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Jetsetters Magazine is proud to present City Passes that will save you money on events, attractions, museums, restaurants, skiing, and much more when you visit your favorite cities. Many of the City Passes can be booked in Euros, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, or the USA Dollar, but you can change currencies within each City Pass once you decide to purchase. We offer the City Passes in the City or Country's currency when applicable.

The passes are alphabetized by city and country.

Many passes are for the entire country, such as the Holland Pass, but there may also be seperate city cards.

Many City Passes are also called City Cards.

Many passes are good for more than one city such as GoUSA Card.

Some passes are VIP passes. Read the fine print.

Also look for passes for many sporting events, such as ski lift tickets under the sports main emphasis, i.e. Ski Rasses would include Snowboard passes; golf cards for green fees, etc.

Some passes are for specific museums within a city.

Some cities have more than one City Pass vendor. We include them all. Compare and contrast their various features.

We also include restaurant coupons for many major cities and entertainment books that include 2 for 1 coupons for restaurants, attractions, museums, etc.

Some passes are regional and may cover more than one country or state, such as the Blue Ridge GoCard or by island, such as Oahu and Maui GoCard.

Scroll through the inventory to find exactly what you want.

Asheville, North Carolina

Go Blue Ridge Card - Blue Ridge Parkway

Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta Daily Deals

Atlanta - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

Boston, Massachusetts

Go Boston Card - 61 Boston Attractions for 1 Low P


Boston - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

Chicago, Illinois


Book Online and Save

Chicago - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs.- $25 gift certificates for $10

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus - $25 Gift Certificates for $10

More City Passes ahead

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