I recently came across a great vitamin and health company with wonderful products.

Start now with Roex’s Ultimate Body Package containing Citrigenics I and II, WOW, and Colon Essentials, the safe and natural addition to any weight management program.

Roex brings you a superior blend of probiotics in its new and improved Colon Essentials which now includes L. bulgaricus along with L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, and S. thermophilus.

Why add L. bulgaricus to your healthy regimen, you may ask?

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Deluxe Pill Organizer

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It’s alimentary, Dr. Watson
Deluxe Pill Organizer

Deluxe Pill Organizer

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In 1908, Elis Metchnikoff, a Nobel Prize recipient working at the Pasteur Institute, observed that Bulgaria had an incredible number of people who lived more than 100 years, at a time in which Bulgaria was not well advanced, medically or otherwise. When Metchnikoff observed that Bulgarian peasants consumed large quantities of yogurt, he isolated the responsible bacteria (L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus) and used them in trials. In his 40 years of study he determined that these two bacteria were greatly responsible for the Bulgarian phenomena and primarily important for their ability to produce lactic acid, which in turn interferes with the colonization of harmful bacteria and benefits of minimizing cancer risks. Moreover, L. bulgaricus is extremely proteolytic (i.e. able to split proteins for easy digestion and absorption); L. bulgaricus can support the alleviation of acid reflex and a runaway appetite.

L. bulgaricus benefits the overall support of good, indigenous gut flora; inhibition of undesirable organisms; enhanced digestion of milk products and other proteins; production of natural antibiotic substances; effective immune enhancements; maximum effectiveness of waste disposal; and colon cleansing without disrupting beneficial flora.
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Deluxe Illuminated 7-Day Pill Organizer

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Roex gets you ready for travel in other ways with the Ultimate Body Package by freeing the body from toxic waste with WOW, which is designed to cleanse, purify, strengthen, and tone the gastrointestinal tract. WOW helps detoxify your body while benefiting your body’s ability to uptake nutrition.  I tried it for a month and will never go back to any other anti-oxidant, which is another way of saying — weight loss or weight maintenance, even if you are not over weight.

The WOW vitamins replenish the body with the friendly flora offered in the Colon Essentials, a combination of four probiotics that increase the bio-availability of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids. This increased absorption of nutrients triggers the body’s “full” signal leading to decreased appetite. You know how hard it is to lose those last few pounds when you are trying to get buff? Probiotics also replenishes friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract, warding off unfriendly bacteria that cause illness. You eliminate old waste from the body, assuring proper elimination and detoxification.
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Adventure Medical Adventurer Medical Kit

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Say no to fat and yes to energy with the Citrigenics I portion of the package that contains vitamins and minerals as well as both thermogenic and lipotropic herbs that work synergistically to support  insulin balance, with the conversion of fat to energy and fat metabolism in the liver.

The easy to take fiber Citrigenics II is an all-natural marine fiber that can absorb 6-8 times its weight in fat. Drink lots of distilled water with any vitamin enhancing program to gain the ultimate effects.

For all Roex products contact their order line at 800/645 0010 or log on at www.roex.com

Malaria, the ancient mosquito-borne disease that was considered conquored with specialized drugs developed in the 1950s is making a deadly comeback.

Lifesystems O.R Green Box Malaria Net

Lifesystems O.R Green Box Malaria Net

O.R Green Box Malaria Net Malaria is one of many tropical diseases that humans can contract from biting insects. To guard against serious health threats, ensure that you do not get bitten in the first place. Sleeping underneath a mosquito net provides important protection. Our range of mosquito nets is available pre-impregnated with permethrin.

Strains of the disease are increasingly resistant to present day treatments, with Riamet showing the most promise for patients that have contracted the disease.  More than 900 million people a year are affected by Malaria, and more than 1-3 million die a year, mostly in sub-Sahara tropical Africa, with twenty five percent of those deaths in Africa’s most populous country — Nigeria.

But malaria has hotspots in the Western Hemisphere as well, most notably Central America, with surprise, surprise, Costa Rica one of the hottest of the malarial hotspots, and even Mexico showing signs. Only AIDS kills more people on a worldwide basis, but among children, malaria kills more than AIDS. 

The malaria economic impact is enormous. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have supported the efforts to eliminate the disease and most importantly set up grants for vaccine research. AIDS research gets about $400 million a year while malaria research stands at about $60 million annually.
Bug Shirt

Bug Shirt

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Chloroquine, the cheapest and once the most effective drug against malaria used since the 1950s is no longer efficacious. An extract from the sweet wormwood plant from China but little known outside Asia, shows promise against the disease. The wormwood drug, called artemisin, is not produced in large enough quantities or at a low enough price, which is 10 times more expensive than chloroquine.

In India, fish are being used with great success in controlling malaria by simply eating the Anopheles mosquito larva, with guppies working the best for gobbling the disease literally right from the water. Another solution is bio-engineered mosquitoes that are released into the wild and eliminate the disease because the mosquitos can't breed; needless to say, this is a controversial move and there is no U.S. la w specific to bio-engineered insects. Recently the genomes of both the malarial mosquito and the parasite were published, further propelling research into new drugs and ways to combat the disease.
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The parasite is transmitted from one human to others when the mosquito is attracted to an ingredient in human sweat and the mosquito probes for blood; once that person is infected other mosquitoes draw blood from the infected person and carry the disease to other victims.  The mosquito is attracted to the odorant called 4-methylphenol and a receptor on cells that picks up the molecule is AgOr1. Human sweat contains over 300 compounds and aromatics and only the female Anopheles mosquito is attracted to this one substance, and only the female carries the disease.

In Africa, the Anopheles gambiae mosquito is the most deadly because it carries the most dangerous parasite: Plasmodium falciparum.
One new technique used by scientists to combat the disease with more modern methods is by starving the parasite’s need for glucose by inhibiting certain blood transporting proteins. Even drug resistant parasites need glucose, and without it they can not multiply in the victim’s bloodstream, thus shutting off the tap or cycle of transmission.

One malaria success story is Thailand that is now virtually malaria free because of decades of hard work involving modern development and sanitation. But along the corridor with Burma and Cambodia, resistant strains of mosquitoes are again showing up. One problem in less developed countries is that many victims try to treat the disease on their own with cheap malarial drugs that no longer work.  A case in point is the Horn of Africa, a malarial hotspot, with Ethiopia at its center.

To learn more about malaria, whether you are a traveler or a health professional, visit www.riamet.com, another new modern drug that is showing promise for patients after contracting the disease.

— By Kriss Hammond, Editor, Jetsetters Magazine.

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