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at Anthony's Key Resort.

Anthony’s Key Resort, located at Roatan on the Bay Islands, 40 miles off the coast of  Honduras is without doubt Central America’s therapeutic solution to the world’s problems of hypertension, stress, mental and physical disorders as well as a host of other anxieties.

Surrounded by rolling hills, pristine beaches and turquoise waters, lush vegetation, a tranquil lagoon the resort was conceived, nurtured and developed to conform to what nature designed for the benefit of mankind.

Actually some 40 years ago, the creators of Anthony’s Key Resort envisioned then, a small tropical paradise hide-away that invited adventurous travelers to experience the beauty of Rotan and a remote tropical wonderland.

Dive on the 2nd largest reef.

Waterfront accommodations
at Anthony's Key Resort.

Anthony’s Key Resort appeals to divers the world over who have been raving about this tropical paradise for nearly 40 years. Surrounded by the world’s second largest barrier reef, the resort also offers spectacular dive sites including legendary wrecks as well as the opportunity to interact with dolphins in a natural environment.

Despite the many achievements made by the Resort, it still maintains an intimacy with its surroundings that is every so reminiscent of a peaceful Island with its charming wooden cabanas surrounded by coconut palms and other fruit trees dotting the hillside.

One can choose from 56 bungalows all with incredibly scenic views that challenge the mind. Though Anthony’s Key is dedicated to diving and eco-adventure, little is sacrificed in the way of comfort. There are no phones, no TV’s and no radio. It is just the place for relaxation.

Take the water taxi.

One of the most thrilling activities is traveling by water taxi from the Restaurant to the bungalows on the hillside. The ride takes less than a minute and it is on a 24 hour basis. To summon the taxi one has to take a piece of iron and strike an empty gas tank and within a minute or two the driver is at the pier.

Other activities include diving through a shipwreck, snorkeling above a coral reef while frolicking with bottlenose dolphins, taking a Kayak or canoe ride, enjoying a spectacular underwater dive, a game of beach volleyball or horseback riding along the Tobyhanna Beach.

Coxen's Cave.

There are also opportunities for hiking through the tropical foliage where there is an abundance of fragrant flowers or opting for a canopy ride which is fast becoming one of the fastest attractions at Anthony’s Key.

Others who are less adventurous take the time to visit Coxen’s Cave where the past is explained with life like forms of pirates, the indigenous population and Spanish Generals in their colorful uniforms with rifles in hand.

Many visitors have gone to Gumbalimba Park owned by Marco Galinda and which covers some 20 acres of some of the most beautiful plants, birds, monkeys, reptiles, etc.

The Tres Amigos.

Flowers include Bougainvillea, Peacock flower, Red Bird of Paradise, Cannas  Genralis, Garden Crotons, False Birds of Paradise, Hibiscus, different species of Heliconia Orchids, a wide variety of palms and ferns, as well as many species of Acalyypha, (cat tail or monkey tail).

Kids are also provided for on a wide basis especially those at the Dolphin SCUBA camp. They enjoy water-sports, educational field trips and much more.

In so far as diving is concerned, each custom pro 42 or 48 dive boat in the fleet is manned by a dive-master and experienced captain. Even seasoned divers are amazed at the diversity of marine life.

De-stess on powdery beaches.

Anthony’s Key Resort is renowned for its serene, unhurried pace, rustic charm and carefree atmosphere which, combined by a courteous, friendly and professional staff, m
aking it one of the most sought off vacation destinations in the Caribbean and Central America.

As a 5-star PADI Center, Anthony’s Key also offers a full range of courses and certifications including Open Water, Rescue Diver, Dive-master, Adventure Diver and more. For novices, there is a Discover Scuba diving course and for children, a Dolphin Summer Scuba Camp as well as Buddle-makers and Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth programs.

There is also a decompression chamber which Divers can benefitGet Your Dive Gear Here if there is such a necessity.

Manager Samir Galindo said Anthony’s Key has always been supportive of community activities and continues to make significant contributions to the economic and social development of those who reside in Roatan.

He gave as an example the present clinic which is manned by two doctors and one EMT and which provides assistance to those in need with very low charges. The clinic is equipped with an X-Ray machine, and Emergency room, laboratory and pharmacy.

Comfort and conveniece.

Mr. Galindo disclosed that the Resort has been recognized for its contribution to the social and economic development of Roatan and received an Award from the Vice President of Honduras.

