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South Africa Safari Adventures and Lodges - Plus trout fishing in the Drakensberg Mountains, Luxury Spas and Hotels, Horseback Riding, Elephant Safaris, Walking Safaris, and fine dining.


Safari & Spa at Sonoma's Serengeti -
For three days and two nights we camped in an authentic African safari tent at a 400-acre animal preserve called Safari West Resort in Santa Rosa, California.   All my friends know that I am not a camper.  In fact, my idea of camping is ordering room service and eating from a silver tray on 700 thread count bedding with a pay for view movie on a plasma screen television. So, when I bragged about staying in an African safari tent, they gasped in disbelief.

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills - Gold Mountain Manor - The chunks of red granite that comprises the large wrap around front porch columns and house foundation, along with the well-oiled logs that were carefully erected into a three-story retreat take you back in time to when life was simpler in Big Bear, California.

Sierra Secret Seculsion -The Rock Creek Lodge - What's this - flowers in my dinner? TheGet Your Beach Gear Here chalkboard in the lodge's window announces the bill of fare for the evening's meal in the cozy dining room. Now, any food served on a cool evening in the mountains can be called "comfort food," but if you're expecting burgers & beans here, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Death Defying Furnace Creek Resort - In the summer it get's mighty toasty in Death Valley National Park. Visit Furnace Creek Inn on the off season, that means 170 degrees plus on the desert floor. Cool off in the mineral pool surrounded by French, English, and German travelers; gulp a cool high ball in the Inn's Oasis bar, or stay in the shade under the date palms, and then reconnoiter a rattlesnack snack at the award winning restaurant. Want fries with those rattles?

Ghost Town Accommodations In Garnet, Montana - Camp out in a ghost town. Not just one hotel, but an entire town. Granite, Montana offers you a real spooky deal. Relive the old West in a real boomtown from a lost era. Pack your sidearms, the sheriff was just run out on a rail.

Quinault Lake Lodge - In the Olympic National Park, Quinault Lake Lodge stands out as a historic monument. See the diverse backcountry of the park using the lodge as your luxury base camp.  No more soggy tent camping when you check in for a room with a view!

Whale Tales At Friday Harbor Inn - On rural islands there is a thing called "island time." I'm sure someone else coined that phrase, but it basically means that the frantic pace of the city gets left behind as soon as you step onto the ferry. In Friday Harbor, Washington on San Juan Island, it's a little harder to sense island time because Friday Harbor is touristier than other places in the San Juan archipelago. There's even a movie theater and a shopping district.


Stress Barrier - Eagle Island Lodge - This private secluded and peaceful area is called Eagle IslandGeorgia, where your accommodation is Eagle Lodge, a well built, fully furnished building that is the only one on the Island, where sunsets are a beauty to behold and where time stands still.


High Sierra Cabin Emcampment — Zephyr Cove operates the largest snowmobile tour operation in the United States. Beginners are welcome, although there are tour options for more experienced riders. A shuttle runs from many of the nearby resorts, but the resort has winterized cabins.


Spearfish Canyon Lodge OktobeRest -
There are flakes and nuggets in the streams and fools’ gold in the ore body, but the real gold is in the fall foliage around Spearfish Canyon Lodge, embedded deeply in the limestone canyons at the confluence of Spearfish Creek and Little Spearfish Creek, 20 miles from the town of Spearfish, South Dakota.


Spa Break at Cedar Breaks Lodge - The Cedar Breaks Lodge is a year round resort with 200 hotel rooms as well as time-share accommodations.


Iron Mountain Inn - Best in The Smokies - The iron Mountain Inn in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains is rated the best inn in the Smokies. We smoke out the details with a report from our wilderness lodge writer.


Bear Trail Resort -Couples Only In the Canadian Wilds - Check-in to this wonderful wilderness resort and adventure into Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, one of the most diverse biospheres in the world. No wet tent camping here - Jeeves, crank up the Jacuzzi!


Guyana's Quest For Eco Tourism in the Treetops - The work that is being undertaken at the 370,000 hectares Iwokrama (International Center For Rain Forest Conservation and Development) project in Guyana's hinterland could well become the prototype for the eco-tourism and sustainable development goal that so many nations are seeking.


