Above: Nick secures the
barge so that we can pass
through a canal.

Below: Potted flowers and a
picturesque stone house
indicate where the
éclusier—lock keeper—lives.

Above:  La Belle Époque
just barely slips into a lock.

Because canal barges were originally horse
drawn, poplar trees were
planted along the way to
protect them from the sun.

Above: After lunch, coffee
and tea service is available
next to the bar.

Below: Under each banquette in the
salon of La Belle Époque stand
about 100 bottles of wine.

The Nivernais Canal of
France reflects the tranquility
of a sunny summer day.

Barge speed is limited
to 3 mph on the canals
and 10 mph on the rivers.

Above: Our crew dresses up for our farewell dinner.

La Belle Époque cruises past woodlands
and pastures dotted with Charolet cows.

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