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2017 - Summer Gear Review
Mallorca Mullet Smoking, Desert Land Act, Wild Water, Moore's Marinades and Sauces, Grillbots, The Napkins, CAK, Bump It Off, and Hamo.

2016 - Summer Gear Review
The Light Stuff from Eagle Creek, Icebug, Craghoppers, and NOSO.

2015 - Summer Gear Review - Mountain Man Joseph Meek, Mountain Press, horse and mule packing, foraging for berries, Tenkara fly rods, fly poppers, perch cocktails.

2014 - Summer Kayak Fishing - Bobber with a Brain, Hobie kayak fishing ultimate package, Bass Pro Shops digital interactive catalog, Scotty kayak rod holders, Kayaking Magazine, Scotty tool and bait board.

2013 - Fall Gear Review - Paddling the Orange River in Africa; dugout Mekoros in the Okavango Delta; Pothole Kayak Fishing on the prairie; Outdoor Research clothing; Kokatat kayak vests; Coghlan's Mosquito nets.

2013 - Summer Gear Review - Therma-a-Rest MondoKing sleep pad; Alpine Blankets; Big Zip SL Platypus drinking bag; Nite Ize Saddlelite Bike Bag; Nite Ize Inova X2 Bike Lite; Vivitar Digicam photo binoculars; Costa Polarized Sunglasses.

2012 - Antler Luggage - 2012 Fall Gear Review - With the airlines getting lighter in weight because of components made from Kevlar, why not make the luggage lighter?  A British-based luggage manufacturers now offers U.S. fliers their luggage line that is featherweight — Antler's New Size Zero Luggage that weighs seven pounds LESS than other comparable sized luggage.

2012 - Revolve EBikes - 2012 Summer Gear Review - As more and more cities are adding bike lanes to streets, commuting and transportation costs continue to increase and there is that never ending goal to “get healthy, Revolve offers the solution; an electric bike!   Paris, France has a metro e-bike program where you can pick up an e-bike and then drop it off somewhere else in the city, as a nominal fee.  Helsinki, Finland is adding its own e-bike program in 2012.

2011: Reinventing The Wheel - 2011 Fall Gear Review - Bicycles were invented during the Victorian age and the first chain-driven models that appeared about 1885 had changed little since then, until now.

2011: Barrier of Spears Trout Fishing - The native Zulus call the massive mountain range uKhahlamba, or the “Barrier of Spears”.  When seen from the Cathedral Peak Hotel in KwaZululand it is an easy image to formulate.  The 600-mile-long spine cuts across the throat of South Africa, but nowhere as dramatically as at Cathedral Peak Hotel. 

2010: Green Gear - Consumption Matters - Our “Blue Planet” is not so “Green”.  Only two countries appear green from outer space — Ireland and New Zealand. But you can make your friends green with envy with Green Gear.

Flyfishing, Mountain Biking & Rock Snot - There is nothing better than combining my two favorite passions — mountain biking and fly fishing. Crow Peak is a key landmark above my fly fishing trout stream.  The name Crow Peak is an English translation of the Sioux name for “Paha Karitukateyapi”, which means, “the hill where the Crows were killed.”

Late Winter Gear Review - The first things to think about when in the outdoors are your rations — without rations you lose body heat. During the winter your body has a natural low level of neurotransmitters because of the lack of light, especially serotonin, which affects your mood. So get outside for an attitude and altitude change with Columbia Sportswear.

Outdoor Gear Review - Exofficio - Each summer Jetsetters Magazine reviews an outdoor gear company that is excelling in developing new and innovative products.  This year we chose ExOfficio because of their expanded line of Dri-release and Fresh Guard outdoors and travel apparel.

2006: Taking Off With Summer Sportswear -
Jetsetters Magazine reviewed a few sports apparel items last year from Royal Robbins, and we were so impressed with the workmanship, fabrics, and durability, and designs that we have to plug them again in 2006  More and more women are adventuring into the outdoors, and RR (Royal Robbins) has created a top-of-the-line sports fashion series for women, such as:

Summer Gear For The Vale and Burren - When the pavement sizzles in Vegas it is time to visit the green vales of Ireland — to test out some of the latest cool outdoors and sports equipment and apparel for summer, and then off to the boulder-strewn Burren in western Ireland to really put the test in rugged high gear; the Burren was never conquered by Cromwell or the Vikings.

Outdoor Gear - Nomadic Cowboys - Every year the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show (at the Venician Hotel in Vegas) keeps on growing, and I always stumble across new and unique ranch gear, usually made of leather.  This year canvas caught my interest with David Ellis' Canvas Products, a complete line of range tents, and really wonderful bedrolls.  I don't know how many times I have slept out under the stars on the hard ground, but with Dave's cool canvas bedrolls, it will be a whole lot more comfortable next time.  I like his slogan as well: "Providing Nomadic Housing for the American Cowboy" Here are just some of Dave and Kelly's outdoor products that you need to add into your next Cowboy Christmas list.

