific Beach, south to the urban jewel that is downtown San Diego. 

The California coastal chic décor of our corner room was relaxing and refreshing.  Browns, whites, and greens harmonized with the same outdoors colors throughout the Hyatt's grounds.

Summer fun at the pool.

The room had the feeling of bringing the outside in.  A separate bedroom area was separated by sheer but not completely translucent white curtains.  Two flat screen televisions (one in the living area, one in the bedroom area) hung on the walls. I quickly placed my iPod into the docking station that was provided.

This resort is targeted towards many different types of travelers.  The couch would be big enough for a family.  The bedroom would be romantic enough for a couple.  The desk would be big enough for a weary business man or woman to spread out their work. 

The Hyatt's lagoon pool spread out directly below our balcony. The pool was accompanied with cabanas and two slides — a great place for families, young couples, or playful business travelers.

Take your pick of pools.

It's 4:30 p.m., time for me to become acquainted with the spa staff for my pre-booked 5:00 p.m. body wrap.  Pulling the doors open to the Blue Marble Spa, the smell of aromatic herbs such as lavender and eucalyptus, filled the air.  The name for the Blue Marble Spa comes from the famous photo of our planet Earth taken from space by NASA back in 1972. 

The Blue Marble Spa's relaxation room.

This Blue Marble lays claim to being the first entirely eco-friendly spa in San Diego.  There are systems to conserve water; almost everything in the spa is made of organic materials, including the white terry towels.

Munira, my therapist, took me back to the therapy room with its dim lights and soft new-age music for my “Giving Calendula Body Wrap”. Naturopathica and Farmaesthetics are the two product lines that Munira utilized on my organic body. She lightly brushed and sloughed off any dead skin with special Calendula blended massage oil.

Get a pedicure at the Blue Marble Spa.

I was wrapped up in paper and a heavy blanket to keep the warmth in.  Through her Russian accent Munira explained each product and procedure and what they would do for my skin. After reaching a sweat point I wanted to be unwrapped and Munira came back with perfect timing to peel off the wrap.

The excess oil was wiped off with hot towels and I was on my way back to reality.  Munira was so knowledgeable about skin and so friendly and kind that I booked a customized facial with her the next day.  The spa organics were so amazing that I purchased an entire set of Naturopathica products, including an environmental defense facial mask (made from pureed cherries).

For the inner chef, the Red Marlin's Chef Table.

Dinner that night was at the Red Marlin, the Hyatt's exceptional restaurant.   SWIM, adjacent to the pool, is another option for a quick bite to eat.  The Red Marlin, although on the property, is across the boardwalk over a small bridge.  The Red Marlin advantageous windows provided many clear angles of Mission Bay and the multi-million dollar boats docked at the marina..

Tanya, our server, was attentive and down-to-earth; she explained that the Red Marlin utilized mostly locally grown, sustainable, and organic ingredients.  Perfect — I can be organic on the inside and the outside! 

Tanya recommended the signature cocktails — Raspberry Ricki and the Cucumber Gimlet.  The refreshing Gimlet was infused with a drop of the popular Asian hot sauce, Sriracha.  This made the cocktail both refreshing and spicy.

Fall flavors in the Spring with
the Red Marlin's Kurobota Pork.

We appetized on Hawaiian-style Poke (made from Ahi Tuna) and Prawns.  The main course was a wonderful Kurobuta pork chop paired with sautéed apples, smoked bacon, and baby potatoes.  The flavors fast forwarded me to a Fall day because of their spices and comfort.  My companion dined on grilled Filet Mignon accompanied by a sweet potato mash.  The jumbo grilled asparagus that we savored as a side dish had a lovely touch of toasted hazelnuts sprinkled across their green stalks. 

Chef Danny Bannister also serves a signature dish of 100% natural corn-fed 20 ounce rib eye for two.  The fragrance of the Fuji Apple and mixed berry cobbler that Tanya encouraged us to order for dessert filled the room as it was brought to our table.  We were now in a food coma.  It was time to retire back to the room to watch a movie and enjoy a restful night of sleep.

Stay for the regatta.

In the morning, the erratic rain lingered and the slight mist was hanging over the resort’s marina.  There is a long waiting list (about two years) for boat mooring at the marina that is in partnership with the Hyatt. With patience your yacht or yawl will have prime dockage on the man-made Mission Bay; captains and crew can also utilize the Hyatt's many amenities, such as the pool.

The on site activities includes kayaking, jet skiing, and other watersports. San Diego's world famous parks and Zoo are about ten minutes away; the well known Mission Beach is about five minutes away; and Shamu’s Sea World is practically right across the street.

The Mission Bay area is fun and romantic — so if you are on a lucky leisure or business trip, the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Resort and Spa fulfills your days "like sand through the hour glass" in sunny San Diego.

Feature by Michelle Schoser, Jetsetters Magazine San Diego Correspondent.