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WOW, WOW, WOW, Kriss.... What great articles! Many thanks for all of your support via these articles, and everything else you do. We're quite pleased. Warm regards. — Jeanne Datz Rice, Director - Brand Communications, HILTON HOTELS CORPORATION.

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Jetsetters Magazine Features Hilton Hotels

Dear Kriss, - ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW - We are so (pleasantly) surprised of all the coverage you gave our hotels in the Phoenix area! I had no idea you would cover our hotels -- and the destination -- in such detail, which truly does your readers a great service. Thanks so very much for your coverage, we are most appreciative....and please let me know the next time you will be in Los Angeles, it would be really great to meet you personally and would be happy to work with you at any time. Thanks again for the great coverage. - J.D., Director of Hilton Branding Communications, Hilton Hotels (Domestic USA).

Jetsetters Magazine Ropes In Free Publicity -

Hello, I am writing this letter of appreciation to the editor at Jetsetters Magazine to let you know how pleased we are with the publicity that we received in the story "Riding for the Brand in Yellowstone Country."

What Robert LaGrone accomplished was more than just the writing of a story - he told our story with a "down home visit over a cup of coffee" in such a way that it will make readers want to come and experience our way of life on a working ranch.

I want to express my sincere thanks to the editor of Jetsetters for believing in our working ranch families enough to send Rob, who must certainly be your best writer, to cover our story. Rob has integrity; he is a professional. He works hard and he delivers.

Rob was able to see the working ranch vacation as more than just a destination, he saw it as an opportunity to experience the tradition. He has the ability not just to write the story but to understand the story, and he was not afraid to be part of the story.

You are fortunate to have Rob working with and for you. Be proud that he is ridin' for the Jetsetter's brand! We hope that he comes back for a visit with us again real soon.

Karen Searle
Montana Bunkhouses Working Ranch Vacations
696 North Yellowstone Trail
Ride For The Brand In Yellowstone CountryBig Timber, Montana 59011
Office Phone 406/222-6101
Ranch Phone 406/932-6719

Jetsetters Magazine Goes To Carnival

Dear Josh and Kriss: Thank you for the nice article on San Diego Brazil Carnaval 2003. It was our best event to date... I just came back from a great Carnaval in Rio and Bahia... I invite you to join our group for Carnaval in Brazil with Santours (16 years experience of booking groups for Carnaval in Brazil). Our plan for Carnaval 2004 is to arrive in Bahia on Thursday, February 19th and stay until Thursday, February 26th (Carnaval in Bahia lasts a week); February 26th on to Rio; on Saturday, February 28th (The Carnaval Parade of Champions in Rio); Sunday March 1st leave Brazil. For information on hotels / and air, feel free to contact - Joseph Santini

Jetsetters Magazine Features Unique Products

Thanks Kriss, I like your style of writing. Are you interested in our Discoveries... series - cultural/travel documentaries of Ireland, Argentina and Bhutan, as we speak (or write) our crew is heading to Spain for 6 weeks of shooting our next installment of Discoveries... a 3 hour documentary on Spain. If you would like to review our Discoveries... programs, I'll get DVD's sent out to you. Do you have any problem with us printing excerpts from you review on our programs flyers (with credits for Jetsetter Magazine)? - Regards, John Wehman. VP Marketing & Program Development, Bennett-Watt Media.

Jetsetters Magazine Hides Out In The Wilderness
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THIS LOOKS GREAT!!! Thank you! What a wonderful article! Can we provide a link from the Quinault site to this article?? - C.C., publicist at R and R Partners in Tempe, Arizona, for Aramark Resorts.

Jetsetters Magazine is Global

'Our Company is both delighted and appreciative of the excellent review given us and our product in the recent Gear 2002 Summer Review. We are a small but determined Australian Company with a great product trying to get a foothold into the American market, and reviews such as this are worth their weight in gold. We could not ask for any better writeup. Our sincere thanks must go to Kriss Hammond and Jetsetters Magazine for their support for a product from 'down under'. We feel sure that we will see the benefits of this writeup in the near future and it will assist us in our desired outcomes. - Sincerely; Harvey J Taylor, International Sales and Marketing, Wigstons Lures, Hobart, Australia.'

Jetsetters Magazine Is Digital Dining Fun

Thanks for the great write up! It was great. I enjoyed reading it. When are you guys going to come back? - Dave Kim, Manager, Gordon Biersch Restaurant and Briewpub, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let' Sip a Brew Or Two With Gordon Biersch

Jetsetters Magazine Is Historic

Dear Kriss,
Great article!!!!!!
Of course you can add it to the travel newsletter.
All of us loved it, thanks again.
Stay At The Ingleside InnHave a great Holiday Season :)
Manager of Ingleside Inn

Jetsetters Magazine Is Culture

Kriss Hammond, we would be happy to have Robert LaGrone at our Classical Series Season Concerts. I can have two tickets for him at Will Call for him. Our first performance is this Saturday. Please have him get in touch with me for Program Notes, photos, interviews, etc. I will also let him know about other events that go on throughout the year. I have had an opportunity to view your websites and found them entertaining and very informative. We look forward to working with Robert and Jetsetters Magazine on our upcoming events. - Sincerely, Janet Zimmerman, Manager, Las Vegas Philharmonic, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jetsetters Magazine Soars

Misha wrote a nice feature and we liked the humor of it all. Can we add it to our website? - Bret, owner of Skysailing, Warnersville, California.

Jetsetters Magazine Gets Jazzed

Hi Kriss, Thanks so much for forwarding the review -- I loved it, and hope to include it in the Average White Band's press kit. Is there a way I can obtain a hard copy of it, or is Jetsetters strictly an online magazine? If that's the case, I'll just print it out on the computer. The band gets to Vegas quite often, at least twice a year, so I'll be sure to contact you next time. Many thanks for your interest in AWB! - Sincerely, Sandra Sauder, Screamin' Porch Publicity.

Jetsetters Magazine is Entertaining

Thanks Kriss. I've printed a copy of the article for our Vice President. thanks for the coverage. GLK - Entertainment Director, Station Casinos, Las Vegas.

Jetsetters Magazine is Classical

Thanks Kriss - A wonderful article (...not to mention very nice quote about WPAS as an organization)! It was great meeting Robert, too. Please let me know if I can be of help in the future. - Best, Katie Kemple, Publicist, Washington Performing Arts Society.

Jetsetters Magazine Features Desert Safaris

Hi Kriss: This is Mary Dungans, Owner of Desert Adventures. We are delighted that you are planning an article on our company. Attached is our press kit, to give you more information on Desert Adventures. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or need further information. Your web site is great. How can we get a "Palm Springs Desert Resorts Adventure Package" going? I'll be glad to help you! - Mary Dungans, Owner-Operator, Desert Adventures, Inc.

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Jetsetters Magazine Is An Eco-Quest

Dear Kriss Hammond: - Thank you (and writer Edwin Ali) for Jetsetters Magazine's excellent feature on Iwokrama; and for making use of our website as well. I've added a reciprocal link back to you at: Have a look at a similar article of ours published just last Friday - and we mention some training elements as well: My compliments to you for taking the time to tell Iwokrama in your article - this is very much appreciated. Do let us know of any way in which we can help you with articles you may do in the future. - Thank you once again. - Best Regards, - Vijay Datadin, GIS Manager, Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development, 67 Bel Air, Georgetown, Guyana, South America.