Outdoor Blog

The Top 100 Travel Products You Can't Live Without - Here it is, the ultimate list for the world traveler, from jet lag remedies to business travel products to noise reduction on flights and in hotels, we have rounded up the best of the best.

GOLF GEAR (Click Golf Mall for resort and gear discounts.)

Spring Into Summer Golf News, Part 1 - Boar's Head Inn Women's Golf School; Bonito Bay's New Shadow Wood Course; Columbus County Course Regains Renown; Marriott's Stone Mountain Senior Discount; Newport National Receives Raves; Return to Glory Golf Packages; Bayshore Renamed Miami Golf Course; Renaissance Opens In Fort Myers; New Camelback Course; Gold Canyon Transports Gratis.

Spring Into Summer Golf News, Part 2 - New North Carolina Sandhills Golf Guide; PerryGolf's Clipper Adventure SeaLinks Packages; PerryGolf's British Isles Helicopter Golf Service; PerryGolf's new GolfCoach in Spain and Portugal; Nike Father and Son Classic; New Alumnic and Fans Golf Association; Golf Digest honors Michigan Courses.


Salzburg Ski Super Card - 2003 Ski Report - The most important holiday activity for winter guests in SalzburgerLand is skiing. Those who would like to try more than one ski region on their holidays will be well served with the Salzburg Super Ski Card. Carefree skiing and snowboarding on over 2000 kms of slopes in 15 ski regions.

Ski Report 2002 - Searching For The Best Snow - If you have been watching the weather reports, you will have noticed that the High Sierras are getting blasted with heavy volumes of powder volleys from Pacific storms, and it ain't over yet.


Sports Dive News From DEMA - The annual DEMA dives and snorkels into Vegas, and our correspondents are there to dig out the details on the best new resorts, dive destinations, dive boats, industry interviews, new dive gear - and sports diving travel bargains.

Hike From Your Desktop - Plan your next outdoors adventure, see the lay of the land in detail and print your own topo maps. Any avid hunter, hiker, or fisherman, who likes to pre-plan and scope out the land before leaving the office or home will find it easy to use and a lot of fun. And those with GPS units colleting dust in their glove compartments will go wild. A GPS unit without a great topo map is pretty much useless. Now with Terrain Navigator, hundreds of maps are at your fingertips.

Balms, Oils and Elixirs for Intrepid Jetsetters - Need lip or skin balm for under the palm? Try these exotic and romantic oils for massage and aromatherapy or just to keep from peeling under the sun.

Tropical Gear From Around the Equator - From skin vitamins to unique lotions and balms to tropical clothing and hats and shoes to cool DVDs to wonderful coffees, foods and furniture.

2004 Photo Gear Reviews - I recently received a Trekker AW II or better known as the ProTrekker. It is not a photo bag - it is a fine piece of well-constructed luggage. The ProTrekker is actually a backpack that carries all the photo essentials in padded protected compartments. I can even hang my tripod off the side.

2004: Checking Out the 2004 Adventure Gear -
If you want to discover the salt pans of Makgadikgadi or dreamed of horseback riding through big-game country in Tuli, this atlas is for you. How about river-rafting on the mighty Cunene River or hiking the grand formations of Namibia's Fish River Canyon? The NGS Adventure Atlas of Africa shows you how and where to do it all.

2003: Digging Up The Past With Summer Gear - Drop into your computer one of the eight CD-ROM National Geographic Maps from the Complete Map Set (over 500 different Maps ranging back over 100 years) and you can find a spot literally "on the map" to explore, discover, or armchair travel. Then dig up the past with the archive on CD-ROM of all the past articles of the Biblical Archaeological Review, and you are set for a summer of fun.

2002: Summer Gear Review - What is hot for summer? Get the best gear before hitting the summer road with the family. Read about and then compare the best for summer camping from the best equipment manufacturers.  What weight line do you need to get in the IFGA record books? Break in those lug soles before lugging your carcass into the wilderness.

2001: Adventure Gear Review - I finally came across a great pair of all purpose deck shoes for boating or angling, and if you love sailing or boating, you for sure will want a pair of Irish Setters Anglers boots with an Exclusive Anglers Whitewater sole.


Gearing Up For Summer Fishing Fun - I grew up fishing western South Dakota bass ponds within sight of the cool Black Hills, mountains filled with trout ponds embedded in the ponderosa pine timber. I enjoyed fishing trout streams in the morning, and then driving the beatup '57 Chevy pickup a short distance after lunch to fish the hot afternoons in my favorite trout pond - Mirror Lake.