I have wandered in distant fields. I have sailed down mighty rivers. I have explored some of the far reaches of the Earth, partly to experience that which most people only fantasize about, but mostly to explore remote parts of my own mind. 

I am a traveler; an explorer, and a professional photographer. I have witnessed both beauty and poverty, and eaten things that would make you cringe. I have slept in places you may have fantasies or nightmares about. Throughout these travels, I collect stories by way of experience, and color them with words that give justice to my overactive imagination and wild sense of adventure. These stories, I give to you fair reader, via Jetsetters Magazine. 

Jetsetters Magazine is a traveler's digital portal where you can source your own adventure ideas through the articles. It is a way for serious travelers to experience the world without breaking the bank. It is a virtual gateway where the reader can live vicariously through the adventures of an adrenaline-seeking vagabond like myself without all the danger. Follow me as I trek through the poverty-stricken villages of the Philippines, explore the volcanic island of Montserrat, and relax at five-star resorts in the Caribbean. Share with me the love and tragedies I meet as I journey through far-away lands, and explore the exciting and strange world we live in through Jetsetters Magazine. 

Editor's Note: Josh is a communications graduate from San Diego State University.

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Edwin Ali
Florida and Caribbean, & Middle East Editor

Edwin, left, with his wife,
Mohamed Rasulan Ali.

Jetsettersmagazine.com is the number one world-wide traveler's answer to a multitude of questions on destinations whether they relate to size or geographical location, indoor or outdoor activities, accommodations and rates or even climatic conditions.

It is the most comprehensive guide so-to-speak, not only on the type and size of destinations, but also on such important concerns as the people, culture, terrain, and a multitude of questions which have always boggled the mind of travelers.

What I find particularly impressive about Jetsetters Magazine is the meticulousness in which all the information is gathered and presented, the detailed work involved in giving out pertinent information on a wide range of issues of paramount importance to the traveler. And its presentation is made in such a manner, that the reader is immediately brought into a state of relaxation.

Over the years, Jetsetters Magazine has proven itself beyond a doubt as the number one source for up-to-date and pertinent information which play a major role in the selection process for travelers, as such information is accurate and detailed.

Its correspondents have provided some of the most challenging bits of news and photographs, that, collectively placed Jetsetters at the top of the list of sources for details and information on destinations, large and small.

In addition some of the features are analytical and informative and take the reader to the pinnacle of their expectations and have been able to satisfy their every expectations.

I am happy to work with Kriss Hammond and be a part of that team of writers.

Have you ever heard that saying, "You are where you are supposed to be? Often times, it is a favorite saying of mine that brings a sense of balance and centering, and other times it brings a sense of exhilaration, joy, and adventure..

Since I began writing for Jetsetters Magazine seven years ago I've had the opportunity to say that saying to myself many times.

Whether it was visiting the Uluwatu Temple overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Bali (and staying in villas on the island), or dining on a simple arroz con pollo dish in a shack in Nicaragua (surfing included), or cruising the Fiji Islands for a week with Captain Cook Cruises, or creatingin fine dining reviews at top notch restaurants, or hanging out in beach resort to bring you back the "scoops", I am adding enormous fulfillment to my life..

It has been a wonderful experience working with Kriss Hammond as one of Jetsetters Magazine's correspondents. It has enabled me to hone in on my writing craft while continuing to explore new far-flung corners of the globe (Place visa stamp on my passport here!). I am looking forward to many more adventures with Jetsetters Magazine, knowing "I am exactly where I am meant to be!"

Kris and Bill King
Toronto Correspondents

I like Jetsetters Magazine because of the great features on all aspects of travel, from hotels, resorts, planes, trains, and tour discounts, to a vast variety of interesting first-person travel articles from around the world.

There is something for everyone in any part of the world you choose to explore, from how to get there, the best airfares and hotel rates, to the little nooks and crannies that bring a place to life for the reader.

I also enjoy the music features and concert reviews.

As a writer, photographer, and avid traveller, I enjoy sharing experiences with other people who appreciate learning more about the world they live in. I like to get to the heart of a new destination and seize the opportunity to learn everything I can about it. To know what it tastes like, feels like, smells like, and sounds like. I want to bring the reader along in photographs and words, to enjoy it with me.

Bill - Jetsetters Magazine offers me a forum to reproduce my travel journals and concert reviews and gain a wider audience beyond music circles. I like the way Jetsetters Magazine lays out my articles, incorporating my photographs in a clean colorful manner.

