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Is Seattle A Film Festival Destination? - Over the past few years the Seattle Internaitional Film Festival has grown from a limp bisquit to a power house of alternative film noir that often transcends into the main streams. Check out the latest indie films from this marathon 25 day film festival.

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Focused on Film in Seattle - Bleary eyed after 53 films in 25 days, we fill you in on the new hot indie films, and the also rans. You will learn about love, war, relationships, plus startling documentaries that will leave you unnerved.

Viva! Viva Las Vegas Film Festival - The newest Vegas film festival arrival is the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. What the new draw lacks in quality films, it makes up in sheer volume of screenings at the Brenden Theaters at the new Palms Hotel and Casino, akimbo to the Strip.

My Gay Film Festival - Hollywood may not know what to do with a gay character and the community may moan about lack of role models on the silver screen, but foreign films and documentaries tell a different story.

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Now out on DVDs - The latest releases, the hottest movies, documentarys, thrillers, chillers, classics, westerns, drama, romance, adventure, Sci-fi, children, animation, & musicals and concerts. Get the latest info for the latest DVDs.

The 100 Top Adventure Movies On DVD - Sure you've seen Casablanca, but check out our other little known but truly exciting Jetsetters Magazine picks, then book your travel for your own adventure.

Monterey Movie Madness
Quick . . . think of a West Coast location where more than 200 movies have been shot. If you're thinking of California, you're right. But if you answered Monterey, about two hours south of San Francisco, then you probably have already taken Doug Lumsden's Monterey Movie Tour. If you're not clued into Monterey's movie history, climb aboard, and let Doug show you how much Hollywood loves Monterey.

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Screen Gem - The Hollywood Roosevelt Celebrates it 75th Anniversary - The first Academy Awards in 1929 (before there was an Oscar) were held in the Blossom Room at the luxurious Hollywood Roosevelt, named after Teddy. Since those days ghosts of stars and starlets from days gone by still make a casting call at the renovated and venerable hotel. Today you may see present day stars as they film on the historic ground.


Arkansas' Picture Palaces - Within a decade of Edison's 1903 eight-minute movie, "The Great Train Robbery," silent motion pictures were playing in almost every Arkansas town. In larger cities, opera houses were quickly converted to movie theaters and Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin and Lillian Gish became household names.