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This is our 27th year. Our features and posts are instantly translated into 100+ languages.



Luxury Editors Jerry and Donna Nemanic are on their way way to the Greek island of Corfu, staying in a beach villa, of course.  They also report back about culture happenings in Athens.



Adventure Editor Josh Edelson popped the muptial question to Megan while skydiving in Spain.  She said yes.  Josh  has created a compelling hotel feature about the Atocha Hotel.  The honeymooners then cruise the Fiji Islands with Blue Lagoon Cruises, report on luxury beach resorts, and thrill us with adventure tours.

Josh and Megan’s adventures include:

1. Turtle Island – Fiji .
(An all-inclusive resort located on a private island, 30 min. seaplane flight from Nadi.
2. Blue Lagoon Cruises – Fiji
(A 3-night cruise through a few Fijian islands,.
3. Matiatia Bay – New Zealand
(A resort in the wine country of New Zealand with a fleet of classic cars.
4. Kayumanis – Bali
(A resort in Ubud, Bali.



Arround the World with Adventure Editor, Michelle Schoser is creating new feature stories about her adventures in Laos, Cambodia, Portugal, and Spain.  Michelle  and her family of all boys will be starting in the Catalonian capital of Barcelona before heading south to Granada, taking a drive through the Andalusian countryside, venturing west to Seville, hoping a plane to Lisbon, and looping back to Barcelona to satiate their tapas desires before concluding their trip.



Editor Kriss Hammond brings back a tale about Barcelona before it separated from Spain. He rambles Las Rambles, visits museums, ducks into jazz nightclubs and then ferries over to Mallorca for a feature about the museums and culture of Palma.

Dead Space Mine –  What exactly is Dark Matter and why does it matter?  Kriss Hammond take a deep tour in the Sanfor Undergroundd Lab, formerly the Homestake Mine, in the Black Hills, to learn about neutrinos, gammas rays, cosmic rays, and other stellar stuff.



Sunbuggy Adventures – So you think  you have done it all in Las Vegas.  Sunbuggy Adventure tours takes intrepid souls on wild rides into the sand dunes surrounded by majesty peaks.  We have created a feature story and video for Jetsetters.TV as well.  Each sunbuggy is hand built to access the 15,000 acres of rugged terrain.