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Yogi Tea New Tropical Hibiscus - 16 Bag(S)

Yogi Tea New Tropical Hibiscus - 16 Bag(S)

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Now's Heavenly Hibiscus Tea 30Bags

Now's Heavenly Hibiscus Tea 30Bags

Hibiscus bejewels the tropical islands of Hawaii with its beautiful pink blossoms and its exotic fragrance, reminiscent of lush tropical jungles and hidden island waterfalls. We have taken the sweetest Hibiscus petals to create this truly unique and exotic tea, straight from the islands to you. Servings size: 1 tea bag Free of: caffeine, artificial colors, preservatives or sugar. Other Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Wild Cherry Bark (Prunus virginiana), Rose Hips (Rosa canina), Orange Peel (Citrus sinensis), Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus), Spearmint Leaf (Mentha spicata), Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Cherry flavor. Warnings: None Disclaimers: None

Stoneware tea set, 'Hibiscus Leaves' (set for 2)

Stoneware tea set, 'Hibiscus Leaves' (set for 2)

Hibiscus leaves appear on sleek ceramic, evoking verdant islands caressed by tropical breezes. Tat Yan Soo creates an exquisite tea set for two. The teapot features a leaf-shaped lid and rattan handle. Crafted in stoneware and high fired, the set brings Balinese beauty to teatime.

igourmet 4-oz. Sabdariffa Hibiscus

igourmet 4-oz. Sabdariffa Hibiscus

Our Hibiscus tea is of the Sabdariffa species, which is native to India and Malaysia. This crop comes from Egypt, where Hibiscus was first cultivated in the 1960's. Also called guinea sorrel, Jamaica sorrel, and most commonly Roselle, this hibiscus is a tall annual plant that grows throughout the tropics and has flowers with yellow or white petals and a persistent, bright red calyces (the leaf-like structures that protect the flower bud) that have a pleasantly acid flavor. These calyces are clipped from the plant, dried and used to make tea. This is what you have received. The calyces can also be chopped when fresh and added to fruit salads. They can be stewed as a sauce or filling for tarts and pies. This product looks almost indistinguishable from cranberry sauce. The calyces are also used to make juice, jam, marmalade, relish, chutney, and jelly.

Bigelow`s Sweet Dreams

Bigelow`s Sweet Dreams

In the hustle and hurry that have become so much a part of our lives, it`s important to take a moment at the end of each day to unwind. Sweet DreamsŽ Herb Tea, a blend of chamomile and hibiscus flowers with its mild and soothing flavor, will add a peaceful note to the close of your day. 28 bags in a box.

TazoŽ  Tea African Red Bush

TazoŽ Tea African Red Bush

African Red Bush delicately mixes rooibos, hibiscus flowers, rosemary, lemon and sweet spices. Rooibos (pronounced "roy-boss") is the Afrikaans word for "red bush" and it grows in the majestic Cederburg Mountains of South Africa. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, flavanoids, and minerals, rooibos has been used as an herbal medicine by the Khoisan people for centuries. With a deep amber color, Tazo African Red Bush has a delicious and complex tea-like flavor without the tannins or caffeine of black

TazoŽ  Refresh Tea

TazoŽ Refresh Tea

One of TazoŽ Herbal Infusions, Refresh"! is a blend of northwest grown peppermint and spearmint leaves and features the sweet licorice-like taste of tarragon. Even though this type of beverage is often described as an herbal tea, there is actually no tea in it at all. Instead it`s a blend of leaves and herbs that has been used for centuries to enhance health and well being. As a result, it contains no caffeine. 24 bags per box.

TazoŽ  Awake Tea

TazoŽ Awake Tea

Their popular morning blend, great flavor and pickup. A full leaf blend of rich black tea suitable for drinking any time of day. Tazo Awake is a blend of fine varietal teas from two very special places. Assam, near the Burma border in Northeast India, produces teas known for their dense, malty flavor. These are combined with bright, full-flavored Dimbula teas from Ceylon to create a perfectly balanced breakfast tea that satisfies and invigorates. 24 bags in a box.

TazoŽ  Tea Sampler Pack

TazoŽ Tea Sampler Pack

Here`s a wonderful way to dabble in the world of TazoŽ tea. We offer 24 filterbags of 8 captivating and psychically uplifting teas, 3 filterbags of each: Awake"!, Calm"!, China Green Tips, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Om"!, PassionŽ and Tazo Chai"!. TazoŽ is made with the most extraordinary teas and herbs on the planet and is blended with an artistry that borders on magical.

TazoŽ  Passion Herbal Tea

TazoŽ Passion Herbal Tea

TazoŽ Passion begins life when Egyptian hibiscus flowers are combined with the subtle citrus notes of lemongrass and tart Chilean rose hips. Natural tropical flavors of mango and passion fruit are mixed in and the whole concoction is blended together under the watchful eye of a certified tea shaman. The result is bold and flavorful and should dispel any notion that herbal infusions are weak and watery. Amazing deep and varied fruity flavors from one tea bag! 24 bags in a box.

TazoŽ  Tea Tazo Chai Decaffeinated

TazoŽ Tea Tazo Chai Decaffeinated

A sensual blend of exotic spices and rich black tea relieved of their caffeine.

TazoŽ  Envy Tea

TazoŽ Envy Tea

Your green tea-envy will soon dissipate with the floral scents & lusciousness of Tazo EnvyŽ in your cup. It s a rich & flavorful blend of organic green teas from the mountainous region of Southwestern China. 24 bags per box.

TazoŽ Om Tea

TazoŽ Om Tea

Om"!, like all TazoŽ green teas, is prepared in a way that maintains the natural health benefits, color and taste. The tea is steamed to neutralize the oxidating enzyme, then dried using a panfired technique to bring out the maximum flavor. Like black teas, Om"! and other Tazo green teas are made from the same botanical species, Cameila Sinensis and can contain as much caffeine as black teas. 24 bags per box.

TazoŽ China Green Tips Tea

TazoŽ China Green Tips Tea

A blend of Chinese green teas grown high in the mountains. Only the new, light colored, best tasting, most complex new leaves and tips of the tea plant are picked. The tea is steamed soon after harvest to halt the breakdown of the flavors in the tea and tom retain its light color and complex flavors. 24 bags in a box.

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