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Jetsetters Magazine Stays With a Tart

Wow, this is absolutely terrific!  I’m glad you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day Janice! It was a pleasure having you and your daughter to stay. – Kate Talbot, PR representative for The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel in Los Angeles.

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Jetsetters Magazine Follows the Bliss – Shangri-la Hotel

Kriss – We appreciate the in-depth first-hand coverage by Janice Wilson. From her words to the images, the article showcases the best, the original, urbane Hotel Shangri-la Santa Monica has to offer luxury guests. Thanks again! – Best regards – Agnes Huff, PhD, President & CEO, Agnes Huff Communications Group, LLC.

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Jetsetters Magazine Explores Earthquake Country

Josh,  great article. I loved the pictures. Thank you! – Bob Schneider, President, Desert Adventures.
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Jetsetters Magazine offers Cannes Savoir Faire

Dear Kriss, Thank you for having sent me this article and Thank you very much to Kristin for this so great coverage and very complete description for her experience to our hotel. Pleased to keep in touch in the future. Warm regards. – M-Claire, PR Director, Cannes Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez.

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Jetsetters Magazine Ante Ups Casino Lusury

Hi Kriss,, Thank you so much! The article is beautiful. We really appreciate it and are so glad that Janice had a great experience. Please let us know if you need anything else in the future. Best, – Kayla, PR rep for Aliante Hotel, Casino, and Spa.

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Jetsetters.TV Delivers Adventure in HD

I really liked the video. Great material. I will send it over to our IT guys and get it on our server. – Dave Herbert, Drifters Adventures Overland Tours.
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Gear Up with Jetsetters Magazine

Awesome. Thank you– Charles Lozner, PR Director for Outdoor Research. Thank you for the nice write up! – Marta Miller, PR Director for Kokatat.

Gear reviews of Kokatat, Outdoor Research, Coghlan's



Jetsetters Magazine Drifts Through Africa

Hi Kriss, this is a great feature, we forwarded it onto a number of booking prospects as well. All the best. – Dave Herbert, CEO, Drifters Adventures Overland Tours USA and Great Safaris.

Drifters Adventures Overland Tours


Jetsetters Magazine is Ready For Landing with Hilton.

The article looks great!  The photos look really nice in the feature.   Nice job – hotel management will be thrilled.  I also like the title – very tongue-in-cheek!  Mark RicciDirector of Corporate Communications, Northeast US & Canada, Hilton Hotels.

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Jetsetters Magazine Takes a Tennis Beach Vacation

This looks wonderful! Great piece. – Catherine Crane, Wyndham Vacation Rentals.

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Jetsetters Magazine and are in 100+ Languages

Kriss has a great Blog and is very responsive.   We love Jesettersblog!! A true professional and a man of his word. A pleasure to work with. Thank you for your support and all that you do for The Travel Corporation and Red Carnation Hotels. Arnelle Kendall, Vice President of Public Relations, The Travel Corporation.

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Jetsetters Magazine visits the Greek Classics

Dear Kriss: Thank you for all the promotion you do on Greece as a country . Given the negative publicity we atract due to the financial crisis , it is good to read anything that is positive and may attract people to visit our country. Thank you always for promoting Insight and our Greek team.. Kind Regards. – Miltos Spyromilios, Tour Director with Insight Vacations.

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Jetsetters Magazine goes to war

Hi Kriss, I really liked very much this article too, and you connected it very well with Mycenae, they complete each other. I  think it’s good the fact that you present different opinions about the existence of Troy and the Homeric heroes, I also found very interesting  your reference on Homer’s ‘language’, you find it very rarely ! Yia sou, Anna, guide for Insight Vacations Greece.

Discover the Nile River




Jetsetters Magazine discovers Life On The Nile

Nice job & fine article, really enjoyed it, have forwarded it to SST & to Egypt Tourist Authority. Best wishes, Dave Herbert, owner, Great Safaris.

Discover the Nile River




Jetsetters Magazine sails on Tall Ships

Great story! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I will share this on our social media channels. Best, Julie Ellis, Newman PR, representing Star Clippers.

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Bask in the sun with Jetsetters Magazine
Thank you so much!  Wow – what a great review.  A little over the top with the “sunsational” hits but very cute and I’m just delighted Janice enjoyed her stay! The property is celebrating our 50th anniversary all year (officially in July) but we’ve had some major renovations in the last 6 years – and just came off of our meeting space renovation in January.  It’s managed by Noble House and owned by LaSalle – so it’s a flagged property.  All in all – wow – I can’t thank you and Janice enough for an amazing review and for considering to include/feature us!  Promise to keep you in the loop on new happenings! Cheers, – Carol Baetzel, PR for San Diego Hilton Resort and Spa.

