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Jetsetters Magazine is a Diamond in the Rough

Lena - Words cannot express our gratitude for your wonderful review....we all cried after reading it.....and don't forget to come visit once things are more settled on your end....again thank you for your uplifting words that mean so much to us at this point in time...we were just hit by two hurricanes and lost a teepee...but all is well and God will always seen us through even our toughest times.... Love, John and Claire and little Zoe, Owners of Diamond John’s Resort near Diamond State Park in Arkansas.

Lena. Great job. I am almost speechless and so honored. You did a perfect and beautiful heart warming story and nailed everything.  No one could of captured my thoughts and feelings and expressed it in such a wonderful manner. Let me know if there is anything else you are curious about. Keep in touch. Once again thanks for  the best writing of all. Your friend, SHIRLEY!! 

Dig for Diamonds at Diamond John's Resort

Jetsetters Magazine - Love All at La Costa -

Hello Janice, -  I just looked that the article you wrote for La Costa and it was outstanding; you really saw it like we’d like all of our guests to arrive and feel it.  You did a super job writing about the entire facility but I wanted to say that I loved the tennis portion the most - ha-ha.  Seriously, you were great and I know personally that I enjoyed hitting balls with you and talking tennis with you about the past to now the present and it was all good, you were very tennis savvy. I hope many jetsetters will read the article and come see us and I hope you will do a follow up story soon as well.  Happy Holidays and many happy returns to La Costa, Safe travels, - Mike Casey - Director of Tennis at La Costa.

Janice - Your article was fantastic!  I am so happy you had such a wonderful time and great experience, we were happy to have you visit!  We love stories like this one and can not wait to show it to everyone on staff! I appreciate all your hard work and taking the time to experience all of what La Costa has to offer and sharing it will all your viewers. Warm Regards, Dyan DePas - Marketing Coordinator at La Costa.

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Jetsetters Magazine Golfs Camelot - Dear Janice, You painted such a vivid picture of the resort!  I'm not an avid golfer but reading this made me want to get back out there!  We appreciate the kind words regarding your experience at Pacific Palms Resort. All the best, - Meredith Wright, Account Supervisor, Murphy O'Brien Public Relations.

Golf the Ike and Babe at Pacific Palms Resort

Jetsetters Magazine Covers the Strawberry Coast - Jetsetters Magazine provided our city with some excellent travel coverage when we hosted one of their travel correspondents, Janice Wilson, on our spring 2008 Press Trip.  Wilson wrote a beautifully, detailed feature on Oxnard that was complete with bright, colorful pictures and fantastic description.  She highlighted each of our contributing tourism partners from our hosting hotel to the area attractions to the restaurants where we dined.  Her enthusiasm for Oxnard certainly came across the page and she was a delight to have on the trip.  I would definitely welcome back Jetsetters Magazine in the future for any updates they might want to do on our seaside city. - Janis Flippen, Public Relations Representative for the Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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Jetsetters Magazine Means Mansions - “We have had a wonderful experience with  We were contacted by Kriss Hammond about featuring The Fleur-de-Lys Mansion in an online story, and we are pleased that we accepted!  Kriss sent the most delightful journalist, Lisa Fellows and her husband James, for a short stay at the Mansion.  They were great guests and Lisa wrote a lovely article about their stay.  We hope the article is read by many visitors to .  We look forward to booking reservations as a result!  Thank you, Kriss and Lisa!” - Jan and Dave Seifert, Innkeepers, Fleur-de-Lys Mansion Luxury Inn at the Park.

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Jetsetters Magazine Goes Gatoring

Bobbi,  Good to hear from you. Nice story. Almost too flattering for you to send out to my contacts. (yea, right)! Thanks for plugging the Airboat Association and sportsmen. Saturday was a US Sportsmen's Alliance/Boy Scout event in Jacksonville . We had 3 airboats there, all equipped for hunting. Of course, mine was rigged for gators with harpoons, lights, gaffs and tape, not to mention gator hides, heads, wallets & belts. Needless to say, the kids loved our airboats & liked the gator stuff. Next stop was Savanna with a 73 year old fisherman who was stranded for 9 days on an island at the mouth of the Savanna River . We ran the old man back out to the island for story pictures (via airboat). He liked his airboat ride & appreciated the trip to the island to retrieve his wallet, gun, shirt, waders and a 1.75l bottle of gin he found on the beach. If you need a ride next time you're in Florida , give me a call. Happy hunting, - PW, owner of Florida Gator Guides.

Gator Girls Goes Wild

Jetsetters Magazine Tours The Berkshires

Wow!  I printed your article as soon as I received it and then settled in my chair with a fresh cup of coffee and read, non-stop from begining to end.  What a great read!  Your choice of words pulls the reader right into the story — from watching people on the porch of The Red Lion Inn, to tasting a glass of Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley while sampling sautéeed veal sweetbreads with foie gras flan, to the Four Freedoms gallery and Edith's magnificant gardens.  Do come back......  remember, the American Traditions celebration is on through the fall.  Very glad you enjoyed your 24 hours here!  Sincerely — Ann Claffie, Marketing and Public Relations, Berkshires Visitors Bureau.