Captain Bligh's Bloody Breadfruit - The Mutiny On The Bounty was only one violent tale in the long history of the infamous captain. He actually lost more ships than the Bounty. This Blue Mountain tale recounts hot baths, breadfruit gardens, runaway Maroons, and British history on the island of Jamaica. Yah, mon, and pass the sky-juice!


Camping Out at the Castle - Hearst Castle was more than a home, it was a monument of an era to a powerful public and private newspaper baron, William Randolph Hearst. Pam Mandel explores the Enhanted Hill for all those enjoy romance, intrigue, and even murder!

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Virgin Islands Tent City - Maho Bay Camps - Keep the Virgin Islands virgin. Join Jetsetters Magazine on a eco-lodge sojourn in one of the world's fiUnique Sun Tan Lotionsrst green camps, adjacent to the U.S. Virgin Islands Natioinal Park. Paddle, swim, sail, blow a glass knick-knack, dine under the stars, sleep in your mosquito friendly eco lodge. Be sure to visit us also at for other wild places to hang your pith helmet.


Riding and Rafting the Rockies at Rawah Ranch - There are 37 ranches in the Colorado Dude Ranch Association and each one is unique. High in the northern Colorado Rockies in the Rawah Mountains sits just one of the western jewels. Find out what Rawah means in Ute!

Lodging With Llamas In The Smokies - Folklore and whispering stories of adventure and mystery are as deep as the hills around the small Smoky Mountain towns. There have been legends born and heroes die, all carried by word of mouth and each telling, grander

Baaaack To Sweet Grass County - Virtually every state in the Union produces cattle. Most produce sheep as well. Why is it that no other state carries quite the mystique that Montana so easily holds? My visit to the working ranches of Sweet Grass County gave me some hints.

The Smokies Only Ranch Outpost
Maybe it was the small, closely-knit communities we passed through on our way to French Broad Outpost Ranch that told us we had ventured back in time—the ones that sold handmade Indian blankets and produce from small wooden buildings that clearly needed attention but more than made up for it in ambiance.

Riding For The Brand In Yellowstone Country - Picture Paradise. The sky is enormous. Everyone you meet is your host. All around are the fresh smells of alfalfa, evergreen trees, and a bit of horse manure. Well, that's how I picture Paradise, anyway.

Drakesbad Ranch in Lassen National Park - Isolate yourself in quiet and slepndor, go hot tubbing, horseback riding, fishing or nothing at all. In the summer, there is no place better than a wilderness cabin in a National Park, so book early for next year because Lassen has a loyal guest list.



Adventures Under The Volcano at La Mansion Inn Arenal -
From airplane to bus to taxi to horse, I arrived at La Mansion Inn Arenal with tons of questions: exactly what does a nice Costa Rican hotel look like? What types of food do they eat there? Will my Spanish be good enough to get me farther than el baño? All these questions and more were quickly answered as I quietly stepped forward into a tropical grotto neatly planted between the cities of Arenal and Fortuna of the north-western region of Costa Rica.

Rustic Elegance on Tortuguero's Lost Coast - A cool, tropical breeze gently rocks me in my hammock as I overlook the Tortuguero Canal, listening to the hush of the stormy Caribbean in the distance. It's overcast and mildly humid in this part of Costa Rica, almost chilly; linen pants and a shirt keep me just warm enough when the breeze stirs the air. Chirps and squeaks and whistles fill the air of the lush green jungle all around me. A bottle of Imperial sweats on the table next to me, a napkin wrapped around its neck. Tired from the day's journey, I lean my head back and close my eyes. I'm asleep in an instant.


Yucatan Adventura - Chichen Itza -
Mayaland Tours operates fully-guided tours, self-guided tours, as well as custom private tours that are in length from day trips to overnight excursions. The trips vary from snorkel tours at Xel-ha, full tours of Chichen Itza, to private excursions to the temple of Tulum!


New Zealand's Remarkable Lodge - Matakauri -
Be forewarned. When you drive up to the luxurious Matakauri Lodge south of Queenstown, New Zealand, drive a car with a low-roof. Why? Because the Matakauri is so private and exclusive, that you have to drive through the forest to get to their front door. The Lodge is set on nine acres of native bush, partially landscaped with rolling lawns, a meandering stream and surrounded by a pine forest, overlooking the spectacular Lake Wakatipu, creating an atmosphere of supreme privacy and enjoyment.

No Soggy Tent Camping