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Cyclades Tall Ship Odyssey in Greece -
Our seahorse — the Star Clipper — flew on 17 winged sails, with Zephyrus commanding which way the spring Zephyrs blew from Athens to Rhodes and the Asia Minor and back on our seven nights Odyssey of the southern Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands. 

Get Your Sailing Gear HereGoing Troppo in the Bay Islands, Honduras - This 60-foot steel hull, Bruce Roberts design sail boat, was built entirely by the hands of my father. This man had never sailed a day in his life and had only been a welder and machinist throughout his adult life; just a simple little blue collar worker who loved his family dearly and wanted to give them a precious gift . . . the adventure of a lifetime on the Maid'en Desert.

1 Island, 2 Nations - 12 Metre Haven -
It's two destinations for the price of one! This beautiful Caribbean island is divided into Saint Martin (French West Indies) and Sint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles).

Mile Marker Zero - Whispers of an exiled neighbor 90 miles to the south echo here, from thirst-quenching mojitos to roadside stands offering hand-rolled cigars. An order of chips and salsa gets a confused stare, while a rum cocktail gets you a shopping list of options. Side streets are lined with quaint two-story houses nestled in lush, palm-dotted green yards, featuring wrap-around balconies, storm shutters and faded paint. And all around beckons ocean water so refreshingly blue it looks sweet.

Mission In Life - Sail - Ready to taaaaaaack!" She yells again and beams at me in a stately manner as if to say, "Yeah, check me out now. I'm captain of this ship!" Candy takes her new job seriously and speaks to Mark, our instructor from Mission Bay Sport Center, in some strange jargon. What's this ready to attack stuff?

tain On The Sea - Diving and Sailing With The Cuan Law - I have a philosophy: never scuba dive from the beach when you can dive from a boat. When boat diving, you don't get sand in your air regulator, and you're just a few yards away from a hot or cold drink. Oh, and have you ever tried to wade through surf wearing thirty pounds of gear and fins the size of clown shoes? It's no contest — boats are better. And my fondest wish is to combine the adventure of scuba diving with the comfort of a luxury Caribbean cruise. My prayers are answered!

Sailing With Grace in Maine - She is magnificent under sail; she is a rustic and fun haven at anchor—Grace Bailey graces the sea—primarily along the rugged Penobscot Bay shorelines of Maine.

Schooner Captain Capital - When I heard that Brewster, Massachusetts—On Cape Cod—once was the home to 99 schooner sea captains, I tacked on over and checked it out to see if that old sea chanty, "99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall", got started here.

Sailing and Snorkeling The Lizard's Tail - The reflection of the blue sky in the crystal clear waters in Molokini and the myriad array of colorful fishes of different types remains indelibly written in my mind as I reflect on my snorkeling experience during a sailing catamaran Trilogy Adventure to the Lizard's Tail.

Sunsets, Inspiration, Sailing San Diego - I'm climbing aboard a 25-foot Catalina 250 sailboat, complements of Seaforth Boat Rentals. Although Seaforth is one of several charter operations located in San Diego, it boasts the largest fleet in the area with over 200 boats, from water ski boats and bayliners to the luxurious 36-foot Catalina sailboat.

The Alinghi Wins The America's Cup - For the first time Europe captured the Auld Mug that historically began in English waters in 1852. The Swiss team sweeps Team New Zealand. This feature puts you right at the helm of each exciting race - each triumph and each disaster. Sail with the Pros!.

Zen Sail In A Tropical Gale - Captain Jack and First Mate Rona have been "stamping out sailors" for ten years on the Dreamwalker, training swabbies and would be swashbucklers in their Zen school of sailing, based out of St. Thomas.

Barbados Fish and Boats Fly - Listen up all matey's, Barbados has a strong cruiser business for bareboat and crewed yachts, from Bucanneer pirate schooners to trimarans, catamarans, and the Jules Verne version of a submarine dive off a 36,000-year-old reef. Or catch the freighter to St. Lucia for a lively weekend adventure.