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Jetsetters Magazine Sueno in the Sonoran Desert

Wow Jerry!  This is quite the holiday present!  I LOVE your story.  And the fact that you say The Boulders is your “favorite” is the ultimate compliment! I will be sure to share this with everyone at the Boulders and I KNOW they we equally thrilled—especially Dale Light!! I can’t thank you enough, Jerry, and I hope you will make this an annual stop for a relaxing getaway!! I hope you will stay in touch in 2012 but until then, wishing you a very healthy and happy new year! Warmest regards. 
– Debi Bridges, For the Boulders Resort.

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Jetsetters Magazine Tees off in Kauai

Janice, I just so happen to be on the beach with the family (beer in hand) with a late-afternoon tee time ahead and you just provided me some nice reading material!  Nicely done. Felt as though I was right there with you the whole time!  Looking forward to your future articles. Hope all is well with you and the family! Mahalo! – Gary Trask, Public Relations Manager, Buffalo Communications, A Division of Billy Casper Golf.

Kauai Golf Courses




Jetsetters Magazine Goes On Maneuvers in Zululand

Dear Kriss:  Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful feature on Isandlwana Lodge and the fascinating stories of the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. Your clever choice of words even gave me a different perspective on the magical area of Zululand we are fortunate enough to live and work in and I couldn’t read the copy fast enough. Your two fellow Americans, Maggie Bryant and I, are very grateful to you for the excellent exposure your article affords the lodge. I trust you will come again and that I will be in residence the next time around. Best wishes for your continued success –  Pat Stubbs, Managing Director, Isandlwana Lodge, South Africa.

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Jetsetters Magazine For A Place of Kings in Zululand

Hi Kriss:  Wow, this is awesome and so happy you enjoyed your stay; we will certainly pass on your message to all . . .  will also add this to our FB and Twitter . . . thank you. Kind Regards. – Esther Currie, Sales and Marketing for Amakhosi Safari Lodge, in South Africa.

Stay at A Place Of Kings - Amakhosi




Jetsetters Magazine Twitters at Grootbos

Hi Kriss:  Thank you for sending me the link. It’s a great feature – certainly lots of practical information and a wonderful summary of your stay with us. I appreciate your efforts in putting our name “out there”. Best Regards. – Sean Ingles, Deputy General Manager, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, South Africa.

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Jetsetters Magazine ls Back In The Saddle Again

Dear Kriss, Your report / story is just awesome, thank you so much. Please let us know when you plan your next SA trip so we can organise the Music venue, not to be missed, or get a group organised and come and visit. Looking forward to host and welcome you again at Pakamisa, Big hugs from all of us. – Isabella, owner, PAKAMISA Private Game Reserve and Riding Centre in South Africa.

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Jetsetters Magazine Has It All

Thanks so much, Janice. I just posted to the Alisal Facebook page. What a great story! – Trisha Cole, Vice President, Wagstaff Worldwide, Inc., Public Relations for Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort.

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Jetsetters Magazine Brings You Cool Trade Winds

Jetsetters Magazine is a great way to get the word out on the variety of travel clients that we represent. They are professional and thorough and always provide a unique perspective for the reader. – Kelly Prieto, APR Vice President, Hayworth Creative Public Relations for TradeWinds Island Resorts.

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Jetsetters Magazine Brings Your Primo Features – Like Primland 

Wow!  It’s such a wonderful article!  Thank you for your kind words Edwin—We are so grateful!   I hope you will let me know when you are planning to return, it will be a pleasure to return the favor of your article.   I only hope we can always live up to your glowing comments! Warm regards, Brooks Bradbury, Primland.

Dear Edwin – Brooks just shared the link to your article and it is amazing!!!  WOW…. We can’t wait to share it with everyone. Thank you. Trust you are enjoying this beautiful Fall and please try to schedule a trip back to Primland with your friends and family soon. With each season, Primland offers new experiences to its guests. We’d be delighted to welcome you back to Primland. All the best, Ann Walker, Primland Director of Sales & Marketing.

Primo Primland Golf and Spa Resort




Jetsetters Magazine Gets Slimed 

 “It is people like Lena that make doing media relations for a family-friendly hotel one of the best parts of my job. She is accessible, accountable, talented and certainly delivered on her promise of professionalism. Not to mention the pictures she took of her trip to the hotel were great!” –  Ashley Pinder, Communications Strategist at Curley & Pynn Public Relations and Marketing in Orlando, Fla., representing Nick Hotel Orlando.

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Jetsetters Magazine Gets InterContinental Praise 

Thank you Jerry!!! The article is absolutely fantastic!!!! We love it!  So glad we could welcome you here, come back and visit soon.  Warmest regards and thanks,  –  Kirsten Schaefer, Director of Public Relations, InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa, Scottsdale.

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Jetsetters Magazine Cruises Into Adventure On The Kwai

Hello Kriss:  It was a nice tour review by Mr. Hollister; happy for him to see and experience the (Kwai River Cruise) program.  We keep a library of our tour program reviews and would include this in it.   It gives our future tour participants an unbiased review of the program. Thanks again. –  Jim Pierce, President, Value World Cruises and Tours.

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