Another important factor is that the entire facility is made of local wood and the 42 steps leading to the Restaurant is of sound cedar. All the furniture is made of the local hard woods and the floor of the bungalows are of highly polished wood.

Anthony’s Key has also established an Institute for Marine Sciences and the Roatan Museum which is devoted to the history and culture of Honduras’ Bay islands.

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COPAN RUINS - The Mayan culture is alive.

The Acropolis at Copan.

And in Copan Ruinas, travelers are reveling at the discovery of the Mayan world. In the early 1930’s the Carnegie Institute in Washington agreed to finance the excavation of the Acropilis area of Copan Ruinas, ushering in the most artistic and historical significant Mayan ruins in Central America.

Many of the early archaeologists enjoyed the hospitality of the family of Dona Maria Villamil de Welchez who opened her home to them. In the mid 40’s the family of Dona Marina decided to construct a modest, yet comfortable lodge for the growing number of visitors. The Hotel Marina Copan was named in honor of Dona Marina. The hotel was built on the site of her family home in 1945.

Copan was abandoned about 1000 AD.

Copan, on the mainland of Honduras, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site; the ruins are some of the best and most historically significant stone images in Central America. Ancient artisans carved intricate stone images and scribes etched complex hieroglyphics at Copan.

The extensive Hieroglyphics Stairway along with other inscriptions on stelae and altars, is the largest concentration of Mayan texts. These texts have played a major role in deciphering Mayan code and revealing their culture, including their fascination with astronomy. The Mayan culture high period lasted from 250 to 900 Ad and Copan, one of the regional capitals, believed to have abandoned in the 10th century AD.

Other areas of interest are the Great Plaza, the Ball Court, The Acropilis, the Tunnels and Las Sepulturas where Mayan Royalty lived.

Magnificent carved stelae
grace the grounds of Copan.

On visiting the Ruinas many visitors take advantage to go to the Sculpture Museum in the Archaeological site. The Museum houses life size replica of the Rosalila Temple which is buried beneath another Temple. This light and airy museum was opened in 1966 and also houses many other ruins brought in for protection form the elements.

The Welchez family also operates a coffee farm just a few miles out of Copan. Apart from coffee, there is an abundance of plants, over 150 species of birds and other animal life which inhabit the system.

The Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve is another exciting new conservation project. It allows visitors to stroll along forest trails viewing brilliant multi-colored parrots, macaws and toucans as well as some rare and endangered birds. The Scarlet Macaw, recorded in the glyphs, stelae and monuments among the ruins was revered by the ancient Maya.

Explore Copan from the historic
Marina Hotel nearby.

The only full service hotel in Copan Ruinas, the Marina Copan offers a complete array of services to meet the needs of the most discerning individuals, families or groups. Guests are now being offered a recently remodeled pool, gym, sauna, conference room, laundry service, bar, cafe bar, restaurant, souvenir ship, private parking and typical marimba music on the weekends.

There are no elevators in the four story hotel and as Marketing Manager Miguel Martinez puts, the Hotel is at the heart of the Copan experience and perhaps that is the reason why there are so many repeat customers.

There are 11 single rooms, 34 double rooms, 2 triple rooms and three luxurious suites. The Presidential suite had guests including John Kennedy Jr. actor Richard Greer and other celebrities.

Quaint cobblestone streets.

The cobblestone street leading to the Hotel is an added attraction and many visitors stop and stare in amazement at the condition of the street.

While the hotel is a modern one, the town’s colonial architectural heritage is being guarded jealously, yet it is the most comfortable and convenient base for exploring the fascinating Copan Maya and the diverse natural landscapes.

Called the “Athens of the new World”, Copan is considered the Maya’s crowning artistic achievement, leader in quantity and quality of stone sculpture.

An amazing site to behold while you are in Copan is the mini taxis, a three wheel two stroke engine vehicle that is manufactured to carry two passengers, but most time, they accommodate four individuals. They are the taxis that the population depends on for their means of transportation.

There are plenty of adventures
to explore in Honduras.

It is not unusual to see children walking the main streets with bundles of firewood as this is an important means of cooking. Also small children would come down from the hills with hand made dolls which are sold to tourists.

This is no doubt part of the experience of returning to the past and taking in some of the sights and sounds, including the rooster early in the morning. There are cows and horses that roam the streets, sometimes to their detriment as fast moving vehicles often strike them and they are left for dead.

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Feature by Edwin Ali, Jetsetters Magazine Caribbean Editor. Photos by Edwin and courtesy of Anthony's Key Resort.