Relatives coming to town? Planning your vacation in Seattle? Want to save money on Pacific Northwest cruises?

Arm yourself with The Seattle TourSaver. Not just your average coupon book, The Seattle TourSaver contains 136 free and 2 for 1 vouchers worth up to $6,000 in savings.

You’ll find 2-for-1 discounts at such popular tour destinations as the Pacific Science Center, EMP/Science Fiction Museum, Seattle Monorail, Seattle Aquarium, the Burke Museum, Wing Luke Museum, the Northwest African-American Museum and Emerald Downs.

Just about everything worth seeing in Seattle can be visited with Seattle TourSaver. These great discounts apply to all the major attractions.

The Experience Music Project (EMP), for example, is a museum dedicated to the exploration of creativity and innovation in popular music. By blending interpretative, interactive exhibitions with cutting-edge technology, EMP captures and reflects the essence of rock ‘n’ roll, its roots in jazz, soul, gospel, country and the blues, as well as rock’s influence on hip-hop, punk and other recent genres. Visitors can view rare artifacts and memorabilia and experience the creative process by listening to musicians tell their own stories.

Its neighbor, the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) is the world's first museum devoted to the thought-provoking ideas and experiences of science fiction. SFM’s exhibitions promote awareness and appreciation of science fiction literature, television shows and movies while encouraging visitors to envision new futures for humanity. Where else can you see Robby the Robot and the evolution of space guns? Seattle TourSaver includes entrance offers for both these popular Seattle museums.

NW African American Museum.

Pacific Northwest Float Trips.

Another popular museum attraction is the Northwest African American Museum, celebrating what it means to be African American in the Pacific Northwest by exploring a diversity of origins, locations and experiences.

Even bigger savings can be had on such things as an overnight at the Tulalip Resort & Casino ($270), bald eagle rafting with Pacific NorthWest Float Trips ($89) and the Royal Argosy dinner cruise ($89).

While there’s plenty to do in Seattle, Seattle TourSaver vouchers also cover activities in the San Juan Islands and Victoria, British Columbia. The book is arranged with dedicated chapters related to visiting the Olympic Peninsula as well as Victoria and the San Juan Islands. You could plan an entire vacation using The Seattle TourSaver as your personal guidebook.

A big-ticket item that’s one of the most popular vouchers is a 50% discount on the Victoria Clipper that leaves daily from Seattle to Victoria. Another is the Blackball Ferry Line from Victoria to Port Angeles, Washington.

click photo for Victoria Best Western

Victoria Best Western Hotel in the Inner Harbour.
(Click photo)

Overnight lodging is available at the Victoria Best Western Inner Harbor, with activities such as Chinatown Walks, bicycle tours with Cycle Treks, whale watching with Great Pacific Adventures, kayak outings from Island Boat Rentals, and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. These are just a few of the 34 Canadian discount offers included in Seattle TourSaver.

TourSaver marketing maven McMurren.

Seattle TourSaver is the newest publication from Alaskans Scott McMurren and Gary Blakely, publishers of the award-winning Alaska TourSaver.

Scott McMurren is a veteran Anchorage-based travel marketing consultant, specializing in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The well-known McMurren has intensive experience in the retail travel industry, co-founding two adventure travel companies and working in travel agency management. For more than 26 years, he authored a weekly travel column in the Anchorage Daily News and hosted a weekly travel radio program. He currently stars in a weekly travel segment on the Anchorage CBS affiliate, KTVA.

Gary Blakely arrived in Alaska in 1983 after driving up the Alaska Highway with a satellite TV dish mounted on a trailer, towed behind a Chevy van. Residents of Alaska bush communities were able to view HBO and ESPN for the first time from his portable downlink. From there, he went on to manage a local UHF video music TV station in Anchorage, Catch-22, and helped run a full-service video production facility.

Cruise with Victoria Clipper II..

Blakely enjoys the good food and wine to be found at Alaska's best resorts and destinations. He likes to explore the country with friends, and is the TourSaver company photographer. Through his company, AD-Ventures Publishing Group, an Internet marketing consultancy, Blakely oversees the development of the websites as well as promotional campaigns.

Their Alaska TourSaver, with over 130 offers, includes helicopter flights to glaciers, bear viewing in Kodiak, Glacier Bay Lodge, and all the National Parks (there are four in Alaska). The most popular offer is the Deadliest Catch Tour out of Ketchikan, where visitors of all ages can get a first-hand glimpse into the world of commercial fishing by sailing on the Aleutian Ballad. This is the same vessel seen on season two of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and the only genuine Bering Sea Crab fishing vessel licensed to carry leisure passengers.

Visit Blake Island with TourSavers.

After 12 years of publishing the Alaska TourSaver, McMurren and Blakely realized that since several of their Alaska clients, such as Argosy Cruises, owned locations in Seattle, it might make sense to publish a book for Seattle and its surrounding region. Their clients with dual locations were already encouraging them to include Seattle options, so three years ago they came down to Seattle to visit all the businesses along the waterfront.

The response was so positive they decided to go ahead with a Seattle TourSaver. The first year there were 50 participating businesses; today there are over 100.

McMurren, who loves Seattle and has been visiting regularly since the 1962 World’s Fair, says, “I just love ridin’ on the ferries. For 28 years I’ve been a walkin’, talkin’ evangelist for tourism in the region.”

“Our Seattle TourSaver departs from other discount-coupon offerings,” adds Blakely, “because all the 2-for-1 features are presented by well-known local firms such as Argosy Cruises, Kenmore Air, Tillicum Village, and the Victoria Clipper. There’s a growing demand for our books because TourSaver is such an incredible bargain.”

One customer called the office and told Blakely, “We’ve actually used our book as a travel guide of things to do in the area.” She went on to explain that they planned their vacation sightseeing around what was available in Seattle TourSaver.

“For the thousands of people who plan to visit Victoria ahead of the Olympics next year, the TourSaver can cut the cost of your visit literally in half,” remarked Nola Palmer, TourSaver director of marketing. “It’s wise to visit our website, build an itinerary that hits most of the outdoor attractions and go. The recession has created a wide range of great values both in Seattle and Canada.”

“People tell us the TourSaver greatly enriches their visits by directing them to unique experiences and opportunities they would otherwise miss,” adds Blakely.

The 2009 editions on sale—50% off—making it perfect for fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday travelers. The 2010 TourSavers go on sale around Thanksgiving, just in time for holiday gifting.

McMurren and Blakely’s travel publishing operations include the website and its sister site,

“We want to focus on what’s hot and happenin’ at a destination right now,” says McMurren. “We like the local touch, the local spirit at the destination.”

The Seattle TourSaver. Named the number one tour book by Trip Advisor.

Don’t leave home without it.

The Seattle TourSaver can be purchased Online at for $79 plus shipping and tax or at the Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau located at One Convention Place, 701 Pike Street, Suite 800, Seattle, WA 98101, telephone 206.461-5800 and at featured vendors and hotel concierges. Bulk orders at group rates can be placed with Nola Palmer, The Seattle TourSaver representative at (206) 484-4849.

— Feature by Carolyn Hamilton-Proctor, Jetsetters Magazine Adventure Editor.


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