Gollywobbler- less in The Channel Islands - I never knew a gobblywobbler existed, let alone how to use one. Venture into California's Channel Islands National Park on a voyage on the Dirigo II, a classic sailing schooner, manned by a crew that knows the islands intimately. So close to Los Angeles, but a millennium away.

America's Cup Regatta - In St. Maarten - You haven't sailed until you have sailed in an exclusive 12-Metre America's Cup Regatta Challenge in St. Maarten.

From BeanTown to P-Town - FAST - And Sailing the Cape Cod Elbow - The Boston Harbor Cruise ferry flies fast from Bean Town to P-Town (what the locals call Provincetown), plowing 42 miles in only 90 minutes. The Pilgrims would have been jubilant to cross the Atlantic at this speed before anchoring their leaky crate in 1620 at the tip of Cape Cod where P-Town is now located.

Wet! Wild! Whitsundays! - Captain James Cook was the first European to discover the Islands of the Whitsundays, in 1770. They're located off the eastern coast of Australia in Northern Queensland. Airlie Beach is the mainland point of departure, roughly 1125km north of Brisbane and 725km south of Cairns. The islands are spectacular and have become one of the greatest tourist attractions on the Great Barrier Reef.

Saililng With The J-Pod - Michael, our captain, buzzed over in the dingy to fetch us. We piled in, first our gear and then ourselves, and off we went to board Josephine, anchored in glassy water. Oysters were barbequing. Beer was being poured.


Monumental Houseboating On Lake Powell - Cross two states, churn through magnificent mountains and buttes scenery. Top it all off fishing for a striper worth a million dollars. Rig up the bait, set the calendar for your desert fishing date, and read about the fishy fate on the Colorado River! It is a page right out of Pre-Cambrian history.

Ozark Summer Heat Beaters - Get up into the Arkansas mountains to hike the cool forests, listen to a banjo jamboree, sail on pristine lakes, take historical tours, dig for dianmonds, and eat watermelon and drink sassafras.

Steamboat Racing and the Privateer "Clipper Schooner" Lynx - The American Queen faces off with the current champ, the Natchez, in this American tradition of steamboat racing; then check out the wreck of the Steamer Atlantic at the bottom of Lake Erie; then sail with the traditional 122-foot topsail privateer schooner, The Lynx, from Newport Beach, California. You will think you are in the War of 1812.


Newport Beach Holiday Parade of Lights - The annual "Parade of Lights" is a holiday celebration of brightly colored waterborne creativity in which boat owners glide up and down the harbor in a long line of participants, entertaining onlookers along the waterfront and on the other boats. (Opening photo: The "Unpretentious Too" won the award for "Humor and Originality" in a previous year's parade.)

High Speed Cat - The largest man made lake in the U.S. is Lake Mead, just outside Las Vegas, and with the enormous boat traffic you can power past the crowds on the new high speed catamaran Velocity, operated by Lake Mead Cruises, taking you to the lip of the Grand Canyon National Park in wilderness style.

Powerboating Off The Florida Keys - The howl of a roaring engine, eyes squinting through the haze of sour rubber smoke and nostrils flaring at the excess hydrocarbon burn; the attendant updraft of the pulse and accelerated breathing. - Offshore Power Boats Pulsate!


A Bunk On A Junk - Don't own a yacht, yet? No worry. The latest craze is a boat and breadfast, and we check into the marina for a night's nap in yachty luxury, wake up with fresh coffee, and we don't even have to make the beds.


Calypso, Regattas, Carnival - Our jetted-in contingent of revelers gazed with awe at the Grand Carnival Parade from the balcony of the famous Bearden Art Gallery on Front Street. We had a box seat and could reach out and touch the visible vibration posing as steel band floats "gliding" down the narrow 17th Century avenue like one huge note - LOUD - with every steel drum on the island participating.

A Whale Of A Good Time - The annual migration of more than 18,000 gray whales begins high in Alaskan waters. The giants then travel southward along California's coastline en route to their breeding and birthing waters in Baja California. These majestic mammals hug California's shoreline at Point Reyes, past the Farallon Islands, travel through Half Moon Bay and Monterey Bay, then follow the coastline past Southern California before reaching Mexico.