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Skip-The-Lines in Paris

Paris is an infamous city. Home to the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles, and Le Tour de France, Paris is a must see when in Europe.

Picnic under the Eiffel Tower.
The best way to see the charming ins and outs of Paris are by foot and by bike. Easy Pass Tours and Fat Tire Bike Tours have combined forces to show travelers the best of both worlds.

Both tour companies provide informative and fun tours that give travelers an inside look into some of the most famous monuments in Paris, such as, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Sainte-Chapelle Chapel and astonishing grounds and Royal Palace of Versailles.

Easy Pass offers tours for travelers with a budget that do not want to miss out. Whether travelers want a guided tour or just a skip-the-line pass to the most popular Parisian monuments, Easy Pass will hook you up. Skip the line Eiffel Tower and Sainte-Chapelle Chapel tours are among their most popular. Priced from 55 Euros, Easy Pass tours are both affordable and unforgettable.

When people think of Paris, they think of the Eiffel Tower, it is by far the most recognizable monument in Paris which of course makes it a must see. Easy Pass offers both guided tours with full access to the tower, in addition to skip-the-line passes.

A birdseye view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

With a skip-the-line guided tour travelers will learn not only about the history and influence of the tower itself, but information about the scattered monuments that line the skyline seen from the tower. The Eiffel Tower skip-the-line tour gives travelers an informative introduction to the city for a mere 59 Euros. Breathtaking views and numerous photo ops. are a given when on this tour. Don’t waste time in Paris by standing in line! Skip the line, learn about Paris and treat yourself to  a celebratory glass of champagne at the summit of the Eiffel Tower.

Beautiful backside view of Notre Dame.

Not only did I see Paris from the summit of the Eiffel Tower, but also I saw it as the gargoyles do at Notre Dame. Easy Pass offers a combined tour called the Notre Dame Towers and Sainte-Chapelle Tour. This tour begins outside the Gothic wonder, the Sainte- Chapelle Chapel.

Sainte-Chapelle Chapel (or Holy Chapel) possesses the most extensive stained glass collection from the 13th century. Known also as the “jewel box” the Sainte-Chapelle Chapel is quite small compared to other Parisian landmarks, but as they say, great things come in small packages and that is no more true than it is at Sainte-Chapelle Chapel. Once inside the Chapel, lights shine through the stained glass; I was in awe of the intricate, immaculate biblical scenes before me. After ample time in the chapel, our group took a short walk to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Step inside the astonishing Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre-Dame de Paris is French for “Our Lady of Paris” and it is known worldwide as the foremost example of French Gothic architecture as well as one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. Made famous by the Victor Hugo novel, made into a movie: “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”; travelers from all over the world flock to this cathedral to hear the famous bells peel and to see the city as the gargoyles do.

Reach out and touch a gargoyle at Notre Dame.

I ascended flight of 387 steps in the spiral staircase and up to the top of the towers. It is then possible to reach out and touch the famous gargoyles. The unobstructed views from the towers are stunning! Seeing the city from above the ground at both the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame made me want to get on the ground and explore.

The collaboration between Easy Pass Tours and Fat Tire Bike Tours made this very easy!

With Fat Tire Bike Tours I hopped up on a bicycle and cruised through the city. With informative guides, I had an inside look into not only the history and architecture of  Paris, but how it feels to be a modern Parisian.

Fat Tire Bike parking at Marie Antoinette’s Estate.

Cycle ParisAs the founder, David Mebane mentions: “There's just something about exploring this timeless and beautiful city while cycling. As you pedal past the magnificent buildings and along the famous boulevards, you feel as though you are truly participating with Paris.”  I must agree with David, there was something magical about seeing France cyclists finish their epic journey through France. <Click logos to view websites.>

Skip The LinesFat Tire is rated a 5 star experience and known in the travel industry for its legendary customer service. Tours are designed as a bridge for English speakers in Paris. Guides are professional, friendly, and informative. From the moment I met a Fat Tire staff member at the metro stop I felt welcomed. The Fat Tire mission is to provide safe, fun, and unforgettable experiences through superior customer service that creates memories and smiles that last a lifetime.

Tours range from day/night bike tours of Paris, Monet’s Garden, and wonderful Versailles bike tours. With the Paris day tour I had a chance to see highlights such as  the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Alexander III Bridge, Tuileries Gardens (lunch break at the Garden Restaurant), Grand & Petit Palais, and much more.

Chateau de Versailles and gardens.

In addition to seeing the monuments of the Paris city center, Fat Tire offers a bike tour around the grounds of Versailles located a short train ride outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Versailles Bike Tour is an all day tour in which I thoroughly explored the grounds and the Royal Palace of Versailles. The tour begins at the Fat Tire office in the Paris city center where travelers meet their guide, receive information about the tour, and then take a train ride to an open market outside of Versailles. There, travelers will get their bikes and ride to a French open market where they have time to immerse themselves in French culture and do as the French do, buy delicious fresh bread, crepes, pastries, cheese and wine in the open market. This is in preparation for the picnic at the Grand Canal of Versailles later on in the tour.

A statue along the Water Parterres.

The Queen's Hamlet.

Cycling around the canal is quite magical: its grandiose size gives you a little taste into how extravagant the gardens and Royal Palace will be. After a leisurely ride, our group parked their bikes and stepped back into time. Marie Antoinette’s imagination was realized in all aspects of her estate. She wanted a place to escape the prying eyes of hundreds, and a place where she could interact and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The group had an inside look into the private life of the infamous queen by wandering around the queen’s grounds, which included her hamlet, hamlet houses, and the French/English Gardens. Natural beauty covers every view.

Once the outside, a portion of the tour comes to an end; we skip-the-line and entered possibly the most jaw-dropping achievement of 18th century French art, the Chateau de Versailles. Then our group gave our goodbyes to our Fat Tire guide, but we are free to explore for as long as we please. This UNESCO World Heritage Site embodies extravagance and is an absolute must see.

Versailles' amazing Hall of Mirrors.

Whether travelers prefer exploring by foot or by bicycle both ways of transportation get you up close and personal with all the most famous landmarks of Paris. Let the knowledgeable guides lead you through the ins and out of one of the most influential and charming cities in Europe.

Bon Voyage!

Mercury Salon, the bedchamber of Louis XIV.

— Feature and photos by Kristin Rose Rist, Jetsetters Magazine Travel and Adventure Correspondent.