Travel is something I truly cherish. I don't even mind the excess weight involved transporting a lap top, cameras, and lenses, and all the other accessories. Most of my work is conjuction with a major event or festival. Jetsetters Magazine affords me space to speak as I see things - the good, the bad, the delightful.

(Bill is also the Editor and Pubisher of ejazznews.com and The Jazz Report. Kris operates her own successful photography business at http://www.kriskingphotography.com)

Joanna Niebler
Toronto, Canada Correspondent

Dear Travel Writers - When the opportunity to sign with jetsetters presented itself last summer I must admit I was hesitant to sign. Reason being, I was afraid to trust an opportunity presented to me on the internet due to past bad experiences. Well I trusted my gut instinct and signed with them regardless, and have been more than pleased with my decision.

Since September I have had two stories published on the site and currently one on the way. The opportunity for great travel adventures has been presented numerous times and I have already had to turn some offers down. My last experience with the network allowed me to stay for an all expense paid weekend at the fabulous Deerhurst Resort in Ontario, Canada. The weekend was action packed and thoroughly enjoyed by both myself and travel companion. This summer I already have plans to attend the Toronto Jazz Festival as a member of the press. From there who knows what lies in store for me, but that's half the fun! I highly recommend the TWN for anyone who wants to see the world and in turn have something to say about it.

Misha Troyan
San Diego Corresponden

I randomly stumbled across the Jetstreams and Jetsetters Magazine Travel Writers Network. Before I got involved with the company, writing for me was a hobby at best. My portfolio included a few journals that I had filled with random tidbits during the course of my travels over the last few years.

I enjoy writing and my friends have always told me that I have a knack for stringing a few sentences together and capturing the moment. And I enjoy traveling and exploring and learning immensely. I always dreamed of becoming a travel writer, but it was always in one of those "If you could be anything you wanted, what would it be?" ways. I knew there were thousands of others out there who shared the dream and I figured getting a foot in the door was a pipe dream. And besides, with my engineering degree I wasn't exactly your prototypical travel writing candidate.

Enter Kriss Hammond and Jetstreams.com. I randomly discovered the website while surfing one day and on a whim sent in a travel ditty I had written once upon a time. It wasn't much, but it was enough to display my writing style. Before I knew it, I was receiving emails, then phone calls from Kriss Hammond, the Editor of Jetsetters Magazine, urging me to get involved with his team. After some initial hesitation, I agreed. This was a chance I could not turn down.

As Jetstream's and Jetsetters Magazine's San Diego Correspondent, I've been able to experience adventures I wouldn't have tried otherwise. In the few months I've been involved, I've covered everything from sky sailing and shark diving to the theatre and concerts. Kriss has been incredibly supportive not only with my writing, but also with finding and arranging new assignments. And I'm always looking forward to more. All of my assignments have been complementary as part of Jetsetters Magazine publicity and advertising goal. All I have to do is write! So come see what the Travel Writers Network is all about. Thanks to Jetstreams.com and Jetsetters Magazine, I've got one foot in the door now and another one on my way out.

Robert LaGrone
Las Vegas Correspondent / Dive Editor / Entertainment Editor

I have a confession: I have dived beneath the sea, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, climbed tall mountains, and even made a snow angel on an ice floe, but I am not much interested in web surfing. Every minute I spend in front of my computer is a minute I'm not really "living." Fortunately, Editor Kriss Hammond, had placed an ad in the local paper, or I might never have learned of Jetsetters Magazine and the Travel Writers Network.

I've always enjoyed writing about my journeys, so you could say that I travel to support my writing habit. However, I've always wanted to be a professional at this so that I can write to support my traveling habit. I'm very excited about the opportunity to display my musings in Jetsetters Magazine. Being published is also very flattering - picture your friends actually asking to see the 300 slides of your vacation to Cleveland, and you'll know what I mean.

Of course, it's not all fun and games. So far, I've had to stuff myself at a really nice Las Vegas restaurant, take a sunlit high-speed catamaran boat ride around Lake Mead, look at a bunch of planes at the Nellis Air Show, listen to jazz and classical performances, and even sit through a topless revue on the Strip. Sometimes I wonder how I endure it all. Perhaps I need a vacation!

If you didn't already know it, you'll learn more when you browse around jetstreams.com and jetsettersmagazine.com that there is an unbelievable variety of travel opportunities out there. I plan to see a whole lot of places in this world before I'm done. Jetsetters Magazine is a great way to inspire people to take a tour, see a show, or embark on the dream journey of their lives. If I can inspire one person to stop "surfing" and get out there, I've done my job. And now, if you'll excuse me, my habit is calling.