Mr. Hollister, We are so pleased with your article and thank you again for featuring us.  We would be delighted to work with you again in the future should you ever be interested—and please come back and see us again!  With all best wishes Erica Donnis, Edith Wharton Estate and Gardens,

The Berkshires: 24 Hours on Cultural Cloud 9

Jetsetters Magazine Visits Celtic Gardens

Dear Kriss, Please pass my thanks to Carol (Sorgen) for an excellent and thoughtfully presented article about Brigit's Garden. We were delighted to host your group here at the garden and would be pleased to extend a warm Irish welcome to any of your staff visiting this part of the world. With best wishes and many thanks. - Jenny Beale. Director, Brigit's Garden, Pollagh, Roscahill, Co. Galway,  Ireland .

Jetsetters Magazine Wines and Dines on the California Coast

Thanks so much Lena ! (The article) is amazing and sounds like you really enjoyed your time and dinner at Arterra! Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions. We are now working with Kimpton Hotels, who own over 38 lifestyle boutique hotels nationwide and recently announced the launch of their brand campaign. I can tell you more about it when you return. Have a fabulous time in the Caribbean. Best.
- Vanessa Kanegai, Wagstaff Worldwide, Inc.

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Jetsetters Magazine Reports About Cape Cod Luxury

Dear Jim, Thank you so much for sending us the copy of your article about the Charlotte Inn . We feel that you have captured the essence of what we are about here – old fashioned and slightly behind the times but with all the comforts that guests expect from a small luxury hotel.  We enjoyed meeting you and your wife and having you as our guests; hopefully you can come back again sometime.  All the best for your continued success with Jetsetters Magazine. Happy Holidays! Warmly. - Gery and Paula, Innkeepers of the Charlotte Inn on Martha’s Vineyard

Jetsetters Magazine Hits The Beach With Class

Lena , You must be on another one of your exotic fun-filled trips. Someone ran across your story by accident and notified us that it was posted.
Great story. Good work. Have fun!
- Bob, owner of Beach Limousine

Take the Beach Limo

Jetsetters Magazine Has Ritz Carlton-Cancun Style
Visit Our New Beach Resort Only Site:

Dear Edwin:I have received the picture and I will put it on my board here in my office. Thank you very much for your letter and your beautiful words....that was a great way to start the morning. Please say hello to all your family. And also thank you for the article again, beautiful,'ll be on my board so all the Ladies and Gentlemen will see it. Veronica Campos, Gerente de Ventas/Sales Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun

Good morning Mr. Alí, thank you for writing such an article for our property, I am forwarding the link to Mr. Luis Marcó who is our General Manager, an article of that importance is to be handled by the management of The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun. Augusto R. Sosa, Operations Manager, Destination Services, The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun

Good Morning Edwin, a fantastic article. I am very grateful for the wonderful coverage. I have already taken the liberty of sharing this with our team. Thank you again and please let me know anytime I can be of assistance. Robert Rippee, Director of Marketing of the Ritz-Carlton hotels, Caribbean Mexico

Read Edwin Ali's feature on The Ritz-Carlton Cancun

Jetsetters Magazine Loves the Hills and Beach

Dear Kriss, This is wonderful! Thank you for such a lovely review! I hope we get to work together again soon! Kind Regards, - Anne Stephany, Regional Public Relations Coordinator, Loews Hotels, California

Loews of Southern California

Jetsetters Magazine Hikes and Bikes The Desert

Hello Lena - I just returned to the desert and had a chance to read the article on  Wow!! Very complimentary!  Thank you very much and come back anytime. - Evan Trubee, Owner, Big Wheel Tours .

REad The Big Wheel Bike Tour Feature

Jetsetters Magazine Flies

"Excellent article....the helicopter tour was described in such detail that now my mother wants to go up for a tour....Josh is a very talented writer!" - Ruben, helicopter pilot with Southern California Helicopters.

Jetsetters Magazine Performs

Hi Rob.....I thought you'd like to know that at a Board of Trustees meeting of the Nevada School of the Arts this morning, Dr. Paul Hesselink had printed out and copied your Jetsetters Magazine Review of the NSA Soiree event for each Trustee to read. All were VERY appreciative and complimentary. You're to be congratulated, since the young people who performed so beautifully that evening really deserve receiving your words of praise and encouragement. Many thanks. - Hal Weller, Conductor, Las Vegas Philharmonic.

Monterey Movie Magic

Jetsetters Magazine Dines Out In Palm Springs

Hi Lena — Again, I want to extend our gratitude for your dining in & featuring our restaurants--people see the glamour in your career, but I am certain that far few people see or appreciate the work that goes into travel writing. Thanks for your past emails after your visit. Excellent suggestion regarding featuring descriptions & explanations with each piece of art & artifact—this will lend a certain elegance and distinction between our Chop House & the other restaurants. I am greatful for your willingness to help us craft the correct language & explanation—I will attempt to accomplish this internally but am greatful & find comfort that you are aslo available as a resource if needed—Thanks for your generosity of spirit! Again, thank you for your visits, the articles & features & the great recommendation!!! Best regards & wishes! Lee Morcus, owner, The Deck and Chop House.

Visit The Deck in Palm Springs

Jetsetters Magazine Always Has Something Cooking

Hello Kriss, Thanks for the great article, and we will definitely use the link. Please sign this address up to the free e travel newsletter. - Sincerely, Nicole Freeland, Group Sales Coordinator, The New Orleans School of Cooking

Jetsetters Magazine Goes to the Movies

Hi Cymber: Thanks so much for the wonderful story about Monterey Movie Tours! just doesn't get any better than that. It was so much fun having you onboard! Have a great year! Doug Lumsden, owner of Monterey Movie Tours, and President of the Monterey, California, Chamber of Commerce.

Monterey Movie Magic

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