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Caribbean Carnival on an American Archipelago - One of the best times of your life awaits in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Carnival on St. ThoDiscount Festival Hotelsmas is the third largest Mardi Gras in the world, only after Rio and New Orleans. Festivities include floats, parades, music and Caribbean food. Won't you come down?

Calypso, Regattas, Carnival - Our jetted-in contingent of revelers gazed with awe at the Grand Carnival Parade from the balcony of the famous Bearden Art Gallery on Front Street. We had a box seat and could reach out and touch the visible vibration posing as steel band floats "gliding" down the narrow 17th Century avenue like one huge note - LOUD - with every steel drum on the island participating.

Last Minute TravelWuk Up Crop Over Festival - Thousands of revellers jumped up, gyrated and 'wuk-kup' themselves into a frenzy as they partied themselves behind 21 bands on the way from the Barbados National Stadium to Spring Garden to bring the curtains down on Crop Over 2002.


Suriname's Keti Koli Freedom Pageant - Before a slave woman ran away into the jungle from an eighteenth-century Suriname sugar plantation, she wove rice into her hair so that she would have something to plant. Under her breasts and her skirts she hid a piece of cloth, a kitchen knife, some thread or a spoon -anything of practical use that she could successfully carry away into an unknown new life fraught with uncertainty and danger.


'Twas The Night Before Navidad - Christmas celebrations in Mexico are marked by diverse traditions and attractions, which combined with the sunny weather, drive thousands of tourists to Mexico during the winter months of December and January. It is during this time that visitors to Mexico will experience the unique traditions and warm hospitality of the country at its best fiestas with sumptuous regional holiday cuisine, colorful and ornate decorations and traditional festivities.

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Tiptoe Thru the Tulips at Skagit Valley - This festival has no outdoor bands, no costumed folks, and no dancing—unless you count the gazillion tulips waving in the fields. This is Washington State’s Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

The Scottish Highland Festival and Games, at the Queen Mary
Like ancient castles on the rocky Scottish coast, we were besieged with things to see and do at this annual February festival. Whether you're of Scottish heritage or not, this event is easily something you can take the whole clan to. Everyone can find something that interests them, from watching the colorful parades and ear shattering historic reenactments, to checking out the working dogs in their instinctual sheep herding demonstrations.

Air and Hotel PackagesQuebec City's Wonderful Winter Carnival - For a vacation with European flair, without having to spend the time or the money to fly over an ocean to get there, you’d do well to point yourself north and head to the charming Canadian destination of Quebec City. This unique walled city on the St. Lawrence River combines a scenic location, architectural beauty, gourmet dining, fashionable shopping, year-round activities, and — here’s an added bonus — the exchange rate won’t put a dent in your wallet!

Zozobra - The Oldest Festival in the U.S. - Santa Fe is turquoise, emerald, sunflower yellow, and electric red against a background of sage and several shades of terra cotta. With such lively colors, it's no wonder Fiesta de Santa Fe, the city's annual celebration, is equally vibrant. The center of the action is the Plaza, where music and dance and vendors of all kinds of crafts and souvenirs meet.

Tanned To Perfection -
Hawaiian Tropic, the well-known maker of sun care products, has held regional pageants in Las Vegas for several years, but the 2004 International Finals is an even bigger event. A total of 89 contestants came here from around the world to compete for the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2004. The 21st annual event was held at the Treasure Island Hotel Casino, known as "TI" since its extensive renovation last summer. The event included dancing, singing, costumes, evening gowns, and, of course, bikinis.


Kitzbuhel Mountain Festivals -
Summer in the Austrian Alps offers space to wander and dream.  Ageless folk music wafts into the fresh evening air.  One is tempted by prodigious meals and foaming steins of beer.  In short, be open to indulge whatever whimsy the magical mountains cause to enter your head.